Powerful Writing Apps for Your Writing Projects

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Jan 24, 2020
Powerful Writing Apps for Your Writing Projects

Writing is a skill not many possess, and unfortunately, it is a critical part of attaining that college degree, and even life after college. Sometimes, even figuring out how to write a 300 word essay can be challenging. Truth be told, even writers find it hard to write at times. Tools have always made our lives easier, however, and with the technology available now, the same thing can be said for writing. There are powerful writing apps for your writing projects available out there, dedicated to helping you write better and faster. It can be hard to sort them out yourself, though, which is why we have compiled your go-to list of powerful writing apps for your writing projects. We have previously covered a post entitled “ Best Writing Tools For Students ”, so think of this as an updated and more comprehensive post. Either way, we are certain that it will make the task of writing an essay easier than ever! Write or not, there is one for everyone on this list - here are powerful writing apps for you and your writing projects, tried and tested even by our very own writers!

Powerful Writing Apps for Your Writing Projects

Powerful Writing Apps for Your Writing Projects

  • iA Writer

iA Writer hosts a unique software, as it helps you write SEO articles , short blog posts, and even essays completely distraction-free. We can all, at some point, agree that the biggest challenge to the task of writing is our diminishing attention span. IA Writer helps writers overcome the traps of distractions through an app feature called Focus Mode. This tool also boasts of a full-screen mode, where it highlights the line you are currently working on and fades the entire document - all dedicated to helping you focus! Unfortunately, IA Writer is only available for the IOS, but if you are an IOS user, this powerful writing app can be accessed through your Mac, iPhone, and iPad!

  • Scrivener

Scrivener is one of our favorites, as it is a powerful writing app best for long-form works. We have found that this works best when writing reports, long content articles, novels, and even newspaper articles. Although it may look like it, Scrivener is more than just a word processor. It helps writers, especially students like yourself, organize ideas and manage writing projects. It has plenty of keyboard shortcuts that help speed up the entire writing process. Scrivener is available on both your mobile and desktop, making it highly accessible by our standards. 

  • Google Docs

Google Docs is the popular one of the bunch, mainly due to its origin. However, this application has proven itself to be incredibly useful, especially for collaboration. It is easy to use and works just about anywhere, as long as you have a Google account (everyone does now, right?) It is also convenient because it saves via Google Drive, meaning that you do not have to worry about any missing files. If you are a student or writer on the go, you can easily access and work on it wherever you are. Its biggest feature, though, and we have to reiterate, is its collaboration features. A team can work on a single file simultaneously, making the process of editing and  proofreading easy to do.

  • Day One

Another powerful writing app for your writing projects is Day One, which believes in the power of journal writing. As a student or writer, you may be bombarded by random thoughts and ideas throughout the day, or perhaps struggle to form coherent ideas. This is where journal writing comes in, as it helps you form new ideas and overcome that pesky writer’s block . Day One allows you to build a habit of writing a short entry every single day.

  • Evernote

And yet another powerful writing app for your writing project is Evernote, which is best used for writing outlines. You do not have to search for queries like “how to make an effective outline ?” anymore, as Evernote helps you make one! This is also perfect for merely jotting down notes, as ideas strike us when we least expect it, and then leave us the next moment. You will never have to feel frustrated again as Evernote helps you capture those random moments of inspiration. Moreover, Evernote also allows you to save existing articles and challenges you with writing prompts, keeping your writing spirit awakened.

  • Ginger Software

Ginger Software is essentially a powerful writing app because it checks your grammar, and next to Grammarly, it is quite affordable. We highly recommend this tool for writers who do not consider English as their main language, like ESL students. It enables Ginger Software allows you to translate documents written in German, French, and Spanish, to name a few, into English, and then proceeds to check it for any grammar errors.

  • ProWritingAid

To stay in the lane of grammar checking and proofreading, we give you ProWritingAid, another powerful writing app for your writing projects. This one is dedicated to helping you improve your writing, as well as improve your self-editing skills. Let us face it, editing your own work is no easy task. ProWritingAid can definitely help you develop the skills necessary!

  • Grammarly

This list of powerful writing apps would not be complete without mentioning Grammarly, one of the most popular writing apps currently available in the market. Grammarly helps you check your writing projects for any spelling mistakes and typos, and the premium version of Grammarly has even more powerful features that improve your writing skills. To name a few, it gives various editing recommendations like using the passive and active voice, alternative word suggestions, the usage of shorter sentences, and many more others.

  • Hemingway App

Ernest Hemingway’s writing style has always been considered ingenious, as he had a way of using simple words and making them sound extraordinary. If you think about it, though, emulating it is easier said than done. This next app was inspired by him, and deserves to be a part of this list of powerful apps for your writing projects. As with ProWriting Aid, this app is dedicated to helping you improve your self-editing skills. Simply just paste your writing in the application and it will provide necessary suggestions for improvement! It could tell you to remove unnecessary words, as Hemingway is known to be a straightforward writer. If you wish to reduce your word count, this app is best for you!

  • Blurt

Blurt is the newest of the bunch, an interesting app that helps writers work a little every single day. It is useful for blog posts, newsletters, journals, and even writing books and essays. It is easy to use: log in, pick a project type, and then set a word count target, along with the days you need to spend while working on that specific project. This will also serve as your deadline. The user interface has been designed distraction-free and clean, as long as you do not find writing in a browser distracting. Blurt also prevents you from self-editing as you write your first draft, which is done by blurring previous sentences. This allows you to write freely, letting all those creative juices out.

  • The Novel Factory

This powerful writing app is made especially for fiction writers. The Novel Factory works on the web and desktop, which offers a step-by-step tutorial process of writing your very own novel. It takes you through exploring characters, scenes, and even themes. This is best for when you are starting out, as it truly helps you understand what it takes to build a world in a novel of your own.

  • iMindMap

From what our writers have reported, iMindMap has been useful for creating mind maps suited for writing articles and book chapters. Equipped with a mind map for their perusal, this powerful writing app has enabled them to finish articles faster and better. Mind maps are another way for outlining, highly recommended for non-fiction writers who wish to increase or achieve their average daily word count.

  • Campfire

Campfire is another powerful writing app made especially for fiction writers, and we mean various forms of fiction - flash fiction, hint fiction , you name it! It has a rather interesting background story: two 19-year-old college students created this software, and finished it within two months. At this moment, there are over 2000 users. That is a good number for an app designed by students, meaning it works well. It boasts of a word-building feature, which enables you to widen your range of vocabulary. We got to admit, the app still needs some work, but its features are promising - with a little polishing, it can be the app all fiction writers have been praying for.

  • WordPress.com

This list of powerful writing apps would not be complete without mentioning WordPress.com, a website that helps you build a blog or even website without any technological background! The software is based on WordPress.org, and makes up of over 32% of the Internet. If you are a writer in search of your very own platform, then this is it for you!

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