How much does it cost to buy an essay?

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Oct 11, 2019


Before the advent of the Internet era, students used to ask friends, parents or peer students to write their papers in the time of need. Nowadays, there are thousands of on-line essay writing service providers and it is easy to find them using Google or Bing. What is far from easy, though, is to find a good provider at a reasonable cost and that's where a search engine cannot help. We've decided to put together this   essay buying guide     on how to find a good solution and how much it will set you back financially. 

Websites offering academic help are very popular! Buying essays has not only become a trend, but also has turned into a must-have service for countless of students all over the world. The essay writing industry has grown so much due to the ever-increasing pressure and stress that professors put on their students.

How much you should pay for an essay

We have researched the market of on-line academic writing in great detail. All the websites we've come across    "guarantee"    almost the same set off service features:

  • Authentic content, no plagiarism. The sites will charge per one page of 280 words (double spaced). Some sites offer single spacing but that doubles the price and is rather a gimmick.
  • Work that is 100% done-to-order or written-to-order
  • Confidentiality
  • Unlimited revisions and rewrites
  • Any type of project, academic level

The price is usually calculated based on the following criteria and every site is absolutely the same in this regard. The price is calculated based on:

  • Type of project (essay, research paper, dissertation, book review, etc.)
  • Urgency/deadline. The shorter your deadline is, the more expensive it will be. The longer your deadline becomes, the cheaper the cost gets. Correspondingly, this is also due to the amount of urgency that writers must employ when writing an essay with a short deadline. The popular lead times are 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 1 day, 2 day turnaround, 3-5 day turnaround, 7 days, 14 days, some sites have longer options.
  • Number of pages . Almost all writing websites follow the double-spaced format (300 words per page) when it comes to traditional academic papers that are composed mainly of text. But the per-page pricing does not necessarily apply to papers in complex subjects (i.e. statistics, sciences, finance, accounting, business), but instead relies on a per-question basis.
  • Academic level. The services of essay help websites cover the entire academic spectrum. As expected, a graduate-level paper costs more than a college paper. The price increment follows the natural order of the academic ladder. High school level essays are the most affordable, and the price slightly increases at the college level, then in graduate school, then in PhD and professional level. :
    1. High school
    2. College
    3. University (many sites do separate College from University, in America, though College and Uni should be the same level in my opinion)
    4. Graduate School
    5. Ph. D
    6. Professional

We have seen prices that fall in the range of USD $10 to USD $50 on a per-page basis. Let's dive deeper and see how to navigate these "dangerous waters". how much does an essay cost in 2019

Why do some websites sell very cheap essays?

Who can I pay to write my paperEssay companies that sell essays for as low as $2 are common and really enticing to students with a tight budget. However, you must remember that the trade-off can yield disastrous consequences. Very cheap essays are most of the time offered by fly-by-night, conscienceless business operators out to strip you of a quick buck. The content of these essays is simply copy-pasted from unreliable online sources, and at times, from Wikipedia itself. If you turn in an essay purchased from these websites, chances are you’ll jeopardize not only your grade, but also your academic credibility. 

These unscrupulous essay companies thrive in the sheer volume of their victims. While $2 may not be a big deal to you, multiply that amount with at least a thousand victimized clients and you have yourself a criminal syndicate out to rob unsuspecting students.

Why you should not buy cheap essays

Aside from jeopardizing your grade and academic credibility and empowering fraudsters, you are also endangering your personal security when you buy cheap essays from these cheap essay companies. Generally, if the advertised price is too good to be true, it most probably is. 

Our research and experience in the industry suggests that the companies that promise to charge less than USD $10 per page for any sort of written work should not be taken seriously. Moreover, dealing with such sites can be plain dangerous.

How? Since you disclosed your personal information such as name, billing address, and credit card number to them, chances of getting victimized by identity theft are plenty. That is because their payment terminal is faulty and not protected by a SSL certificate, and your information can easily be distributed to any deplorable third party. Worse, it could also be that the cheap essay service only serves as front to shady or unlawful business dealings.

Reputable essay writing firms, like any other honorable online merchants, invest in protecting client security at all costs. They are always equipped with an SSL certificate to make sure that the personal and financial information of clients are closely safeguarded 24/7. 

From what and where should you buy an essay?

Find a custom essay company

Since buying cheap essays is already out of the equation, you must make sure to buy from an established and respected essay writing company. While there are a lot of reputable essay writing companies online, enlist the assistance of an essay writing company that offers custom essays. Custom essays may not be as cheap, but they are certainly affordable and within the budget of the average student. 

What is a custom essay? 

A custom essay , also known as bespoke essays in UK and other former British colonies, is an academic essay that is written in accordance with your unique and specific instructions. Basically, a custom essay can denote an essay written for you by a buddy, a classmate, or a tutor, following the instructions set forth by your instructor. But it has since taken on a new meaning since the custom essay trend started. If you wish to buy a custom essay, it simply means you will need to buy from an essay writing company. The company's operators will then assign to your paper the services of a custom essay writer, usually a highly qualified professional in the field. 

It is not uncommon for essay writing companies to employ writers who are experts in their field. For instance, if you need a nursing essay, you can expect your custom essay to be written by a medical professional (i.e. nurse or doctor) who just happens to be a custom essay writer. 

Is a custom essay the same as a customized essay?

In the essay writing industry, customers sometimes mistake custom essays for customized essays. Even if their use of the word “custom” is similar and supposed to mean the same, there is a fundamental difference: whereas a custom essay is one that is researched and written from scratch, plagiarism-free and in line with a client’s instructions, a customized essay is of a rather shaky reputation. A customized essay could either stock essay that is just tweaked in order to match the requirements of a new client, or an essay written previously written for someone else and just waiting to be tweaked or edited to fit the instructions of the next paying customer. 

A legitimate custom essay is prepared and written from scratch, 100% plagiarism-free, and can pass any plagiarism test. 

Is buying a customized essay risky?

While not as risky as buying cheap essays, buying a customized essay poses less risks, but nonetheless could still jeopardize your academic credibility. It is not far-fetched that the customized essay you bought gets detected by Turnitin, SafeAssign, CopyScape, or other plagiarism software. And even if the “recycled” or customized essay passes the plagiarism test, chances are the customized essay delivered to you is identical with a classmate who went to the same essay company. In short, the quality of your purchases will surely be hit-or-miss. 

How do I find a reputable custom essay company?

There are plenty of essay company reviews online. However, you should not be content with mere reviews. It would be best to go to the website itself and communicate with the Support Team in order to convey your concerns.

Why buy a custom essay? 

Quality and originality . A custom essay’s quality is unmatched, so good that you can turn it in upon receipt. You can be sure that a highly qualified professional in the field dedicated time and effort to researching and writing it to match your specifications.

Realistic approach . While clients oversee the setting of their own deadline, reputable essay writing services understand that reality must be taken in consideration with respect to papers whose length and complexity require more than just a few hours. A 20-page research paper has virtually no chance of being done on a rush basis (4 hours) due to the need to research and write it from scratch. But if your paper is only 4 pages or less, rest assured it can be done in a few hours. 

One reminder for students: if an essay firm promises a 50-page paper in 4 hours, steer clear of it, as it is surely a scam and you could end up getting a “copy+paste” paper. Even the best and most experienced professional writers need a reasonable amount of time to finish a paper that long. 

On-time delivery. All custom essay companies guarantee timely delivery, depending, of course, on the  project type, length, or complexity. 

Confidentiality . Aside from quality, confidentiality is the one element that all clients look for. Your personal and financial information must always remain confidential. Essay writing firms who brag about their address in the United States or the United Kingdom are certainly endangering the privacy of their clients, because they could be subject to stiff government regulations that may compel them to divulge sensitive client information. Always avoid essay writing companies that openly brag of their US or UK address. Your personal information and security are at stake.  

Moneyback guarantee . Unlike fly-by-night cheap essay companies, legitimate essay writing companies offers a moneyback guarantee if it has been proven that their writer failed to follow a client’s instructions and meet standards.

Do I really need to buy an essay?

If you are faring well in your effort to balance your personal life and academic life, we tip our hats off to you. However, some of your fellow students are not doing so well. 

Academic stress is the leading reason why students turn to buying essays online. The reason why you put "How much does it cost to buy an essay?" in your search engine is because of stress. 

While buying an essay online owes its current status to the convergence of 21st century technology and mounting academic pressure on students, the practice of hiring a third party for an essay writing task has been prevalent for generations.  

The option to buy a custom essay is readily available to everyone, but not everybody does it. That is because it only becomes a necessity when students feel they are already on the brink of psychological and physical collapse, which can be attributed to the combination of mountains of schoolwork, societal mores, and unreasonable expectations from family. 

Is it worth it to buy essays or pay someone to write your essay?

Who can I pay to write my paper is a very important question to discuss. Contrary to the stance of legislators and educators who miserably lack understanding of the essay help trend, laziness and the intent to cut corners are not the reasons to blame for the flourishing of essay buying – undue pressure on students is the culprit. The trend that is essay help is the invention in response to the necessity that is the desire among students to live a normal life and retain mental health. 

A student’s decision to pay someone to write a paper for them or buy an essay, is sometimes the only way to live a more balanced, productive college life. Between maintaining a healthy wellbeing and gaining the favor of your professor, which would you choose? Choosing your welfare is most important. So yes, buying a custom essay is worth it. 

There are two main benefits that students can derive from buying a custom essay from a legitimate and respected essay writing company:

Peace of mind.  The biggest advantage of buying an essay is peace of mind. Peace of mind means the absence of pressure, stress, and anxiety. There is no substitute for sound sleep and the satisfaction in knowing that you will have something to show for it come the deadline. 

Considering all the discussion above, peace of mind spells the difference between a $2 cheap essay and a $20 custom essay.

Holistic academic growth.  The primary aim of college is to foster the holistic growth of students to prepare for their transition to adulthood and the corporate arena. It also bestows on them a broader and more nuanced understanding of themselves and society. 

Of late, the noble purpose of college education has become grotesquely skewed. College that is supposed to be an enjoyable training ground for young adults has become an intense, dog-eat-dog battleground befitting hardened soldiers – unreasonable and demanding professors, punishing schedules, and endless writing that incurs sleeplessness, stress, and weariness. 

Pushing students to the brink of mental instability through inhumane proportions of academic workload does not translate to growth. It is hugely detrimental to the students’ wellbeing.

Holistic academic growth means the cultivation of the students’ physical, social, psychological and intellectual prowess by means of a balanced approach. And if holistic growth in college can only be enjoyed by students by means of buying custom essays so they can focus on the other important aspects of academics, then the practice is not only sensible, but beneficial. 

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