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Writing an academic paper does not only involve the act of writing or researching relevant information. The process includes double-checking your work for mistakes. This involves extensive fact-checking to ensure that the information in your paper is correct and reliable. Along with this, there is the process of editing the paper to align with requirements, proper formats, correct language, and other significant changes.

Proofreading comes in when all the research and writing are done. This is the last process where you will need to look for redundancies, grammatical and typographical errors, and other minor mistakes. Because proofreading focuses on minor mistakes, some students tend to skip the process. They may feel confident about their writing or rely on auto-correct to identify grammatical and typographical errors. However, skipping the proofreading process can be counterproductive since it can affect the quality of the paper.

In academic writing, instructors will be strict about requirements and how you comply with them. Skipping the proofreading process can lead you to unnecessarily use passive voices, split the infinitive, misuse subject-verb agreements, and even misuse punctuation marks. If you want to avoid these mistakes and you are already holding on to your final draft but are unsure how to proofread it or do not have the time, it is best to consider hiring a proofreader.

One of your best options for a proofreading service is CustomEssayMeister. Our company is the answer to your questions, such as “who can proofread my essay?”, “how can I check my essay?”, “ is it possible to have someone write my essay? ”. You will need to go to our website and hire one of our professional English proofreaders to check your essay. You can pick from any of our available English proofreaders and even set the deadline for the task. Whether you need the paper within the day or in a week, our writers are up for the task. However, if you have reservations regarding availing of this service and the importance of the process, consider reading below what our proofreading service entails:

  1. Finding Grammatical Errors - Finding grammatical errors is the main goal of our proofreading service. The English proofreader that you will choose will ensure that your academic paper does not contain any grammatical errors that can cost you a high grade. Examples of grammatical errors are splitting the infinitive, incorrect subject-verb agreement, misuse of specific words, ambiguity, overuse of prepositional phrases, run-on sentences, wordiness, and redundancies. Using our proofreading service will ensure that your paper does not contain any of these and more.

  2. Finding Typographical Mistakes - Along with grammatical errors, finding typographical mistakes is common during proofreading. Typographical mistakes are spelling errors that you may overlook when writing your paper. While errors like spelling “choice” as “ chioce” are easily identifiable, others like spelling “deceive” as “decieve ” can be hard to spot. If you are a busy student and rushing with your paper, it will be almost impossible for you to check a long paper. This is when our proofreaders become necessary as they offer a fresh set of eyes that will find hard-to-spot mistakes.

  3. Correcting Punctuations  - It is easy to misuse punctuation marks, especially ones that students rarely use. Punctuation marks, such as em-dashes and semi-colon, may be necessary for some sentences, however, students may not understand how to properly use them. This can lead to misuse. Students can even misuse common ones like commas in complex sentences. Our English proofreaders are knowledgeable about the use of punctuation marks, such as commas, hyphens, em-dashes, en dashes, semi-colon, and others. This ensures that they can effectively identify misuse or lack of punctuation. This will improve the quality of your paper and prevent you from submitting a paper with these mistakes.

  4. Refining Writing Style  - In academic writing, having a consistent writing style is necessary. This means that a writer must utilize consistent language throughout the paper. This involves using consistent verb tenses, English language version (English or UK), heading capitalizations, treatment of special characters (numbers, symbols), and paragraph lengths. This part of proofreading can be difficult since it requires the reader to look at the paper as a whole instead of nitpicking mistakes. Our proofreading service involves refining of writing style and ensuring that an academic paper has consistent content. 

  5. Fixing Formats - If you have written an academic paper, you know the importance of correct formats. Formats involve the use of academic styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc) and other requirements from academic instructors. Using the right format is necessary for getting a good grade for your paper. Even if the content of your paper is worth a high grade, a formatting mistake can lead to an average mark or even a failing grade, depending on the instructor. This is why hiring an English proofreader is necessary if you do not have the time to proofread your paper.

Documents that Require Proofreading

By now, you understand the importance of proofreading services and what the process entails. The fresh set of eyes of our professional English proofreaders will ensure that your academic papers are top quality. However, it is also important to identify the type of documents that you need to proofread. This is to avoid unnecessary costs and waste your time and energy.

Generally, most academic papers require proofreading. They include essays, research papers, dissertations, reviews, reflection papers , and term papers. Aside from these academic papers, written works like poems, flyers, brochures, novels, website content, and social media posts will also benefit from effective proofreading.

Our proofreading service caters to all of these types of content, making it one of the best choices for anyone who needs proofreading. Whether you are a student, a business professional, an artist, or an individual working on a personal project; CustomEssayMeister can help take your work to the next level!

Provide Your Preferences

To get the best results from our proofreading service, it is best for you to include specific instructions for our proofreaders. Do this by either submitting a document containing the instructions or directly communicating with the proofreader as they work on your order. Through this, our proofreader will know what aspects of proofreading to focus on. Maybe your English instructor requires you to use a specific academic style or to avoid splitting the infinitive.

Providing specific instructions will also allow our proofreaders to avoid correcting intentional errors. For example, your instructor may have given you the task of using passive voices and excessive prepositional phrases throughout your essay. Without the instructions, our proofreaders will flag these as errors and reconstruct the content. This can cost you that passing grade or spend more to fix the corrections.

Advantages of Availing of A Proofreading Service

Proofreading requires you to stop looking at your paper for a while in order to get a fresh set of eyes. This is true because if you write your own paper, your mind knows exactly what you wanted to write, however, what your hands may have typed on your computer is different. But since you know what you intended to include in your paper, you cannot see that in actuality, you are missing a word or two. This is completely normal because a human brain still works a thousand times faster than a machine. That is why hiring a professional to proofread your work only entails advantages. A legitimate ghostwriting website can easily proofread your work to make sure that your paper does not have grammatical errors, possible cases of plagiarism (such as poor paraphrasing and citation), and wrongful information by checking the validity of your sources. Evaluating the depth of your paper is also included in this type of service, thus you will be given the chance to improve your work yourself or by your essay ghostwriter if you do not have enough time to rectify the paper. All other issues which are often overlooked are also covered when you get a proofreading service such as the format of the list of references, table of contents, and the overall organization of the paper (headings, subheadings, bullets, etc.). When you are a student, oftentimes you deal with a number of writing assignments and time is not always on your side.

How much does it cost to get a proofreading service?

The cost of our proofreading service depends on the document that you will submit for checking. A short essay, around 400-800 words will cost less than a 10-page research paper. Your preferred deadline and proofreader of choice may also affect the total cost. Whatever the price, we guarantee that our proofreading service will meet your requirements and leave no errors on your paper.

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