Qualities of a good teacher

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Aug 16, 2018

Every student has a specific set of expectations when it comes to their ideal qualities of a good teacher. What exactly are the qualities of a good teacher? It is a deeply held concept that the qualities of a good teacher depend entirely on the needs of students—that is very true. 

However, they are the instruments not only of education but of greater learning as well, specifically in other more serious aspects of life. Because of this, it is only logical to have a standard set of qualities that must be possessed by a good teacher so that humanity and learning go along with education. Aside from competency, here are the universal qualities of a good teacher.

Qualities of a Good Teacher

A good teacher values the minds of students.

Although the teacher is in charge of educating students, it does not necessarily mean that only the teacher’s voice matters. A good teacher encourages students to speak their minds and listen to the opinions of their classmates regarding the lesson. 

A good teacher is warm and compassionate.

No matter how good the credentials of a teacher may be, if warmth and compassion are missing, chances are the learning and progress of students might suffer seriously. Countless scientific studies have proven that warm and compassionate teachers are almost always successful in educating and positively molding the minds of students. 

A good teacher is devoted to teaching.

It is not enough that a teacher is equipped to educate. A good teacher is also a student who is passionate about the subject being taught and constantly strives to seek and study ways to improve teaching methods to benefit students. 

A good teacher is approachable.

Although this quality is definitely connected to warmth and compassion, a good teacher understands that the students’ learning will be greatly enhanced if he projects an open and welcoming disposition

A good teacher knows how to control the pace of learning.

It is completely unavoidable and understandable that some students will always fare better than others. That is why a good teacher is sensitive enough to detect whether some students experience difficulty learning. When it happens, a good teacher is intelligent enough to examine and/or criticize his own teaching methods and devises effective ways to ensure that no student is left behind

A good teacher acts as guardian in the classroom.

This is where the teacher’s moral responsibility is at its most crucial, especially in grade school, middle, and high school. While the role of the PTA is vital in molding upstanding character, there are times when a student’s learning is affected by factors unrelated to the classroom. A good teacher is perceptive enough to notice if a student is exhibiting changes in behavior and does everything in his and the school’s power to try and help the student find a solution to the problem. 

A good teacher is a complete professional.

While attitude and competency are major qualities, a good teacher is a professional inside and out. A good teacher looks and dresses in a professional manner, carries himself with dignity, not only when interacting with his students, but when communicating with fellow faculty members or dean/principal.

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