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There are tons of academic papers out there. From essays alone, there are persuasive, descriptive, and narrative among others - each with its own challenges depending on its purpose. However, regardless of the type of paper, editing one is tedious. The problem with this is editing is time-consuming and it can become confusing after a while. Another issue is it is a little difficult to find an affordable online editing service that has a legitimate English language editor.

Who will edit my essay?

Customessaymeister has hundreds of professional writers and essay editors who offer custom writing and editing services. Our editing services package includes quality-check on various writing aspects such as spelling and grammar check, syntax, structure, and coherence. On top of that, we also make sure that your paper will be formatted based on your prescribed academic style (APA, MLA, Harvard, etc,) including the use of punctuation marks. Customessaymeister also has in-house editors who will review the final draft for you to receive the best version of your paper.

Free Use of Plagiarism Scanner to Ensure Originality of Your Paper

An online college essay editor does not usually offer a plagiarism scan because such software is paid on a subscription. This is an important factor in avoiding online essay writing and editing service scam. Our editors scan all papers before they are sent to the clients to make sure that your paper is 100% original and that all sources are cited properly.

Customessaymeister is a custom online writing service which means that we can edit your initial paper based on your instructions. We can improve the vocabulary and overall quality of the paper while making sure that we match the academic level you are in. Also, we make it a point to assign a writer who is an expert on the topic of your paper to avoid any issues. If in case you want something changed in your paper, we offer revisions for free as long as your request is well within the range of the initial instructions.

Hiring a professional English editor is a wise option especially nowadays when classes are mostly conducted online, setting written requirements from modules with close if not similar due dates. If you are a senior college student, chances are your undergraduate thesis coincides with all your other assignments and coursework. Thus, acquiring an editing service from our college editors will not only help you manage your time but also make sure that your grades on other subjects are not compromised due to your busy schedule.

Advantages of Getting an Editing Service

The only disadvantage of hiring a professional essay editor is perhaps having to pay for it. But, with all the available discounts and offers, we have as well as the following advantages, it’s a sure shot that you can get your money’s worth:

  • Get rid of the errors you can’t catch.  The main reason why you can’t find your own typographical and spelling mistakes is that the version you have in your head is different from what you actually see. Psychologically, your brain knows the correct spelling and automatically assumes that your hand-typed that word correctly. It happens to everybody and more often to students who are busy writing various college essays at the same time.

  • Avoid redundancy.  Sometimes, we use terms repeatedly without knowing and that’s not your fault. This is because our brains work faster than our hands, leaving us no time to think of antonyms or synonyms. This item justifies the necessity of editing, however, people don’t always have the time to do so.

  • Utilize your time well. Ever heard of writer’s block? It’s that inevitable, thus annoying, lull time when you just stare at your monitor for hours and even days without producing actual work. This is a huge problem for students, even those who are getting their doctorate. Time is of the essence. Don’t waste your precious minutes procrastinating later on.

  • Skip the tedious task of formatting.  Can’t get the page number right, can’t format the endnotes and footnotes correctly, and worst of all writing your paper in APA, only to realize that it was supposed to be in MLA - we’ve all been there. This can become quite annoying if you got a lot on your plate. Let our editors help you. We’ve been doing this for a long time. You can trust that by this time, we will straighten out your paper in no time.

  • Evade a trip to your adviser’s office on account of “plagiarism”.  We’re not saying that you copied someone else’s work, however, chances are with everything else that’s going on, students tend to take the easy way. It is important to note that plagiarism doesn't always mean copying. It can also be a case of improper citation (or no citation at all), incorrect paraphrasing, and simply incorrect formatting. Getting away from plagiarism is not a creative task, rather, it is highly technical. We’re sure you are confident that your college paper is original, but why take the risk? Let us handle that for you.

Writing your essay is just half the job. It is reviewing and editing that completes the task. Customessaymeister also offers services other than editing such as writing your college admission essay from scratch. We even offer custom writing services for students taking up their dissertations. Send us a message anytime to find out more about our writing and editing services as well as our loyalty program. 

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We work 24/7 and we are affordable (from $13.95/page). Our writers, managers and support agents all have been involved in academic ghostwriting for years. We can assist even with the most difficult writing assignment under time constraints.

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