The Manifestations of Neo-Nazism

Oct 21, 2010

The grim nature of humanity is forever imprinted on the pages of history, but as with all things human, nothing remains to be seen. The terrible fate of the Jews, and countless more others deemed undeserving, should have sent us reforming and banishing our barbaric way. These dark times, though, seem to be accomplishing the opposite. Evil, as what fairy tales teach us, only prevail in the hearts of those who host it, and even with much progress, the charming man who declared himself führer lives on in those who still believe in him. And so, it thrives, in more places than one. 

Nazism, as we know it, was condemned all over the world as soon as news and photographs of the dead came to the hands of the public. Trials were held to persecute the perpetrators, and Germany has honored the fallen by not burying their past. But in their very lands remain those who profess their radical love to the motherland and the master Aryan race. In their extreme beliefs, many still hold the notion that this world should be rid of the unworthy. Neo-Nazism, hailed from its roots, is a modern movement seeking to preserve the failed goals and ideals of Nazi Germany. They are predominantly characterized by a belief in racial superiority, white nationalism, homophobia, and of course, anti-Semitism. They deny the truth of the Holocaust and continue to honor Adolf Hitler.

In an attempt to curtail Neo-Nazism, many European countries have banned Nazi imagery. In modern day Germany, the use of Nazi symbols have been banned, most notably the swastika and SS bolts. Cases of Neo-Nazism activities, however, have been on the rise for decades, and only now with new leaders to look up to, like US President Donald Trump, have they been rallying more than ever. News of violence rooted in racism plague the internet, and in a terrifying realization, its members multiply as time passes. As previously implied, its influence transcends beyond Europe now, as the racism it preaches is heeded by many across the globe, even America.  In 2018, the media covered a case filed against an American neo-Nazi website called The Daily Stormer, as it launched a campaign directed to a Jewish real estate agent. She suffered from insisted online harassment by the followers, and upon the release of her contact information, her family had received more than 700 vulgar and hateful messages. Most death threats referenced the horrors of the Holocaust, with phone messages containing sounds of gunshots. These neo-Nazis believe they are protected by the First Amendment, believing that they have the right to do so as they acted, which was later dismissed by the judge. 

Europe, particularly Germany, is not spared of such atrocities. In a report by the Independent last December 2018, Germany admits that hundreds of neo-Nazis at still large despite arrest warrants being issued. According to data, the number of people wanted for being neo-Nazis has doubled in the last four years. A total of 467 neo-Nazis are currently running free in Germany, and more than a quarter of them are wanted for violent crimes. The government fears that the surge of neo-Nazism unrest has resulted from the past few years of refugee crisis. Though the ideals remain, their racism has moved from attacking refugees and asylum seekers to attacking those in the system, such as journalists and members of legal profession. They mostly use the internet as their weapon of choice, committing invasions of privacy and online harassment. In the recent years, physical harm is part of the choice again. 

While some neo-Nazi groups highlight hatred, others have shifted their focus more on the revolutionary creation of a fascist political state. As Nazism continues to root deeper in Europe, its links with America grows stronger. American neo-Nazi groups often publish content for European audiences, where racism is illegal under their law. In a similar manner, European neo-Nazis use American servers to evade the law.

The connection does not end there, as beyond America and Europe, many more rally to the legacy of Adolf Hitler. 

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