Scholarship Essay Example

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Oct 14, 2019
Scholarship Essay Example

A scholarship essay, as previously explained in this article , is an essay you write to be an attractive candidate for that elusive scholarship. It is widely known that college is very expensive, so naturally, most parents work hard to earn and save early to pay for their kid’s college tuition and additional costs that come along with it. However, not everyone has the means to pay for college with ease. One solution to expensive college costs is student loans , but after college, you will likely end up working to pay that debt instead of securing your future. Luckily, there are alternative options that are much better options for poor but deserving students, and among them are scholarships from the government, non-profit organizations, or even from the university. Some of these scholarship programs require their students to write a scholarship essay before they are considered. 

We took the time to provide this custom scholarship essay example in hopes that it will give clarifications on how to write a scholarship essay. In this example of a scholarship essay, the writer displays his passion and desire in his chosen major by using what he knows of it and how he can learn further.

Scholarship Essay Example

How I Went from Script to Production

       No other person in the class understood my fascination with films and how to make them. I don’t think they entertain or enjoy the idea of controlling and creating a narrative to fit your specific vision, but I have seen it very clearly ever since I decided filmmaking was the career I’d like to pursue. I came to that realization when I saw the first film that weighed heavy on me. It’s neither an expensive nor a CGI/ special effects-laden film. Instead, it focuses on a sophisticated backstory and development between two characters conversing as they wander the streets of Vienna. The film is called Before Sunrise. My fascination with filmmaking didn’t end when the movie’s credits started rolling, but it only further developed as I gained more and more fundamental knowledge on filmmaking as an art. For someone who’s so captivated with filmmaking but not entirely financially capable, every day I muster the courage and will to keep landing on my feet and remind myself that I am meant to be a filmmaker.

       In filmmaking, there are four major stages: the pre-production or idea and script development, the production or shooting, the post-production or editing, and the distribution. All these stages play a vital role in producing the film. Often I think about which stage will I have to dedicate most of my time and talent in as a filmmaker, but I notice that many great filmmakers, like Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, and Guillermo Del Toro – they all have a hand to play in every stage in the process of producing their most recognized and prized films. I’d like to become that kind of filmmaker, one that is so devoted to their craft that their name is on every fade-in and fade-out of an intro credit of a film.

       Most of the complications in filmmaking can be observed in the development stage; at that time, you need to gather people and resources to make the film – funding needs to be secured and there has to be a complete staff to ensure the film’s auspicious progress through each stage of production. That said, studying to be a filmmaker is not cheap. On top of the college tuition, books, and other expenses, I have to frequently buy materials and resources to properly practice the lessons and methods I learn in class. To major in film would entail a lot of hands-on application – mere observation is not enough to gain sufficient knowledge about filmmaking. As a student that’s not from a well-off background, I always knew I’d have to work twice as hard as a normal student to pay off college and pursue a career in filmmaking. Luckily, though funding was a major constraint in my case, I’ve had many people to support me with this dream I have. What I lack in money, my support team makes up for strength and encouragement. Because of the people surrounding me, I have no doubt I have what it takes to be a filmmaker.

       I do believe at this point in my life, I’m already at the production stage. The stage where I mostly shoot the key scenes of my life – those that will be used in post-production for editing to get the polished output for distribution. I’m fully conscious that I have developed my script and idea, and I know what I want my life to be and the vision I want to follow. All that’s left to do is get the proper means to polish myself before distribution. I am gathering necessary information that will be useful for post-production and a part of it is writing this essay and getting into college. Having this platform to express my passion and my deep interest in a particular career fills me with so much pride and joy. It allows me to freely elucidate what it would mean to me if I get to become a film major through the help of this scholarship.  

       I have stopped believing that money is an adversity for me that will hinder me from doing what I want. I know that if I really want this for myself – to become a filmmaker – then I have to exhaust all my options to make it happen. This scholarship would not only allow me to get into college but will also provide a stable foundation for my journey into becoming a filmmaker. What I know now is not sufficient enough for distribution. I need access to my untapped potential through proper education. I concede that I have a lot to learn to be an illustrious filmmaker, and college is a means to an end. Citing what I said earlier, every day I work up the courage and will to convince myself that I can be a filmmaker; all I need now is the financial assistance to get me a step closer to that goal. I cannot be grateful enough to have this scholarship opportunity, and with that, I would like to thank you for your consideration.

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