Essays, Term Papers That Will Pass Turnitin

Essays, Term Papers That Will Pass Turnitin

The question that many potential clients often ask is will your term paper pass Turnitin? Turnitin® is a very popular plagiarism checker that is widely used by high schools and Universities across the English speaking academia. By definition, Turnitin is a software that determines, if a select chunk of text was taken from an Internet source. The technology behind the program is far from perfect but it does the job when it comes to catching a naive student trying to pass a freshly downloaded free essay as their own work.

So what does an essay that will pass Turnitin look like? The answer is simple. Any custom term paper written by our company will pass Turnitin. So will any custom term paper written by anybody else. The reason for that is the originality of writing. Every paper written by our writers is a unique piece of writing that never existed prior to your order and that is created just for you as a one-of-a-kind term paper. That kind of term paper will definitely pass Turnitin, SafeAssign and absolutely any other plagiarism test, simply because it is authentic.

Ways to avoid plagiarism.

Buying a custom essay is not the same as buying pre-written papers so actively sold by hundreds of old websites. The problem is that the pre-written term papers are just as old and full of dust as the sites that sell them. So if you are thinking of purchasing one, then be sure to think of how many people have already purchased that particular term paper. Most of the people that purchased it also tried to submit it as their own and subsequently passed it to the Turnitin's database. If you use even a couple sentences from that paper, your paper will be immediately flagged by Turnitin and you will be labeled a cheater. That kind of thing will never happen to someone who uses custom term papers.

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