How to Write an Admission Essay

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Dec 2, 2019

If you are in Google trying to look for creative or easy ways on how to write an admission essay for college, you are probably a senior in high school preparing for a challenging time of your life where you have to transition from teenager to young adult. This transition is not easy as it involves a lot of college applications and exams on top of writing essays and homework for class. 

How to Write an Admission Essay

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What is an admission essay?

Preparing for college admission comes with a lot of stress and sleepless nights. You will have to put in extra effort to show that you are more than adequate to attend your desired college. The good grades you maintained throughout high school and all the tests you aced, like the ACT and SAT, will come in handy and will be a heavy criterion to your approval. Some colleges require applying students to write and send an admission essay for them to review. An admission essay, or otherwise known as a college application essay, is an opportunity for every student to be more than a name with good grades - to explain their passion and desires that go beyond the confines of a classroom. This can be a chance for students to display their competency and excitement to get into college - or it can be a chance for them to illustrate their chosen career path and advocacy. 

How to write an admission essay?

All in all, the number one objective of an admission essay is to get you into your desired college. So, in order to write an effective admission essay for college or university acceptance, you have to sound prepared, coherent, and bright. It does not hurt to be a bit braggy, after all, you are selling yourself to the college admissions board. Just to give you a helping hand, here is a step-by-step process on how to write an admission essay:

1. Choose a topic

How to write an admission essay starts with choosing a specific topic. Your topic should be something about you or closely related to you. In a college admission essay, you are mostly highlighting your capabilities and competency, so you have to choose a topic that will easily lift your game and give you an advantage from other students and college applicants.  If are having difficulties choosing a topic for your college acceptance essay, consider these prompts to get you started:

  • Share your story
  • What you learned from challenges
  • Leadership story
  • Volunteer experiences
  • Chosen career path

2. Prepare an outline

Each essay obeys a specific structure, an application essay for college admission is not an exception. Most people, including the college admissions board, would prefer reading an essay that tells a story and is easy to follow. How to write an admission essay easier is in the techniques you use to your advantage, and that includes preparing an outline . Beginning your writing process with an outline will not only be helpful to you, but also to your readers because it will give them fewer difficulties with understanding your college application essay. 

The structure of your essay will be decided by the way you want to tell the story. Usually, a college application essay is narrative, in which you will write about a specific point of your life that made a big impact on your current life projection. Meanwhile, you can also write your application essay in a montage structure, wherein you choose different circumstances in your life that highlight your skills, qualities, and values, then find a way to connect them by the end of the essay - like tiny details of a bigger picture. The structure of your college admission essay must be aligned with the topic or prompt you chose so that the outline will not be difficult to prepare. 

The basic structure of your college admission essay should be:

  • Introduction: hook, thesis statement, the significance of the topic
  • Body paragraphs: an overview of the setting and background, key people involved, climax, resolution
  • Conclusion: the moral of the story, the significance of the events, call-to-action

Although this is a recommended structure for your college admission essay, you can always go your way if you believe you can deliver an essay that will surely entice your readers further. You are not strictly bound by this norm. Let your creative juices flow into your admission essay to encourage the college admissions board that you are a talented and smart fellow that they would be lucky to have. 

3. Write your college admission essay

In writing your college admission essay, it is vital to consider your readers above all. In this case, you are writing an essay to be read by the college admissions board, meaning you have to appear professional and avoid using slang. The language you use will set the tone for the essay overall. 

Excite your readers by starting the essay with either a question, a verifiable fact, a writing definition, a famous quote, or something thought-provoking. So long as it aligns with the overall theme and topic of your college application essay, then it will be favorable. The rest of your essay should have descriptive terms and words that will utilize the five senses. Allow your readers to imagine an image and the emotion you are expressing in your essay. Use words that will give a clear picture of the situation that’s being described. And use alternating sentence structures to keep the reader’s attention on the essay; do not let them wander off to another thought. 

Tell your story in a chronological order to avoid any misunderstanding with the reader. In between the when and wheres, use transition words to thoroughly explain how the story went from here to there. 

Stick to your outline and structure whether it be narrative or montage. Both are interesting ways to convey personal experience, but make sure you do not turn your essay into a short story. A truthful anecdote or two along with emotional connections will suffice, and after you have established your personal epiphanies, end your college application essay with a thought your readers will ponder over.

4. Edit and Proofread

The writing process does not end until you are absolutely sure the quality of your college application essay is at its best. It’s important you start writing your admission essay as soon as you have the free time and you have a topic and prompt you want to discuss, this is to ensure you have enough time to edit and proofread your essay before the deadline. 

In editing your admission essay, make sure you read it multiple times and see if there are any filler details that unnecessarily prolongs the essay. Also, look for any missing thoughts or sentences that might confuse your readers. When you edit your essay, you have the chance to ensure your essay is not messy or fragmented. Hopefully, the outline you prepared before writing will help the editing process be easier. 

In proofreading your admission essay, look for any technical mistakes, like ungrammatical sentences, misspelled words, or wrong subject-verb agreement and tenses used. Reading your essay once is not enough, chances are even if you have read it multiple times you will still find it difficult to spot mistakes. If so, take a break in between proofreading and imagine that you are reading the essay for the first time to see if there are any errors that slipped by you on your previous reading. When you feel like you have done enough, but you are still skeptical about the quality of your admission essay, it’s okay to ask your friends and colleagues to read it for you. Find someone you trust and let them check if there are any more errors or mistakes that need fixing.

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