Sample Reflection Paper about an Internship Experience


Being able to express your ideas clearly and in an organized way is important in a reflection paper. In a short length, you should be able to convey the insights you gained from a significant experience in your life. An internship is an important step in every student’s academic career. Professors expect students to grow as individuals and as professionals after their internships.

An internship is probably one of the most rewarding experiences any student can have. An internship gives a student firsthand experience in a professional setting without imposing too much pressure and too many expectations. In other words, an internship can be considered as halfway between simply being a student and being a full-time worker. But internships do not last long. Most take just a few weeks to six months. It is therefore essential for any student to optimize the potential of the situation by learning as much as possible. Fortunately for me, my experience as an intern was not only enriching but also fulfilling. It let me gain technical knowledge and practical experience as well as cultivated my creativity. I went from being too concerned with my knowledge and experience writing marketing plans to understand that marketing is a combination of technical skills and creativity.

Applying as an Intern at Google

I applied for an internship at Google knowing that thousands of applicants from all over the globe would also apply. Therefore, I was not really expecting much. Despite that, I conducted research about Google to gather a deeper understanding of the company’s operations in general and the internship offer in particular. I also took great care in writing my cover letter for the internship program to ensure that I was communicating my intentions clearly and professionally. Reading the email confirming my interview actually surprised me, but I was nonetheless thankful for the opportunity. I prepared well for my interviews by researching the company and reading tips on how to get an internship, how to nail interviews, and what questions interviewers want to hear . The interview itself was unconventional, to say the least, but fortunately, I was one of those chosen to become an intern for six weeks. My first day as an intern at Google was just as nerve-wracking as the five levels of interviews I went through. However, those six weeks allowed me to experience what it is really like to be a marketing professional. The experience also shaped my understanding and approach to marketing.

My Experience as Part of the Team

As an intern, Google assigned me to work in the Marketing Department since it suits my major and experience. The Marketing Department let me work on one of their projects where I was able to apply my knowledge to real-life situations. My mentor guided me at first, and they did not hesitate to let me share my ideas and make decisions. This made me truly feel like part of the team rather than just an intern. Because I was allowed to take part in an actual project, I was able to experience using platforms for understanding the company’s audience. Although I have been studying these platforms for a while, being able to use them for myself made a big difference. My insights were also valued by the team I worked with. Initially, I hesitated in sharing my ideas, but my team actively asked for my thoughts. This allowed me to become more confident. The brainstorming sessions also became highly enjoyable once I became comfortable. I admired how each member contributed and improved upon others’ ideas without hesitating. Everyone remained respectful and professional but they did not hesitate to add or correct others in the team. My mentor encouraged me to do the same, explaining that we do it because we want to achieve the best possible idea or plan for the success of our project. I saw and experienced what teamwork meant and it’s all about working together toward the same goal.

Lessons Learned

The most important lesson that I learned as a marketing intern at Google is the importance of not losing sight of one’s goals. In every step that we took, the team never forgot the goal of the company and the project. My teammates did not consider the company’s goals or mission and vision as limiting but as jumping-off points for better ideas. They valued creativity and innovation. They married the use of technical knowledge with creativity. As a marketing student, I realized that I had placed too much emphasis on technical knowledge and had neglected to develop my creativity. This is one of the things my mentor told me: I had great knowledge but I needed to free my creativity. So, throughout my internship experience, I challenged myself to think outside the box. Technical knowledge is not the end-all-be-all in marketing. As my teammates made abundantly clear, things like marketing mix and market segmentation are only the basics and advertising and marketing would not be successful without creativity. This is an interesting insight to hear from the company that pioneered the use of artificial intelligence in marketing. Nevertheless, it all made sense to me.


Overall, my internship experience at Google did not feel like training but actual professional work. I knew from the beginning that I would not be just making coffee and making copies of documents, but I was still surprised at how immersed I was in the team’s work. The company trusts each employee, including interns, and genuinely encouraged me to contribute. I learned real-life lessons not just about marketing but in being a professional as well. My internship experience has shaped my approach to marketing and confirmed that I found the right career path.

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