Modern Accounts on the Manifestation of Racism

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Sep 30, 2019

Humans intrinsically cause division in the world, categorizing everything between “them” and “us”. The concept of race and racism in society, is in fact, only a manifestation of human particularity. But why does racism, despite apparent progressive actions in the past, seem to remain prevalent? Some explanations have psychosocial roots, which illustrate that racism stems from a construction of paranoiac delusion that spreads across narcissists within an environment dominated by a collective leader. There is also racism present in common human relations, which appears in forms of preconceived notions of attitudes similar and different towards others. In a society that is deeply connected with technology, such attitudes about racism are spread by a concept of a demagogue, which is defined as a leader who exploits widespread prejudices and deceitful allegations to gain power. Such is demonstrated by various political figures around the world, most notably US President Donald Trump and in history, Adolf Hitler.

Overview: The Veil of Racism in the Modern Society

Racism never left the face of the earth when we all thought it did after the abolition of extreme racial activities mid-1800s, racism simply took the ride as we did towards the present time. Racism is still here and is innate among us, hidden in between the loopholes of our societal norms, under a seemingly sweet and innocent facade.

A. The Manifestations of Neo-Nazism

What could be worse than having Nazi ideals lurk around today’s Germany? The roots of Nazism remains in Europe and Neo-Nazism is being strengthened by denials. Will history really repeat itself?

1. The Nazi Legacy

The right-wing extremism once again poses a critical dilemma in Germany again as Neo-Nazism continues to thrive in East Germany as the number of supporters of such theories grow. The holocaust is not the kind of legacy we should allow to be imprinted as reasonable onto the minds of the next generations.

2. The Context of Neo-Nazism

The context of Neo-Nazism is simple: to preserve and accomplish the ideologies of Nazi Germany empowered by concepts such as the Holocaust being a huge hoax against Adolf Hitler and his supporters. The Neo-Nazis posit that Jews and other races outside the German blood was not methodically exterminated and believes that they were simply casualties of war, and the moves of Allied forces against Germany caused the death of six million Jews.

3. The Neo-Nazis in Modern Eastern Germany

The Neo-Nazi scene emerged on Germany in 1980s particularly in Eastern Germany. The unification of Germany then made the Neo-Nazi scene stronger as the right-wing extremists took advantage of the transition. The ideologies of the Nazi Party is considered as atheoretical and anti-intellectual, yet the movement was implemented really well only because of the chancellor’s charisma.

B. Institutional Discrimination on Blacks and Latinos

Covert racial profiling is the specific most popular form of discrimination present in today’s society. Logically, this modern form of profiling is just the racial profiling we saw in history. It’s just that we have a better justice system for such crimes now, hence, this unreasonable concept acts behind the curtain.

1. Racial Profiling

Racial profiling means assigning a preconceived opinion to someone or some group on the basis of race and ethnicity, regardless if the prejudice is positive or negative - was there even any positive prejudice in the first place? Racial profiling is innate in the modern society, and it is the form of racism we could all be guilty of.

2. Persuasive Essay Example: Ghost of Slavery 

This is a free example of a persuasive essay on slavery: “The case of slavery is just like that of technological alterations - newer versions year after year, and over time, I would like to call the latest version ‘the ghost of slavery’.”

3. Police Brutality

It is safe to say that this is our current society’s biggest irony: to be attacked by someone who should be guarding your safety. Police brutality was and remains to be one of the biggest and most serious social issues that our society is facing. 

C. Other Forms of Discrimination in the Modern World

The society has taken billions of steps toward progress in numerous aspects, however, it seems like in some ways, we also took a billion steps back. The publicized crimes against humanity were taught to be horrifying and unethical in every possible, hence, these crimes created subtle versions in the modern world. 

1. Modern Sexism

Although laws have been implemented for the rights and protection of women and men alike, everyone is still surrounded by various forms of modern sexism and primeval beliefs that are deeply rooted in patriarchy.

1.1. Severe Cases of Modern Sexism

Sexism is not limited to gender roles, and modern sexism is brutal and seemingly fictional because some of the cases portrayed in television programs you thought are way too dramatic can be real-life cases.

1.2. The Cases of Everyday Sexism

Beauty standards, behavioral norms, and overwhelming expectations - regardless of gender, you are being tugged on your right hand with prehistoric customs and the progressive yet passive-aggressive modern society on your left.

2. Social Darwinism

“Survival of the fittest”, indeed. The modern society is now our modern jungle, and the name of the game is not just physical anymore – it is everything else.

3. Current Xenophobia

Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus that has severely affected China, particularly Wuhan, is the heightened fear of all the other nationalities towards various races which features are similar to that of the people of China. The outbreak and the idea of being ill because of an unknown virus is frightening, but what is scarier than this is the fact that people can and will drop an entire nation that is in need of help. It has - seemingly - become China supporting China. (Photo courtesy: @onthisdaykpop via Twitter)

Pray for Wuhan - Pray for China; Wuhan, Hubei Province, nCoV, coronavirus

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