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May 15, 2019

You will write countless 300-word essays in the duration of your college life. College professors assign short essays to gauge students’ understanding of the lesson, as well as writing skills. Even though this is a short essay, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because the space is limited, this type of essay needs to be carefully researched and planned. 

How long is a 300 word essay? How many pages is a 300-word essay?

A 300 word essay double-spaced will take up 1 page—just enough to cover the basic parts of an essay—the introduction, body, and conclusion. Yes, this is very little space to write your opinion on a complex topic, but it is doable with careful planning. The secret to being able to efficiently planning a short essay is knowing how many paragraphs is a 300-word essay. You can divide your short essay into 3 paragraphs, each one corresponding to the introduction, body, and conclusion. However, you can still opt to divide the main body into 2 or 3 paragraphs if topic is a bit complex. For example, a 300-word essay on respect for other cultures, you may need to divide the body into 3 paragraphs; while if you’re writing a 300-word scholarship essay you may opt for just 1 paragraph in the body.

How long does it take to write a 300-word essay?

One of the biggest mistakes of students is thinking that 300-400 word essays can be written in only 1 hour or so. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, at least if you want to get an A. 

Tips on how to write a 300-word essay

Choose your essay topic carefully. If you were provided with a topic, take the time to research on the topic and pick a focus that is doable and interests you. For instance, if you have been passionately interested in the Ghost Festival for the longest time and you feel confident that you can craft an essay about it, go ahead and write about it. Due to the word count limit, ensure to write only about the Hungry Ghost Festival or Ghost Month celebrations in a particular country, say, China. Focusing on other countries would surely betray the word count, and thus, learn to set limitations. 

Conduct some more research. Take notes of information that you find useful.

Formulate your outline. This is where you determine the direction of your essay and, especially, your thesis statement.

Write the essay. Stick to the outline you prepared. Make sure that each sentence is valuable and concise. Also, don’t forget to cite your sources.

Edit the essay. You need to check that you were able to follow the 300-word essay format  or outline you prepared, that your thesis statement is strong and clear, that the entire paper is organized and cohesive, and that every sentence is correct. Keep an eye on unnecessary sentences and redundancy as well. Remove imprecise language like some (e.g. somewhere), one of, thing, very, mostly, in order to. Also limit the use of adverbs and to be verbs to make your essay more concise.

300-word essay outline

Don’t be scared if writing is not your forte. We have prepared a guide on how to write a 300-word essay accompanied by a 300-word essay sample for college level. 

Let’s start with the 300-word essay format that I already mentioned includes the introduction, body, and conclusion. What must each section contain?


  • The introduction is a brief paragraph that tells the reader about the topic. The introduction should do two things: (1) pique the reader’s interest and (2) tell the reader sufficient knowledge of the topic to be discussed.
  • Thus, your introduction should have a hook or the statement that states the meta-theme of your essay as well as captures the reader’s interest. Think of this as the punch line that gets the reader to continue reading your essay.
  • Your introduction should also have a thesis . Never forget the thesis because this is the center of your essay. The thesis statement articulates your argument, and thus the direction of your essay. Therefore the thesis statement must be clear and concise at all times. Yes, you will definitely need to take the time to craft your thesis statement.

This will be demonstrated in the 300 word essay example later.


The body is where you expound on the argument you presented in your thesis. Depending on the complexity of your argument or of the 300-word essay prompts, your essay’s main body can range from 1-3 paragraphs of 70 to 100 words per paragraph. A paragraph typically contains these:

  • Main point
  • Illustration
  • Explanation
  • Conclusion statement tying the body to the thesis

If you have more than 1 paragraph, it is advised to make use of transition sentences before moving on to the next paragraphs.

Tip: you can learn how to write a 300-word essay quickly if you write the body before the introduction to make the introduction more appropriate for the actual content of your essay.


This is the final paragraph of your essay. It is best to simply restate the thesis and the supporting point/s you discussed. This is important as it reinforces your argument into the reader’s mind. Then, include an ending statement to signal that you are at the end.

How much is a 300-word essay word count for the conclusion? 3-4 sentences should do it.outline of a short essay

300-word essay sample

We know you’re still asking “what does a 300-word essay look like?” Here is how to write a 300-word essay about yourself:

Every year thousands of people migrate to this country in hopes of a better life. My parents were one of those over two decades ago. Although I was born in the US and have known only this place, I’m no stranger to their struggles and I can say that their culture and identity continues to live in me. As a first generation Asian-American, I have different experiences from my parents and from my white peers, but this bestowed me with a unique perspective.

As a first generation Asian-American, my experiences are defined by otherness to two cultures —Chinese and American. I have gone through phases where I renounced one culture and embraced the other, but I never felt truly at home in either cultures. Unlike my parents who were immersed in Chinese culture and spoke Mandarin, I grew up speaking English, immersed in American culture. On the other hand, although I am well-versed in American pop culture, I’m constantly reminded that I’m Asian because of how I look. I learned that I’m somewhere between these two cultures, and I can’t be defined by either. I don’t need to choose one or the other, because I am both. I am Asian-American, and it comes with a whole new perspective and set of experiences.

As an Asian-American, I also experience the struggles faced by minorities. Although I speak English well, I’m regarded as a foreigner. However, I’m still in a position of privilege that lets me understand and communicate with a minority and American culture. Not only can I provide a unique perspective for Americans, I can also tell minorities’ stories and  struggles  in a way that Americans can appreciate. Learning to appreciate this duality helped me accept and complete my identity and appreciate its strength especially at a time like ours.

As you can see, the process is just as complicated as any other essay, but it’s not that hard either. We hope that you didn’t just learn how long is a 300 word essay taken to write, but how to write an impressive one. If you need inspiration, simply return to this article and to our 300-word essay example or hire one of our essay writers for help.

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