Best Writing Tools For Students

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May 13, 2019
Best Writing Tools For Students

Following the framework of today’s academic programs, all students are required to work on various kinds of papers, which leads them to spend at least 70% of their time in university or college on writing. Talent and effort go hand-in-hand with writers. If you wish to write a good piece, you need to have a bit of that talent flare, as well as the willingness to invest a ton of work and effort on your craft. You must also be equipped with an extensive vocabulary, along with grammar skills that are strong. But what about those students who do not enjoy writing as much, and are without any hint of writing aspirations? Written assignments  are something students face frequently, and luckily, there are ways now to simplify the process. There are free online writing help services available, and most of them come in the form of online writing tools. These are designed to help you detect grammar mistakes and tidy up your punctuation marks, as well as make the entire task of writing overall easier. Good writing tools for students will come in handy in numerous situations.

Best Writing Tools for Students

How do you choose the most effective online writing tools? There are tons available online, and most of them are designed specifically as writing tools for students.  This article covers some of the best writing tools for students that are efficient and effective:


Grammarly is one of the most popular and one of the best writing tools for students out there, which students frequently utilize. They use this to help in the preparation of their essays, as well as polish all kinds of documents. Grammarly allows you to type on it directly, as well as paste and download texts, should you need to change the formatting. It also offers you online storage and has a built-in spelling and grammar checking system. There are also other additional features such as its ability to check your sentence structure, writing style, plagiarism, as well as the option to request a professional proofreader or editor.


This tool comes with a simple design, but it is one of the best writing tools for students, effective in significantly improving a student’s writing. It allows students to practice writing various papers and gives feedback about the material’s quality. This makes WriteToLearn one of the most unique online writing tools available, as it not only checks for technicalities but assesses the meaning of the work.


Storybird is a simple tool that helps you develop creativity and expands your imagination. This tool allows you to pair your content with an artwork, which will then create an original short story. This is particularly enjoyable for poets, especially the aspiring ones. Storybird specializes in stories and poems but can be useful for other paperwork, too.


Evernote is one of the most popular and best writing tools for students to use because of its features. It’s a high-level text editor, and allows you to write material, format them, as well as edit. It also allows you to store files in a single area, without the risk of losing anything. These files are accessible on any of your devices. Apart from this, Evernote also allows you to make notes, save audio files, and download images. Should you wish to attach these directly to your notes, you can. Most of the top features are available only for premium users, however.


This tool is quite different from the other platforms, as Thesaurus performs more like an online dictionary than an editor. Use it to improve your vocabulary, find appropriate terms, learn a word’s definition or language translations, as well as find antonyms or synonyms of a specific word. So, what makes it an effective online writing help for college students? Thesaurus, although quite different, can help improve your vocabulary and boost the language you use in academic writing, helping them sound better and more eloquent.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an underrated tool, perhaps overlooked because if its readily-available nature. This is a powerful tool for collaborative work, as it allows multiple users to write on a single document at the same time, real-time. This makes checking and commenting on needed improvements easier. 


If you’re working on research, then Copyscape is one of the best research paper writing tools for students. You can use this to check the authenticity of your writing, comparing it to other content already published online. This will ensure your document’s 100% originality. 


Mendeley is a paradise for technology and science students, and this reason alone makes it one of the best writing tools for students. This platform allows you to search for sources, cite resources in a single place, organize collected data, and even share and store your datasets conveniently. Mendeley also allows you to communicate and collaborate with other researchers from around the world. This is also a venue where job openings in the science and technology field are posted.

Poetry Forge

Poetry forge is designed for all poetry lovers, which provides users with an endless pool of inspiration and help. This platform features different tools that will aid you in writing original poetry content, guaranteed with ease and style. If you’re struggling with poetry writing, this tool is for you.


StayFocusd is an online tool that lives up to its namesake – its main task is to help you stay focused on your writing. At times when you conduct research for some inspiration, you often find yourself spending time on a lot of irrelevant websites, reading about things that are equally irrelevant. This add-on for your browser prevents you from wasting precious time on other websites and lets you focus on writing.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

This tool features a smart voice recognition that is handy not only for students but for other people as well. With this, you can do almost anything, like searching for something on the Internet. It also allows you to control your devices with just your voice.  Its most important feature, however, is how it enables you to spend less time typing. The smart dictation feature allows you to write without lifting a finger and even allows you to edit – all with the use of your voice.


Students, especially those working on research papers, are required to make citations for their work. BibMe is designed for that, allowing you to find necessary citations in mere seconds. It also supports APA , MLA, and a number of other citation styles, making it a unique and among the best writing tools for students. Citation sources for books, journals, websites, video, and others are also made available for you.

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We’re now in an era where online writing tools are readily available, making learning to write easier and enjoyable. Learning to write is an important aspect of a student’s education, as job markets have now become more competitive. A student’s ability to effectively communicate with and use words can greatly affect how successful they can be in the outside world. Writing, more importantly, is an essential part of this effective communication, beyond academics. Being a better writer can help you market yourself better to potential employers and business partners. It helps you generate ideas and goals to know where your life is headed. It also showcases your intelligence and expertise, making you more persuasive, and better understand people and vice versa. This is why it’s essential to enhance your skills in writing, and lucky for you, the tools in doing so are now easily accessible through these online writing tools.

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