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Studying history can be very interesting. After all, learning about our past by reading books, discussing topics, watching documentaries, and viewing artefacts is the closest we can get to seeing things from the vantage point of our ancestors. However, studying history doesn’t end with just class sessions, museum visits, and mere imaginings. The experience would not be complete without learning how to write a history research paper. Everyone can agree that this is the most challenging part. After all, with all those long hours in class and all those extra hours devoted to completing coursework, who has the time to go and accomplish this requirement? Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about all of that. We can write your history paper for you so you can focus on all the fun aspects of studying history. 

What makes a history paper great?

A history paper could fall under the different types of essays , and the only characteristic that makes it a history paper is the fact that it tackles significant events of the past. This could be the birth of a nation, an important person, an ancient document, or even an idea; a good example would be the root cause of World War II . So, similar to writing a Philosophy paper, a history paper could be a persuasive essay, an argumentative essay, an expository essay, an analytical essay, a cause and effect essay, a compare and contrast essay, and even a descriptive essay. It just depends on the instructions. And no matter the type of essay your history professor is requiring you to write, this is the recipe for a successful history paper:

  • Clear thesis. This is the number one requirement for all types of essays, and your history paper is no different. The direction and purpose of your history essay should be clear, as well as what it is trying to say or prove. Your history paper should have a strong and clear thesis.
  • Uses primary and scholarly sources. Primary sources let you see a historical event through the eyes of a participant, while a scholarly source provides an analysis from someone who has studied the subject in great depth. Primary sources that you can use for your history paper are letters, diaries, memoirs, speeches, newspaper articles, and government documents. However, make sure to be critical of your sources before citing them in your historical essay.
  • Substantial analysis. Historical papers will require analysis, one way or another. This should be in depth; but more importantly, it should be backed up by both primary and scholarly sources. To achieve this, it helps if your historical paper does not contain too much direct quotes but instead an original opinion from you.
  • No judging. Many students tend to judge people in history based on their own morals, perceptions, and feelings. Not only is this unfair for those people, but this is not what a historical paper asks. Never. We study and write about history in order to make sense of it, and hopefully learn from it.
  • Strong conclusion. A conclusion is an integral part of an essay. So, a historical paper should not go without it. Your conclusion should be strong. How do you know if a conclusion is strong? It should summarize your main points in the essay, then explain their importance. This is important so that your reader knows the answer to the question “so what?”

Tips in writing an excellent history paper

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