How To Not Get Caught by SafeAssign

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Mar 19, 2019

How to not get caught by SafeAssign is a question that goes through the minds of many students. SafeAssign is an electronic plagiarism detection service that most College professors use nowadays to check students' papers. Students that  are found guilty of plagiarism face harsh disciplinary actions, ranging from a failing grade to academic expulsion. The offence remains on the student’s school record, and could affect their future career. Simply put, plagiarism poses a serious threat to any student’s present and future.

SafeAssign is a plagiarism detection software

Academic institutions all over the world have turned to software packages that detect plagiarism. SafeAssign is one such program that is immensely popular. SafeAssign stores all the papers submitted by students and cross-checks them for any plagiarism. It also checks every paper given to it against the Internet sources for any matching. This is to ensure that students do not copy other people's content from the Internet and submit only original work.

SafeAssign will catch a chunk of text taken from Wikipedia for example and will report the source. It will also report famous quotes and common phrases (false positives). It will also find similarity to already graded papers written in the past so whoever uses an old essay word-for-word will undoubtedly get reported by the program.

How to beat plagiarism detection software?

We must keep in mind the following:

  • The contents of the paper must not be present anywhere on the Internet.
  • The paper must not be similar to an old paper submitted by some student in the past that already exists in SafeAssign's database.

Technically, if the aforementioned conditions are met, the content submitted to SafeAssign will pass any electronic plagiarism detection test. The same logic applies when answering questions about how to beat Turnitin. So how do we meet those two conditions? Here are some ideas:

  • Write unique content or have someone write your paper for you.
  • Do not take any content from the Internet without rewriting it completely.
  • Do not use free essays or prewritten essays found on the Internet without rewriting them entirely.
  • Do not use your friends' old essays from prior years without rewriting them!
  • Do not take content from offline sources without rewriting.
  • Hire a professional writer who can ghostwrite for you.

What a ghostwriter can do to help

Students are often blamed for seeking help from online writing services, however, we believe that most of the time students actually need such help and the reasons are as follows:

  • Many students are forced to work to make ends meet.
  • Students have to learn too much in very little time; too many disciplines, too many professors to write term papers for.
  • Students have families and social life to attend to.

Professors egoistically believe their class is the most important, however, it is not usually the case. We at CustomEssayMeister recognize the pressure felt by students nowadays as well as their needs. It is not worth the risk using a prewritten essay you buy online cheaply at the last minute. By the same token, it is not worth it to look for cheap essays for sale from an unreliable online writing service. Getting caught and accused of plagiarism and cheating is the last thing you need. We at CustomEssayMeister have maintained reputation of the ultimate life saver for students who are close to cracking due to pressure and stress. If you are wondering how to not get caught by SafeAssign, Turnitin, or other plagiarism software, CustomEssayMeister’s answer is simple: a custom term paper written by our writers.

What is a custom term paper?

A custom paper is one that is written from scratch, well-researched, with all the outside sources properly cited on the Works Cited page. It is a paper that is written to order by a ghostwriter as well as customized and personalized. It is your unique property, so to speak. That is what we specialize in - ensuring that students’ needs are met without fear of plagiarism. So ask us again: how to not get caught by SafeAssign and Turnitin? Simple. We have over 200 professional writers who are qualified to write all-original, high quality custom papers, and are continually kept up to date regarding the academic standards and plagiarism policies of academic institutions worldwide. It is our concern for students’ welfare that separates us from the rest of the competition.

A custom paper is the sensible move

Think of your hard-earned money. The last thing you need is a long-term blemish on your reputation. That is why you have to be able to discern the difference between companies that know how to not get caught by SafeAssign and Turnitin and those that will only leave you scratching your head. Run-of-the-mill companies that do not understand the importance of academics are glad to promise you success only to sell you recycled papers by unscrupulous copy+paste writers, which they call customized essay. When submission time comes, chances are it is too late, you have already irreversibly endangered your academics, career, and personal reputation. There is no turning back.

Experience our expertise in writing custom essays

Your academic performance partly determines the success that you will enjoy later in life. If it is jeopardized, a significant part of your life also suffers. Time and money are too precious to waste on conscienceless companies that do not have an idea on how to not get caught by SafeAssign and Turnitin, let alone provide excellently researched and written papers by qualified professionals. We at CustomEssayMeister are aware of your worries, academic priorities, as well as the need to lead a more balanced, more productive life. Equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and understanding, CustomEssayMeister is your companion that takes pride in on-time delivery, 24/7 Support, confidentiality, and a spotless reputation. You deserve only the best service, accept no substitute.

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