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Dec 4, 2019

Among the many requirements of getting into a college is writing an admission essay, sometimes called a “personal statement.” Typically, you are asked to talk about yourself in your admission essay. If you are struggling on how to write an admission essay , you are in luck — searching for an example of admission essay is possible and easy with the power of internet. Of course, a great admission essay example is definitely what you need to learn from to have the edge. To help you in your admission endeavors, below is a free example of an admission essay to get your creative juices going.

Admission Essay Example by CustomEssayMeister: Dread is (never) a deterrent

Dread is (never) a deterrent

     The fear of the unknown is what drives me forward. To this day, I mark my life with nothing but dread, and while I acknowledge that no one is really exempt from it, I see myself particularly affected by it. Nestling in every turn and every corner is something that would stimulate every fiber of my being: “What is this that has introduced itself to me? Will it bring good or harm to me?” Such questions have been springing all throughout my life, especially as of this writing as I present myself to you. Typically, I anticipate that you expect a detailed enumeration of my skills, values, and advocacies—I will list them in great detail later. These thoughts mark the dread which once paralyzed and now animates me.

     I define dread as the primitive fear of things which are unfamiliar. It is a kind of fear that is present in every living being. A dog barks viciously at a stranger trespassing its territory. A human baby cries when held by someone he does not know. Especially in this case, I, myself, a graduating senior high school student, experiences so much anxiety and despair as the dark mist of the future stares me down, striking me with the sudden realization of life beyond what I am familiar with. Certainly, I cannot say that adolescence marks much of this phenomenon far greater than any other era in life. I am just 19 years old who only recently received his driver’s license. The life experience of an average 40 year old would absolutely trump mine. However, at the very least I am sure that there would be more to driving alone than having a card that legally authorized me to operate a motor vehicle—even more so with all of life itself.

     Much of my previous years in primary and secondary education are marked by an unspectacular excellence. My grades have consistently ranged along the above average range, sometimes having a few As or A+s. I devoted my energy solely to studies and have grown acclimated to the daily grind of sticking my notes in the books, caring little for anything else—in fact, I was afraid to do anything else related to school, in fear that I may not do well or with the thought that they may not be worth the effort. Throughout elementary, I saw this lifestyle as the most optimal, as I have received constant praise from my parents and teachers for my performance. This cemented my fear of the other aspects of school; I am already comfortable with I know, so it is pointless to engage in any other school-related activity. Come high school, however, the impact of my lifestyle began to grow dull, and I soon lost the feeling of affirmation that cemented the comfort zone of constant studying.

     I found myself perplexed: I have come to realize the very purpose of school and received praise for my performance. Why do I no longer experience joy in my studies? This urged me to reflect and in doing so led me to a discovery: my classmates receive average grades, barely receiving the same praise that I have—yet, they are happy. From this, I made further observation, and realized that their joy comes from the other aspects of school that I came to neglect: clubs, social life, extracurricular activities beyond studying. More than sustaining their happiness, they made it grow even more over the years; the less joyful I became with studying, the happier they become with their endeavors.

     After much rumination, I decided to engage in such things as well. Ultimately, what held me back was my deeply rooted dread. I questioned my capabilities and how I would perform. Worst of all, I did not know what anything non-studies was about—at some point, I gathered that I would perhaps rather not know. Thankfully, I was able to gather the strength to at least attend two school organizations: the Karate club, regularly held every Saturday, and the premier debate club of the school that holds sessions every Tuesday and Thursday. To be sure, it was difficult at first. My performance in P.E. class was not sufficient to prepare for the physically taxing Karate class, and because of my social ineptitude, I humiliated myself from time to time in the debate club. It nearly came to the point that I gave up and returned to my old study habits. Nevertheless, I persevered, gradually becoming accustomed to the activities and soon finally receiving the same happiness that I saw others had. This is when I realized that my studies, by themselves, did not sufficiently maximize what school was about. While I still retained the same propensity for studies, I had newfound inclinations in other activities that I once thought irrelevant. 

     Friedrich Nietzsche warned against staring into the abyss, as it would “stare back.” This abyss is the dark mist that I referred to previously and that I admit struck me the same. I also realized, however, that Nietzsche did not say to stare at it all; rather, his warning is about what would become of us if we are not careful. Going forward, I have faced so many experiences, some leading me astray while some otherwise guiding me. In the end, however, I realize that it lies within myself to view every aspect of life as an impetus of growth and development, rather than a harbinger of despair.

     Hence, I write to attest to more than what I can bring; I attest to what brings me. I have garnered skills and developed traits that have developed me into the person that I am today. Subsequently, I acknowledge that some of my current abilities may be lacking in the face of what the university will lay down for me and my future peers. In fact, as of this writing I would admit to feeling the same great dread that I had previously mentioned—but it is precisely this dread that drives me to write passionately to you. Alongside fear is fascination; I view the unknown as a horizon yet unexplored, one that I would venture with enthusiasm. Likewise, in that horizon is your prestigious institution towards which I bear eagerness to be accepted in. I bring to you my dread, the engine of my being. As a new, potential member of the community, I promise to exert the greatest of efforts to realize my own potential and to realize that of others through the lessons that I learned from dread.

Note:  A lot of universities require applicants to utilize the standard format of an essay: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. This is because of the limitation on the word count, hence, it is advisable to keep your essay short in order to keep the reader's full attention. In some cases, universities challenge the students to write longer essays to test their ability to keep the discussion flowing - this is where you can go ahead and be more creative with your writing.

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