Productive Things to Do in Summer

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Jun 26, 2019

As student, you dedicate your most of your schedule to schoolwork. Throughout the year, you often find yourself in front of your essays and term papers , figuring out formulas and mathematics, and counting sleepless nights. Come summer, though, you are free to do whatever you wish. And you plan to - you are eager to binge watch that series you have been eyeing for so long, perhaps even party all night with your friends. But maybe you just really want some good sleep. You are perfectly free to spend your summer however you see fit, but do you really want to be waking up at 2 in the afternoon, confused and famished, because you spent the entire night awake in front of your screen? Soon enough you will be stuck in a cycle you cannot break, an unhealthy habit you have regrettably formed. You may feel like you have all the time in the world, but remember that time is life’s most important commodity – wasting it should feel like a crime. Why not look for productive things to do this summer instead?


If you did not have much time for other activities, then you certainly did not have time for exercise. It is something most of us dread – the idea of doing it is horrible, but the actual preparation for it is even worse. Waking up early? To sweat? No, thanks, right? But in all honesty, we are looking at the activity the wrong way. Exercising actually makes us feel good, and perhaps you are doing it wrong. If you hate going to the gym, then maybe running outside can be good for you. Yes, it can get very boring and cumbersome, but once you find the best one for you, you will not be able to stop. 

Do it for you.

Listen to podcasts

Reading books is an experience full of enrichment and learning, the kind of which the four corners of your classroom cannot teach you. The world of books is an entire world waiting to be explored, but unfortunately, reading is not for everyone. Podcasts are great alternatives, though! If you are one of those who just cannot seem to finish reading books, then it is time to turn to podcasts instead. Topics range from history, politics, and anything you can possibly imagine. If you want to stick to books, still, then you have the option of audiobooks. Learning is not confined to the pages of books anymore, and you have no excuse not to engage with knowledge now! 

You are what you listen to.

Finally set up a password manager

This is a meager task you easily just put off – who wants a password manager anyway? You hold on to that thought as valid until you accidentally log out of your social media account, with no recollection of your password whatsoever. Add the ton of accounts you have made throughout the years all over the internet, all with different usernames and passwords – are you sure you remember all of them? Password managers are software that do more than just store your passwords; they actually keep them safe. If you think you do not need a password manager, think again.

Remove clutter

As we humans live in a consumerist world, we tend to hoard so many things and actually cling to them, even though it remains unclear if we whether we still have any use for them in the future. You probably have this tendency, too, whether it be your clothes, your books and magazine collection, or shoes. As hard as it may be to do, it is good to make removing clutter part of your list of productive things to do this summer. Decluttering does not mean throwing everything out; donate them as you see fit to those in need or sell them to have extra money. Tossing out unused items may be hard, but you will feel better after. Your life will literally have plenty of room for new things. 

Learn a new language

The opportunity to learn a new language is exciting, but it is something we really cannot find the time for. As part of productive things to do this summer, why not take the chance? After all, for a few months, you have all the time in the world now. Whether you wish to learn Spanish, French, or Japanese, just do it! Resources are plenty, online apps like Duolingo can help you, or if you have the finances, hire a private tutor. Do not let your goals stay abstract!

Work on a project

Your summer days are at risk of being repetitive, which will quickly spiral down to boredom. That can be difficult to deal with, but the possibility of it happening is inevitable – after all, you have no pressing reason to get up in the morning.  This is why taking up a project is one of the most productive things to do this summer. A project will give you a sense of purpose, motivating you to get up and going. Have you always dreamed of building a dream house? Or perhaps paint a portrait? Do you want to completely revamp your room? It is now or never – perhaps you shall even discover hidden talents along the way. 

Keep yourself busy. Discover what you can do!

Find a job

What better way to spend your summer than actually going to work? You are going to be learning, experiencing, and earning! You are well on your way to graduation and life after college starts with a lot of job hunting, and to get a head start, apply for a summer job. Perhaps it could be at that local shop, or that advertising firm looking for interns. Either way, look for one, even if it is an apprentice post that is linked to your chosen career path – your gathered experiences will definitely work to your advantage in the future. 


If you are blessed with extra money, consider travelling. Being away from your usual environment can actually help you regain a strong sense of yourself again, something that has probably diminished over the course of your school year. Schoolwork can get tiring, yes, and to prepare for the next year, travel to a new place. Get a bit of relaxation, get to know a culture, and eventually get to know yourself again. There's plenty life has to offer, and the best way to experience that is to see the world.

If you have the means, go and see the world.

Summer is the perfect time for you to chase after things you have been longing to do. Do not succumb to a routine of 4 AM sleeping time, binge watching, and never getting up from your bed. Remember time is life's most precious commodity – use it well!

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