How necessary is college education?

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Aug 22, 2018
How necessary is college education?

It is a deeply-held societal belief that college education spells success . However, such belief is easily debunked by real life stories of college dropouts who made it big in their chosen fields. Still, those success stories cannot downplay the importance of college education. Although college education does not necessarily guarantee success in life, the benefits of college education are just too great to pass on. College education ensures that at the least, you are ensured of a decent future.

importance of college education

More and better opportunities

Just how necessary is college education? Securing a college education spells more opportunities in the future. When you go to college, you get to choose a major. That major , more often than not, after graduation, becomes your career that will enable you to reach your aspirations. Also, even if you decide not to start a career in the major/field you chose in college, the vast skill set that college education taught you will allow you to succeed even in other fields. 

Financial advantage and security

Let us ask again: how necessary is college education? It is instrumental to your financial growth. People who did not go to college are more often confined to basic job positions where there is little to no growth. Although a high school education can secure you financially reliable job, a college education stretches your ability to earn more money by way of raises and promotions in your job , which naturally translate to financial stability. In an economic collapse, college graduates are less likely to fall victim to layoffs. 

Better understanding of everything

College education does not only amount to a degree. In the process of obtaining that degree, college also gives you access to more knowledge and teaches you skills that cannot be otherwise learned. Because of this knowledge, you acquire a better and broader understanding of government, society, and the world. 

Improved quality of life

For the purpose of supporting the argument in favour of college education, let us ask again. How necessary is college education, really? College education elevates the quality of life. Countless researches have proven that compared to undergraduates and high school graduates, college graduates have better  healthcare , are less likely to commit crimes or serve jail time, depend less on welfare, and possess greater knowledge and understanding of important societal issues and current events. 

Additionally, studies show that due to the advantages college graduates have, it fuels their desire to improve their community. The drive to make college education less expensive and more accessible to poor but deserving students,  volunteer community service work , philanthropy, and the establishment of agencies for worthy causes are only a few examples of the possibilities that can be reached when you are equipped with college education. 

Better preparation for later life 

The knowledge obtained in college can definitely enhance your analytical and logical capabilities and decision-making skills. From saving and investing money to buying a house to establishing a business, knowledge about these life decisions can be learned in college. College can provide you with insight on the behaviour and discipline you must have to make all these ambitions  reachable

Expand your horizon

If you are passionate and dedicated to your major, your degree is just a matter of when. Once you get your degree and eventually decide to pursue higher education (graduate and postgraduate), the more knowledge and skills you acquire. You will then meet new people and experience many new things. With more people and experiences, the better your understanding of the world becomes. 

The ride is worth it

College exposes you to people of different backgrounds, beliefs, and points of view. Needless to say, since you are  your own person, you will definitely learn how to peacefully coexist with them. Your doing so will broaden your sensitivity, understanding, and acceptance of other cultures . If you come to think of it, all these benefits are really part of the same concept: the diverse skill set and preparation for life that college education gives. The reason why one concept branched out many benefits is clear—college education, in so many different ways, makes your place in society better.

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