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Feb 6, 2019

Students are made aware of the writing taboo that is plagiarism as early as possible. This is taught by teachers in different ways with the most basic being: no copying or no cheating. Plagiarism comes in many forms and so students must make themselves familiar with the types of plagiarism so as to avoid committing plagiarism even by accident.

What is plagiarism anyway? Plagiarism is considered a serious offense as committing plagiarism involves stealing someone else’s idea or words, passing off someone else’s ideas and words as your own, or not properly referencing the source. Not only is plagiarism considered theft, but it is also a fraudulent act that can get you – even if you are a student – in trouble.

Committing plagiarism is clearly looked down on in all academic institutions as it does not foster learning and growth. This is why it is very important to write and submit an essay that will pass any plagiarism software. There are many ways to write essays and research papers without plagiarizing . This article will teach you what a plagiarism-free essay is and how to write one.

What Is A Plagiarism-Free Essay?

A plagiarism-free essay is an essay that has proper citations and has not copied even a single sentence from another author. Moreover, a plagiarism-free essay features the author’s own concepts, ideas, and wordings. Basically, a plagiarism-free essay is an original essay that cannot be found elsewhere. It is what teachers look for when they ask a student to write an essay.

However, some students are crunched on time as they needed to finish their assignments on their other subjects before starting on their essays. This decision then leaves them scrambling for a time as writing an essay requires research. Aside from giving time management tips to students , teaching them how to avoid downright committing plagiarism even if they are running on a deadline will help.

Submitting a plagiarism-free essay will save you time because you will not have to rewrite it and it saves you from the risk of being expelled from the university. An essay that will pass plagiarism checkers is what you should be aiming for every time you write an essay or any academic paper. Learning how to write an original essay is important as this will equip you in writing much longer academic papers like thesis and dissertations.

How To Write A Plagiarism-Free Essay

Writing an essay that will pass plagiarism software is not hard as you think it is. Yes, it involves constructing your own thoughts into words. It may seem intimidating at first but it is really not something you should waste your time on stressing about. There are easy ways to avoid getting flagged by plagiarism checkers like:

1. Avoid copy-pasting text

No matter what, do not succumb to copy-pasting text you have seen even in the most anonymous and hard-to-find websites. Copy-pasting may seem to be the easy way out of writing essays but it is what can cause you trouble if you get into the habit of doing it. Instead of completely copy-pasting a text that is aligned with your thesis statement, make it a point to absorb the meaning of the text and write it in your own words.

One thing you can do to avoid copy-pasting is paraphrasing a text. In paraphrasing, it is important to understand that you do not simply look for synonyms and change a few words in the sentence that you are eyeing. In paraphrasing, you should use words that make the idea clearer to the reader. Because the idea came from someone else, you should still cite your source as paraphrasing is considered a type of plagiarism. This is why understanding citation and citation styles are important.

2. Be original

Writing essays that came from your own ideas or imagination and using your own words is a sure way of avoiding plagiarism. You can never go wrong with using your own words because even though probably everything under the sun has already been written, you surely could not have written something exactly the same way as somebody else has.

Each person presents their ideas differently from each other and there are a lot of words that you can use to bring your ideas to life. Although, if you think that something you have read or watched lately has influenced your creativity, it is best to check if your work is too similar and if your teachers allow you to write something that is inspired by something you have seen.

3. Incorporate your own ideas

When using someone else’s ideas or work in your own essay, it is best to incorporate your own ideas into what you are writing – and still credit the author you have used as a basis. Having your own ideas in the essay that you are writing makes it yours. Avoid completely paraphrasing stitched-up works of other authors.

Make it a point to present your ideas in the essay and that the essay compromises mostly of your own thoughts and ideas instead of other people’s. Make your essay yours by sharing your own ideas.

4. Cite your sources properly

The best way to avoid plagiarism is to have knowledge of proper citation or referencing of sources that you used throughout your essay. It is possible that you have taken the time to cite your sources but you may have failed to take note of the citation style that the teacher has required. Make sure that you are properly citing your sources as making a mistake such as this may take some marks off your grade and in worst cases, you may still get flagged for plagiarism because of incorrect citations.

Before submitting your paper, always double-check if you have indeed cited all your sources. Be thorough in checking your list of references to make sure you have not missed one. Aside from that, also check the spelling of the authors’ names, titles of the books or articles, publishing houses, etc.

5. Use a plagiarism checking tool

Lastly, if you want to make sure that you have not committed any kind of plagiarism whatsoever, you may employ the use of plagiarism checking software. There are many plagiarism checker tools on the internet, there is plagiarism checker software that is free for use and there are those that are paid. Plagiarism checkers go through the text you submit them and you can see the number of quotes that your essay contains or if you have missed citing to cite something.

Plagiarism software is an excellent way to be sure that your essay is plagiarism-free before you submit it to your teacher. If you are quite unsure if you have missed anything even after double-checking your essay, just use a plagiarism checker tool.

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