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Part of knowing how to write a business letter is knowing how to write a cover letter . After all, a cover letter is a widely used document in formal communication. While a cover letter is most associated with job or school applications, it is important to note that it can be used for other reasons, one of which is for presenting grant proposals.

The purpose of a cover letter for a grant proposal is two-fold. First, it introduces the grant proposal itself and, if necessary, the organization that requests funding. Second, the cover letter presents the most salient details of the project for which the funding is being requested. The cover letter should be as clear and direct as the grant proposal itself. In fact, it should explicitly state the project’s purpose as well as adequate information in order to persuade a grantor to support the project. Take a look at this example of a cover letter for a grant proposal.


Laura Rodrigues Gracia

Executive Director | Brighter Future | 222-317-2020

4 April 2021

Michael Schuttler

Vice President

Price-Von Urff Foundation

44 Salman Street

New York, NY 10258


Dear Mr. Shuttler:

Brighter Future is pleased to present this proposal for your perusal. For many years Brighter Future and the Price-Von Urff Foundation have collaborated to deliver learning resources to some of the remotest places in the globe. To mark our 25 th anniversary, we are launching a new program titled the River Bridge Project which aims to bring computers, internet sticks, and printers to children living in distant communities.

The lack of access to educational materials is one of the most significant barriers facing schools in distant regions. In particular, these schools are missing out on the wealth of resources that internet-connected computers offer. Providing these tools to schools will not only vastly expand students’ access to knowledge but will also ease the workload of teachers who serve these communities.

During the past year, the River Bridge Project has worked with local governments in Central and South America and has identified 77 localities as beneficiaries of this project. The computers, internet sticks, and printers have been generously provided by our partners in the electronic and telecommunications industries including Global Telecom and Horizons Computers. Now, our efforts are geared towards gathering the funding for delivering the packages to their destinations. Our proposal requests $88,314 in funding that will be allocated to securing the logistics of this undertaking.

We at Brighter Future convey our deepest gratitude for the invaluable support you have provided us since our organization’s inception. As we expand our operations and reach out to more children, we trust that you will remain a key part in bringing our programs to fruition. Thank you on behalf of Brighter Future and all the communities we serve.


Laura Rodrigues Gracia

Executive Director

Brighter Future

22 Orateur Avenue

New York, NY 11593

Qualities of a Good Cover Letter

As mentioned earlier, a grant proposal cover letter should be straight to the point. But this quality is not exclusive to a grant proposal letter. In fact, all cover letters should avoid being wordy. As this sample cover letter for a job application and this sample cover letter for admission to a master’s degree show, formal letters should be concise. So, how do you write a concise cover letter? Some tips are discussed below.

First, make sure you limit the length of the cover letter, no matter the purpose, to one page including the details of the recipient and sender. Understand that while you need to provide enough information for your reader, repeating the content of the actual grant proposal or project document is not a good strategy. It will also make the letter longer, thus more challenging to cut short later on.

Second, avoid using "big words" just to impress. While your aim is to nudge a little bit of empathy, you wouldn't want to have your reader reach for a dictionary. Write simply and sincerely. Do not use flowery words or jargon. Assume that your reader is smart but unfamiliar with the technical details of your sector or project. As this sample cover letter for internship program shows, your language needs to be precise. Just because a word sounds nice doesn’t mean it should be used.

Finally, always edit the letter at least twice before sending it. Writing a cover letter follows the fundamental writing process, which means the latter part should be spent refining and polishing the letter. Unless you are a very seasoned writer, chances are your draft will have a lot of room for improvement. This includes trimming down unnecessary words. If you can say the same thing using fewer words, then do so. Put yourself in your reader’s position and eliminate words that do not add anything of value to the letter. 

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