Sample Cover Letter for Internship Program Application

Jan 5, 2007

Drafting a cover letter is just one of the extra steps you can take in order to land an internship. The most important details you should include in your letter are your intention, relevant educational background and attainments, relevant skills, and the advantage you can offer to the company you are applying to.


Tracy Martell

Art Studies Major | Davenport College, New York | 415-060-2124


May 14, 2019


Katerina Zamo

Head Curator

Queens Museum of Art

825 Filigree Avenue

Queens, NY 10978


Dear Ms. Zamo:

My name is Tracy Martell. I am writing to express my interest in the summer internship program offered by the Queens Museum of Art. I learned about your call for applications through the news posted on your website dated 2 May 2019. As a senior Art Studies student at Davenport College majoring in Far Eastern Art, I have acquired knowledge on diverse artforms and art movements as well as competencies in managing exhibitions—credentials which I believe make me an excellent candidate for the position. 

For the past two years, I have collaborated with artists, researchers, scholars, and curators in mounting art exhibits at Davenport’s own Eliza Edwards Museum of Art. Among my responsibilities are liaising with our corporate partners, procuring pieces for our collections, and arranging logistics for artworks and artifacts. Some of the most successful exhibits I contributed to include Kirishitan: Clandestine Artifacts from the Christian Far East (Summer 2017), The Santa Clara: 17th Century Precious Cargo from the Galleon Trade (Spring 2018), and Manilenyo/Madrileño: The Art of the Ilustrado (Summer 2018).

As a full-time arts student, I have discovered within me a deep passion for the arts and a desire to use these as platform for learning and remembering. My commitment to this ideal has compelled me to acquire and develop competencies in managing projects, all with the aim of translating the act of viewing art into an educative, enriching, and ultimately fulfilling experience for everyone. I am creative, driven, and proficient, and I am able to efficiently work on my own and in collaboration with others.

My knowledge, skills, and experience have enabled me to contribute to numerous projects, and now I seek to further my competencies as an intern in your renowned institution. I look forward to meeting with you to further discuss the internship and my qualifications. Attached are my resume and portfolio. Thank you for your time.


Tracy Martell

Attachments: Resume, References, Portfolio

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Cover letters will be your way to create a good impression, so make sure that your purpose is clear. Do not play with a lot of words and avoid glorifying the company you are applying to so much because it will give them a hint of insincerity. Instead, focus on persuading the company why you deserve the chance to learn from them. Finally, do not forget to proofread your work. A single mistake in spelling or glaring error in grammar can lessen your chance of acquiring the position. To avoid this, the best option is to get professional writers to proofread as well as improve not only your cover letter but your resume or curriculum vitae too. Have a chat with us anytime!

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