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Jul 31, 2018

In this previous article , we discussed what a financial need essay is. You send it to the scholarship committee who will then determine whether you’re academically outstanding enough and the degree of your need. A financial need essay gives the committee your personal profile, background, financial situation, reasons why you deserve the scholarship, and what you plan to accomplish after it’s been awarded to you. If you’re privileged enough to get it, the financial aid or scholarship will likely take full consideration of your current situation. Below is a financial need essay example. Read and understand how it follows the format we learned earlier. After this, you will surely be able to craft your own financial need essay that you can use to secure your college education.

Financial Need Essay Example

Financial Need Essay Example

         As far back as I can remember, my parents have always instilled in me the importance of education . As an only child, every morning at the breakfast table, I’d always hear them say, “All the riches in the world can vanish in a snap of a finger if a person is not educated enough to handle it.” They’d go on and tell me that the only inheritance they could pass on to me is my education. I’ve understood it enough to motivate me to consistently excel in school. 

        I was an honors student throughout grade school and graduated valedictorian from high school. My parents were forced to drop out of school early because of poverty. As a result, they were unable to land stable and well-providing jobs, and thus, they experienced hardship in putting me through school. Despite all their personal struggles in raising me, they never once gave me the impression that I should give up on my dream. It was the opposite - they always told me that they wouldn’t let me go through what they went through. Growing up aware of my family’s situation, I persevered in school. I was a 4-year officer of the Science Club at my school and was elected president during my last year. Aside from that, I was also appointed student council Secretary in my senior year. 

       Aside from all my academic and extracurricular accomplishments, I have also volunteered  as a messenger in summer Red Cross missions the past two years. On weekends, I also tutor grade school children in our neighborhood. In the future, I also want to explore the possibility of becoming a preschool teacher. Two years ago, my father was laid off from the steel mill factory that he had worked at for 17 years. He has had difficulty finding a new job ever since. Because we had no choice, the money my father had saved for my education was eventually used to help support daily needs for more than a year. All these unfortunate breaks drove me to seek financial aid for my college education. I thought I would only need a regular partial scholarship – now the need is for a full one due to the current circumstances. My dream is to become a licensed nurse. If granted, I will take up a B.S. in Nursing Prelicensure. Should I be fortunate enough to land this scholarship, I will strive to maintain throughout my college years the enthusiasm, hard work, and perseverance that made me get here. It will be my foremost priority to not only carry the name of this scholarship grant throughout college but also to serve others in greater need. If there is required student practicum, I aspire to join and assist in medical missions to less fortunate places – Doctors Without Borders, to be exact. 

       I want to help in saving lives. I treasure the honor of being the first in our family to graduate from high school. Now I sincerely aspire to become the first to graduate from college and eventually follow my dream of becoming a licensed nurse. I cannot thank you enough for your consideration.

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