Best New Year Vacation Spots Around the World

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Dec 25, 2019
Best New Year Vacation Spots Around the World

The New Year is only a few short days away, and you’re probably already making final arrangements with friends and families to whom you wish to spend it. Take a break from university essays, research papers, and term papers . The holidays are a time for peaceful celebrations with loved ones. Many prefer welcoming the new year at home, others on the streets with thousands of other people, while some spend it at bars and clubs intimately with strangers. Regardless of how you choose to spend it, a good idea arises at the very last minute. If you’re an adventurous fellow, then you’d be happy to know that the world is filled with great vacation spots to spend the New Year. There are parties and gatherings around the world that makes you ask yourself 'where to travel next' , and everyone is eager to welcome a new year wherever they are. If you’re looking for the best New Year vacation spots to spend your holidays in, then here’s a list to help you decide.

Best New Year Vacation Spots

  1. New York City

    If you watch a lot of American TV shows or movies, then a New York City New Year won’t be a stranger to you and might be the best New Year vacation spot for you. Dubbed as the city that never sleeps, New York City hosts the biggest New Year gathering on earth. Prepare to brush skins with lots of people because many like you will want to be on the crowded streets of New York when the ball drops, and if you’re lucky, maybe you’ll nab a kiss from a beautiful stranger just in time.
  2. Thailand

    Thailand is the best New Year vacation spot for those looking to immerse in a rich culture, but at the same time don’t want to miss a great party. Depending on your preference, you can meet the New Year on the beach or in rooftops and streets surrounded by lights, music, and people. Thailand also hosts a Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. There are open rooftop bars and open streets where you can explore the magnificent city of Bangkok. Come midnight, the skies will be filled with fireworks and lanterns and open spaces will be the best spot for you to witness the magic in Thailand. 
  3. Paris

    If you wish for a more intimate or romantic setup for your New Year, then Paris might just hit the spot. Whether you’re alone or with a special someone, Paris offers a gorgeous display of lights and romance around the city as the Eiffel Tower shimmers in view of luxurious hotels. Make sure your hotel will be close to the iconic tourist destination, including the Arch de Triomphe, because that is where most of the exciting events will be. The roads will certainly be filled with cars and people, and it will be much harder to hail a taxi. Your best option to get from one point to the other will be walking, which won’t be a bad idea because you’ll be able to appreciate Paris more as a best New Year vacation spot for you.
  4. New Zealand

    Unlike the majority of Western countries, New Zealand offers so many things to do during summer , meaning there are no sweaters, no snow, and no staying indoors for the majority of the day. The country hosts a myriad of music festivals around the country to meet the New Year, but if you’d much rather spend it quietly, there are options to just stay near a vineyard surrounded by warm winds and a starry night.
  5. Spain

    Of course, Spain won’t be an exception to the usual loud and crazy reception to the New Year. If anything, the whole country will be alive and lit up as it welcomes a New Year. If you’re one to enjoy crowded streets and bright colors everywhere, then Spain might be the best New Year vacation spot for you. Spain is hosts to many year-round festivals, so expect that New Year won’t be any different. Welcome New Year with fun and a lot of dancing then Spain is your destination.
  6. Sydney

    Australia brings New Year celebrations to a whole new level with lively firework displays around the country. Sydney is where you want to be if you want to witness the best among the best. The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are just among two of many impressive structures that participate in the flying colors as it displays themed designs at night before the mark of a New Year. If you’re looking to spend the New Year with friends, then you can book a restaurant with an open view to witness the stunning lights and fireworks when the clock strikes midnight. Sydney doesn’t settle for a mediocre New Year celebration making it one of the best New Year vacation spots in the world.
  7. Hong Kong

    When it comes to a good fireworks display, Hong Kong won’t be too far behind as each year the country lights up the skies which can be witnessed from the majestic Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong’s skyline provides a good vantage point for those who just want to adore the marvelous display. The country has many amazing bars that can keep you company as you wait for the New Year. There is a grand display of shimmering lights every 15 minutes starting from 11 PM, so you’ll surely won’t run out of something to look at. The effort Hong Kong puts in their fireworks display will leave you absolutely breathless, and if you’re one to appreciate good pyrotechnics then Hong Kong is the best New Year vacation spot for you. Hong Kong is also a great subject for a cultural identity essay because of its rich history and practices.
  8. London

    The Big Ben will be an absolute pleasure to look at when you see it as a backdrop for a luminous night sky when it finally rings at midnight. You’ll surely have a good time when you revel in the streets and bars with a good company. Londoners know how to have a good time, and if you think you can keep up then London is among the best New Year vacation spot for you.
  9. Miami

    Miami hosts many lively parties  throughout the year, and New Year is particularly special for the US state. The beach is mostly where people stay to witness a dazzling fireworks display by the ocean. Of course, many DJs and music acts turn up their music through the night for people to enjoy. A bit of dancing and singing never hurt anyone, so if you want to meet the New Year on the dance floor or with sand between your toes, then Miami has to be the best New Year vacation spot for you.
  10. Dubai

    The Burj Khalifa is not only the tallest skyscraper around the world, but it also hosts the biggest firework show. Once it’s midnight, the building will light up with elegant colors and it will persist through the night. Dubai also takes pride in its top-tier restaurants, so if you wish to just eat good food in your New Year vacation spot, then book a flight to Dubai now to be in time for the New Year. 

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