Other Forms of Discrimination in the Modern World

Oct 25, 2011

One can assume that today’s society, with all its sweeping steps towards progress and modernization, has learned to finally let go of all its biases and prejudices. After all, the horrific crimes against humanity immortalized in the pages of history should have already served as potent lessons. Slavery should never be again, and the basis of worth on one’s skin color, culture, or gender should be deemed ludicrous. As rational beings, certainly we are beyond such baseless presumptions. 

Alas, one can only dream. In an ideal world that would be the case, but it seems that as human beings – rational, though we claim to be - we are innately forgetful, perhaps balefully ignorant - or a combination of the two, I am certain many would agree.  With every step we take forward, it seems as though our moral compasses point twenty steps back. Everywhere we look now, we see differences in various aspects – wealth, power, status. And skin color, of course, along with gender. Some groups have been bestowed with privileges mostly born out of social constructs or riches, and as a result, there is an unfair treatment directed against groups or individuals deemed lesser. 

Many forms of discrimination exist in the modern world, going beyond racism. There are prejudices against women deeply ingrained in a patriarchal society. There is bias and violence permeated against the LGBTQ+ community, where they are still left to demand for basic human rights. The world of PWDs has been constricted to the point of zero contributions, and people fail to see that they are, in fact, still human beings. There exist hate crimes targeting those who are different from their own groups, along with the surviving notion of Social Darwinism, a bastardization of Darwin’s theory of evolution, which permitted eugenics to arise. There is much to discuss and plenty more to call out, as discrimination exists in the modern world in many different forms. Others we catch quite quickly, but some have rooted ever so deeply that we often miss them. 

Here, we explore the other forms of discrimination in the modern world, where we hope to realize, in more ways than one, how it continues to poison and persist. 

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