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Find an affordable eBook ghostwriter who can hand you high quality eBook services from writing to formatting at an affordable price. eBooks have become a part of our daily lives since the advent of easier access to internet and computing, making it a high-earning aspect in the writing industry. Meet your due dates with our professional ghostwriting team at any time of the day.

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eBook ghostwriting services range from eBook ghostwriters for your eBook content, eBook designing or copywriting, eBook content proofreading, to eBook content sub-editing services which can include formatting and even suggestions for improvement. CustomEssayMeister provides a number of online writing services, including creative writing. With our writers coming from various disciplines including Arts and Literature as well as Philosophy and Social Sciences, we can easily provide you the high-quality eBook ghostwriting help you need.

Our site can help you finish that eBook in no time with over 200 professional ghostwriters and a support team that available 24/7 to assist you with your eBook ghostwriting needs. Our prices for eBook ghostwriting services depend on three factors:

  • Length. How many words do you wish our ghostwriter to complete for you? CustomEssayMeister provides 300 words per one page, except for designing your eBook’s cover or copywriting related projects.
  • Time. How much time can you give our ghostwriter to complete your ghostwriting project? It is always best to not wait for the last minute before you get something done. With CustomEssayMeister, the longer your duration to complete the eBook project is, the lesser the price you will have to pay.
  • Difficulty. We measure the difficulty of eBook ghostwriting services as well as other online writing services we offer through academic levels. Our ghostwriting site offers High School level up to Professional level of writing to match the diversity of our clients. Of course, we can also adjust our level of writing for ESL and ELL students.

Why you should hire eBook content ghostwriters?

Time is of the essence. It is the wealth that we all can never get back. With all the chores we all need to deal with in school and at work, we can use a little professional help from legitimate online ghostwriters to aid us with our writing projects. eBook writing is a process that requires keenness. In order to show the world your idea for an eBook, you will need another set of eyes to ensure that your piece is flawless from the design down to the use of punctuation marks. Aside from this, our professional ghostwriters can also help you with ideas which can help you when you encounter a “writer’s block” - a common term for a slow down in your creativity. For hobbyists, this may not pose a huge problem, however, for people who made a career with eBook writing, due dates can further worsen this creative hiatus.

What CustomEssayMeister can do for you?

Ghostwriting is our main product and our product divisions include eBook ghostwriting services which specifically cover one or all of the following services:

  1. eBook Ghostwriting (Writing) – In particular, CustomEssayMeister handles all types of academic and professional writing including fiction writing, technical writing, autobiographies, historical writing, even poem and song writing. CustomEssayMeister has a team of professional ghostwriters who can easily handle your eBook for you as you deal with your other commitments.
  2. eBook Proofreading (Sub-editing) – Aside from eBook content writing, our affordable ghostwriting services can also proofread your eBook for you. If you are done with your work, chances are you yourself will not be bale to spot the errors because your mind knows the correct content, however, your hands may have typed the wrong word. This is because the author is more familiar with the written content more than anyone else, making it a little more difficult to focus on the minute details of your work. In line with this, you do not need to worry about your CustomEssayMeister eBook ghostwriter missing these errors, because we have our in-house editors and proofreaders who are checking the quality of all completed projects. If in case our proofreaders see errors in your eBook (which is not likely because we require all our writers to take a closer look at their finished papers all the time), your eBook will be placed under revision and a revised copy shall be sent to you as soon as possible.
  3. eBook Designing (Copywriting and Formatting) – Some of us our gifted with creative writing, while others are gifted on a different kind of art. If you are well-versed with both, then you are one of the lucky few! But if not, CustomEssayMeister is here for you. We have a team of copywriters, layout artists, and designers who can deal with your cover or may be a few sketches here and there. Even the very layout and division of your chapters. We can do the formatting for you and other technical aspects of writing an eBook.

Why finding an eBook ghostwriter is the best choice?

Is hiring a ghostwriter diminishes the fact that you are the author? No. Ghostwriters, more often than not, write the content that you require them to write for you. This means that whatever you wish to see in the write-up came from your instructions yourself. In terms of eBook ghostwriting, our team of professional and affordable ghostwriters are trained to address all parts, even the tiniest details of your instructions. Your ghostwriter will only follow your ideas, your twists, your characters, basically everything to form your eBook. It is still you, you just used different hands. It is more like you being the chief architect or engineer of your eBook where your trusted personnel complete your vision. Finish that eBook project now by finding the best and most affordable eBook ghostwriting service available today. Talk to our operators and get a discount code for your first order.

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