Article Review on James Clear's How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It

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An article review summarizes and evaluates an already existing or published article by another individual who is most likely to be a professional in that field of study. An article review may be a critical review or a  literature review . In an article review, there is no need to research more on the topic – unless your background on the article’s topic is lacking – because the goal is to understand the central theme and arguments presented in the article to be reviewed. This article presents a full example of an article review on the article How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It written by James Clear.


In one of his articles, James Clear shared that no one is exempt from feeling demotivated. That at some point, a person experiences motivational challenges that are difficult to overcome. Because he himself experienced feeling demotivated at an early age during the time when he was still an athlete at his university, he devised a plan that will help him overcome the moments when he does not have enough motivation to face the day.

In his scientifically proven motivational tip, he teaches other people how to prep themselves in order to manage to do what they have to for that day. He came up with three steps to help other people develop their own routines that they can do to help them perform their tasks well. This article review will also discuss how the article is beneficial for building a new motivation-centered habit, the article’s gap, and recommendations for future research to be done in connection to this article.


James Clear’s How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It  article published on his website tells the story of the moments in his life when he did not feel motivated. When his energy and emotions simply cannot sustain him through the day, he thought of something that may help him achieve his goals and finish his set tasks. He recognizes that these motivational fluctuations are normally felt by a person but refuses to let these challenges hinder him and other people from performing their tasks well. This article is for those who want to learn  how to be and how to stay motivated.

As an introduction, James Clear made an example of his own experience as a baseball athlete. He noted that years before he was recognized as the top male athlete in his university, he experienced being cut from his own baseball team when he was in high school. His play in baseball definitely improved because of his training and the people he met along the way, but that was not all that helped him become a great baseball player. He owed his success in baseball to the way he decided to do something that will help him perform well in his matches regardless of whether he had his head in the game or not.

Early on, he noticed that baseball is a lot like life because there are moments when a person just does not feel up to the task of doing important things, but it still has to be done. With so many baseball matches in a year, it is unavoidable for an athlete to feel exhausted and would prefer to rest over playing another game. The same goes for businessmen and their meetings and celebrities and their shoots. Like baseball, there are moments when the going gets tough and is particularly difficult to deal with. Being uninspired and demotivated can be overcome – or at least disregarded during the first few steps of the routine. Doing so is not impossible and even if a person is feeling out of it for the day, there is a way to boost their energy and motivation and help them finish their tasks.

To make this happen, James Clear developed what he called the pre-game routine which is something that he does to get him in the correct mental state to bring back his motivation and help him perform well. The pre-game routine ensures that he is in the right state of mind before he does his task thus increasing his chance of success. The pre-game routine is used to overcome the motivational challenge that the person is currently facing and will consequently help that individual perform the important task at hand well. The first step that needs to be done when developing an individual’s own pre-game routine is to pick a task that is so simple and easy that it is impossible to decline to do it. This may come in the form of filling up a water bottle, turning on your computer, picking up a pen, or taking a bath.

In the first step, he notes that the most important thing in this routine is to get started. It does not matter whether or not a person is feeling motivated when the pre-game routine began because all the person needs is to start moving. Then that simple task should build up towards a physical task that corresponds to what the task at hand actually is. This may be preparing workout clothes, opening needed applications, putting notes and notebooks on the desk, and dressing up. In the second step, the important thing for the individual to do is to keep himself moving and not let himself be static. Physical movements lead to the build-up of energy and thus amass a passable amount of motivation as the person goes through the pre-game routine. The last thing that should be done in the pre-game routine is to do the same thing every single time. Doing the same exact thing every time forces a habit to form.

The purpose of this is to make sure that a person gets by even on the hardest days because all he needs to do is to stick to the pre-game routine he created. As time goes by, a person only needs to start the pre-game routine even if he has no motivation at all that day because his mind is wired to do so. Aside from that, having a pre-game routine makes it easier for a person’s mind because there is no need to think about what to do to get himself motivated: he already has a pre-game routine to follow. Before ending his article, James Clear says that a person can break through any limitation he has set for himself. In this case, he could not perform well because he is not feeling motivated. Sticking to the pre-game routine reinforces the habit that has been formed and makes sure that a person is still able to perform well no matter how he is feeling that day. Building habits like this helps an individual overcome motivational challenges and paves the way toward greater things even on not-so-good days.


James Clear’s article is well-written as it presented the ideas and pieces of advice clearly. The article has been written in a way that would stimulate people to move and start their day. After reading the article, the reader would not have to worry that he will not be able to perform well if he has low energy or motivation for the day as he can rest assured that he can rely on a few simple steps to help trigger the energy and motivation he needs in the middle of the pre-game routine.

It has provided a strategy to get motivated in an uncomplicated manner which definitely help him present his argument flawlessly. The pre-game routine and why it should be done is foolproof as no one can really say no to doing it because it is very easy. Furthermore, the arrangement of the text is logical and does not risk the readers losing focus and interest in the article.

This article may be well-written, but there is an undeniable gap in how James Clear failed to address the people who are experiencing a lack of motivation for an extended period. Will this strategy also work for them? Aside from that, James Clear forgot to mention how long it will take for this strategy to take effect. He did note that one needs to do the pre-game routine even on days when motivation is at its peak so that the habit will stick. But for this particular habit, will it take only 21 days to build a strong habit or will this take longer?

Apart from being gaps in the article, these two are recommended by the writer to be further studied or included in the article or future articles. It is already an effective article but the argument or strategy needs to be backed up by quantitative figures so as to assure more people that the pre-game routine will indeed work for them no matter how much they are struggling to be motivated.

This article review shows approval of the article How to Get Motivated When You Don’t Feel Like It because of the reasons stated above. If an individual religiously follows the advice presented in this article, there is no doubt that that individual will perform well in his task for the day. Again, it will not matter if a person has the motivation or not, one only needs to start with a very simple task and do it religiously until it becomes an unconscious habit that signals your brain to be motivated.

This simple pre-game routine can also be helpful for students when they do not have the energy to  make an effective PowerPoint Presentation for a class like writing an assignment and other academic papers and working their way through college . However, there are still days when a person simply could not find and sustain the energy that is needed in order to function well.

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