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Writing an article review is no easy work, most especially in a short period of time. In most cases, students are tasked to write papers based on scientific topics on various areas and deals with difficult concepts. Unfortunately, teachers set incredibly high requirements for the students now, which adds to already existing stress. You find yourself already concerned with dealing with the actual subject, combined with the many other subjects you have to pass, and now you’re asked to review an article. There are also a lot of difficulties that may come into play, and not just the pressure due to the heavy workload. Perhaps the teacher gave the task with such short notice, and that hurrying to complete it might mean compromising quality - which will you choose, then? The topic can also be too complicated to be completed, or you have yet to experience writing such papers. Perhaps you’re dealing with health problems or unforeseen circumstances. There are plenty of things to consider, so when a student finds herself unable to be equal to the task, she seeks for article review help and entrusts the responsibility to a professional writer – and you should, too.

What is article review writing? 

An article review means to write a critical review of an article, which actually involves a systematic approach of examining strengths and weaknesses of the article. Doing this will help you evaluate the validity of the research results. A good article review requires gathering of complete information, assessment of data reliability, examining methods and procedures, and so forth. This entire process is taken from the general principles of evaluating scientific research, as well as the methodological criteria.

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What are the subjects of an article review?

An article can be a piece or an excerpt of a collective write-up or simply a solitary article. Most article reviews are focused on research articles. Learning how to write an analysis of a research article is the most common part of English lesson plans as reading comprehension is a significant skill. When writing a review, you may choose which aspect you wish to analyze:

  • Strengths and Weaknesses. You can focus your review on the strengths and weaknesses of the article. For instance, you may encounter a question while reading the article which you think the write-up was not able to address, or you may cite the good points of the article by enumerating the key information it presented. By looking at an article’s strengths and weaknesses you can determine its value to the realm it belongs to.
  • Research Methods. You can also review the research methods used in a research article and evaluate its efficiency. You can make commendations or recommendations for other and future researchers. You can also make suggestions, for instance, what research method might yield better results.

The parts of an article review

What are the parts of an article review?

A well-laid article critique generally consists of the following parts:

1. Bibliographic Details. In most instances, you do not need a separate page for this. However, make sure that you indicate all the bibliographic details of the article you are reviewing: title, author, date of publication, source of the article, page numbers, and other details which your academic style calls for. Note that every academic style requires a different format or order of writing of these details. So, the best thing to do is to familiarize yourself first with your observed academic style. Here are CustomEssayMeister’s quick guide on academic styles:

2. Summary of Content. Depending on your course requirements, you may not need to include this section in your review. However, it is still a good idea to assume that your reader is not aware of the key content of the article you are reviewing. It is always better to begin with a quick overview on the premise of the article under review. It has to be straightforward and as simple as possible because you need to make sure that you and your readers are on the same page before you can proceed with the actual review. As a rule of thumb, you need to cite at least these three key points in your summary: First, the background of the study (what is it about?). Second, explain the rationale of the study (what is the purpose?). Third, the result (were the goals achieved?).

3. Review. This is the most important part of an article review. If you have room to discuss your review point by point, then proceed with using subheadings in order to present an organized article review. For instance, you chose to review the research methods of a research article, you may use each method as your subheading. This will serve as the body of your paper, so be as thorough as possible. One trick you will find highly useful is leaving out details which you have shared under the summary of content, however, check first if that information was indeed presented to the reader already. Make sure that your paper is cohesive and the details are complementing each other.

4. Findings. Make sure that you conclude your analysis with a concrete thought. Do you recommend the article? For who? How can the article help other researchers like you? Is there anything that the future researchers can improve upon?

5. Suggested Readings. If you are not limited to the traditional elements of an article review, you can also recommend a few readings for other readers to check out before or after reading to complement your subject article.

How to write an article review?

What makes a good article review?

What makes a good review article?

Here are a few tips we can share to you that will surely help you in learning how to write an article review:

  • Understand the article. It is not enough to read and just skim through the article regardless how limited your time is. You can only provide an excellent article review if you understood the article you are reviewing and if your questions are valid, meaning, questions that the article failed to address instead of questions because you simply failed to understand a few points.
  • Read it again. If on the first read, you think you already understand the article - you are wrong. Read it again, and this time, use a highlighter or take down notes. Which ideas are great, which parts are a little questionable? Act like you are a surgeon and the article is on your operating table. You need to inform yourself about the nooks and crannies of the article before you can lay out a review.
  • Find the answer. If at some point, you realized that something is vague for you - find the answer. How? Read it again. If upon reading, you still do not have an answer to your question, then you may consider that as another point to discuss in your review.
  • Familiarize yourself with the topic. Under the same vein as understanding the subject article, you need to be equipped with at least the basic ideas about the article's topic in order for you to understand it.
  • Find the gaps. Discuss any gaps, inconsistencies, or contradictions within the article you are reviewing but do not focus on those. You also need to present the positive aspects of the article. Keep it balanced and free of bias.
  • Acquire professional help. If time is not in your favor, the best option is to trust a professional writer to handle your article review. Find a trustworthy website that gives you a reasonable turnaround time at a very affordable price. In any case, it will still be your idea and instructions that will be followed if you choose to get a customized article review.

Sample Article Review Template

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