Understanding the Roles of Advertising and Marketing

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It is essential to point out that marketing food products is often considered to be a way that different firms persuade consumers to purchase their food or products. Consequently, advertisements are everywhere and are composed of a variety of pictures that are meant to appeal to different individuals in a competitive business environment. In this light, the advertisement I chose to critique was a Pepsi Can Soda advertisement. Notably, the advertisement consists of logos, pathos, imagery, as well as ethos that appeal to particular consumers, all of which are presented in a semiotic style. 

Firstly, semiotics is the overall study of signs as well as their use. In this light, signs mean not only words but also objects, images, and sounds. Notably, Ads are all about signs as advertisers intend to turn their products into a more positive sign that a customer would buy. Consequently, Pepsi has many signs such as the image of an American rapper, Nicki Minaj holding a microphone. Considering Nicki Minaj’s popularity, conventional beauty, as well as trendy clothing, her image signifies everything cool, young, and fashionable. Moreover, the picture of Pepsi can have similar colors to the original Pepsi which is a popular color scheme among its users across the world. Notably, the color scheme is designed to attract people’s attention, because customers are familiar with the brand as well as the previous advertisements.  Additionally, the Ad has the slogan “Live for Now” representing teenage Vogue, therefore, painting a picture of modern society. Although many people might find the slogan “Live for Now” offensive, the imagery included in this advertisement attracts consumers. Next to the Pepsi can is a picture of children playing in the mud. In this light, Pepsi intends to appeal to its consumers suggesting that individuals of all age groups could enjoy the soda.    

Secondly, the issue of gender is a contemporary topic that has a long history in society. In this light, advertisers are taking into consideration gender balance in their ads to promote equality yet persuading their consumers to purchase their products. Consequently, the topic of gender balance is well addressed in the advertisement that I chose. For instance, Pepsi used pictures of a female blowing up bubbles, Nicki Minaj, as well as girls playing alongside their male counterparts. On the other hand, the ad represents the male gender in equal measure by using a photo of basketball players and boys playing in the mud. Therefore, the aspect of gender is taken in high regard in this advertisement, sending a message that Pepsi is a company that promotes equality in society. This advertisement, therefore, reveals the issue of gender disparity in American society and the way different firms have tried to create a balance between male and female genders in societal settings.

Furthermore, advertisements in contemporary society are created to appeal to a specific societal setting. For instance, the aspect of populism versus elitism has been a contested topic in the competitive market. Notably, populism is regarded to be a political approach that is intended to appeal to ordinary individuals who often feel that their concerns are disregarded in established and elite groups. To make sure that there is a balance between populism and elitism, Pepsi used a picture of teenagers playing in the mud symbolizing a group of people who are from a lowly group or populism society. On the other hand, the aspect of elitism is well represented in the advertisement through the use of a picture of Nicki Minaj who is an established personality. 

Lastly, the commodification of desires has been a trend in the advertising industry with different firms trying to appeal to a variety of consumers across the world. Notably, the capitalist is often under control over the overall construct of sexuality in society. In this light, it allows for an intense commodification of desires as well as sexualized bodies. In the advertisement that I chose, the commodification of desire has been covered to a great extent such as the use of Nicki Minaj’s face. Consequently, Pepsi uses this construction as a site to extract exploitation. In this light, bodies or faces are popularly created and are further associated with pleasure as well as control.  Essentially, this trend allows Pepsi to associate their can soda with the objectified bodies as the main symbol of desirability. This becomes an avenue through which power such as money as well as social capital is exchanged particularly for bodies as a unique vessel infused with desirability. 

In a nutshell, advertisements are a means of communication that is meant to appeal to a particular consumer in a marketplace. Notably, advertisements often use imageries, logos, pathos, as well as ethos to attract the attention of customers. In this light, the advertisement at hand appeal to its consumers by using pictures such as that of Nicki Minaj to increase the Market value of Pepsi can soda. Consequently, Pepsi did an excellent job in this advertisement as it appeals to individuals on various levels; therefore, persuading consumers to buy the soda. 

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