New Year Resolutions For Students and How to Make Them Work

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Jan 3, 2020

New year resolutions have gained a rather sour reputation over the last few years, as people have discovered that such a concept merely exists out of whim and chaotic optimism. Does it, really, though? Whether you still believe in them or not, the onset of the first month of the year can still be a great way to wipe the slate clean. As you search for the best new year vacation spots , also ponder on what is in store of your this year. There are measures that can still help you achieve your goals, and one of them just happen to be new year resolutions. 

Like we have mentioned, new year resolutions are quite like a love or hate thing. Some people revel in the idea of setting goals and seeing them blossom as the year passes by, but some scorn at the thought of making resolutions, dismissing it as a mere waste of time and effort. There is the in between, too - those who find the idea good, but unsure where and how to begin. The question still stands, however. How do you actually make your new year resolutions work? 

Making Your New Year Resolutions Work

The idea of new year resolutions is quite popular among students. Some use their resolutions as motivation to help them do better in school. Perhaps they wish to change their study habits, or they want to be more active in extracurricular activities, like joining clubs. Many succeed, but still, others fall short. Why is that, you may ask? 

The answer lies in the concept of mindset. A mindset refers to your belief of fixed or changeable traits. For instance, do you believe that intelligence is inherent? Can you learn talent? Your mindset actually plays a crucial role in your ability to cope with life’s many challenges. As you journey through school, a mindset fixed on your growth can help you achieve greater and increase your effort. Those who adapt to a growth mindset shows greater resilience and are more likely to persevere through setbacks. And that is exactly the key to making your new year resolutions work - shaping your mindset.

Your New Year Resolutions

Here are some 2020 new year resolutions for students, which come in the form of mindsets. We have found that adapting these can finally make them the new year resolutions work:

  1. Try new things.  It is a brand new year - and what better way to start than rearranging your perspective? In this case, set out for a new course. Fly higher. Have you been eyeing that new restaurant across the street, but hesitant to visit because people have been too busy to tag along? Well, now is your chance to try it - all by yourself! Have you been meaning to begin finishing three books each month to help improve your vocabulary? Do it now! Changing your mindset to that of growth will do you wonders.

  2. Discipline is the oldest trick in the book, but it works. Mindset is key, yes, and along with that comes discipline. It is not a magical tool that will make your life instantly better. If you wish to change for the better, you need to put in some effort. And putting in some effort requires discipline. You do not have to beat yourself up, though - training and helping yourself to invest in yourself can be incredibly draining, so remember to be kind to yourself. 

  3. Success is not a zero-sum game. The mindset surrounding the idea of success continues to cripple many. The zero-sum concept actually comes from Economics, where it is stated that for every individual’s gain, another individual loses. This is not the case, however. Your success does not mean less for others. Imagine an entire cake - everybody gets a share, as it is endless. You getting a slice does not mean another one will not. This year, stop feeling guilty about your successes - instead, keep working hard to reach them.  

  4. You cannot make everyone happy. The sooner you adapt this mindset, the better your life will be. We live in a society where we are always expected to be at par with everyone’s approval. We grew up always seeking approval from our parents, our friends, and even our teachers. The truth is, though, you cannot please everyone. At some point, you will be disappointing a person because of a bad grade. You will make wrong choices. But that is okay - remember that you are living, first and foremost, for yourself. Everyone else’s approval is background noise.

  5. Stop looking at someone who does it perfectly . The main culprit of our dissatisfaction is comparison. The dawn of social media makes everyone’s lives accessible, as a simple click of a button have the power to share everything you wish. It is incredibly easy to look at someone you are following, an artist or your maybe class valedictorian, and wonder how they are coping so well. You begin comparing yourself and before you know it, feelings of not being enough attack you through the night. This new year, adapt this mindset - stop looking at someone who you think does it perfectly. What is on the screen is not always the truth.

  6. Wake up a little earlier. This actually syncs perfectly well with item no. 2. Waking up a little earlier entails discipline, so a little practice is in order. Start by waking up an hour before your usual time. As your body adjusts, set it back an hour once more. Do so until you have achieved your desired time. There is an unexplained beauty about waking up just a little earlier before the rest of the world does - a little comfort in the barely peeping sunning, a little coziness as you feel yourself bundled up in sheets - we promise that you will thank us later. 

  7. Invest.  Invest not just financially, but also in yourself. Adapting this mindset of investment will help you grow into a better person. Invest in skills you wish to learn - do you want to speak another language? Learn how to paint? Write essays better? Then invest in yourself.  

  8. Ask more questions.  There is a stigma in asking questions now, brought about by some standard borne out of ignorance, we suppose. No matter, it is high time we begin rearranging our perspective. Asking questions actually helps us grow. 

  9. Hold yourself accountable. Unfortunately, despite your efforts, you will mess up. It is an inevitable fact of life, as it is from our mistakes that we gain wisdom. But gaining that wisdom entails acceptance, of holding yourself accountable. You can still fail that test, but choosing to learn how to avoid cramming for the exams is accountability. 

  10. It is okay to ask for help. You do not have to walk this journey alone. Remember that you are surrounded by people who love you, and reaching out to them is always an option. As you begin your new year resolutions journey, keep in mind that taking care of your mental health is tantamount.

Keeping up with your new year resolutions, even with the mindset hack, is no easy feat. From time to time, you will need to step back from your routine and look at your goals from a distance. Analyze your current approaches. For instance, if you wish to improve your study habits, take an honest look at your previous study goals and the results. 

 Keep in mind, though, that your new year resolutions do not ask total change, per se. You are merely reworking and improving, so it is essential to make them concise and reachable. You are doing this for yourself, too, and that should be enough motivation to get you going!

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