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Alex Ponomarenko
Jul 15, 2019

Before you write a research paper, you first need to select what you want to write about. Many factors of your essay will depend on the topic you selected—your thesis statement, the extent of research you need to conduct, the sources you use, and the structure of your paper. A poorly selected topic may prove difficult to handle or may be too easy for your academic level. Here, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting technology research paper topics and give you some suggestions and inspiration for interesting technology topics.

Why Choosing a Good Topic Is Key to a Great Essay?

When assigned to write a research paper, you are likely to encounter two scenarios. The first one is when your professor assigns a topic for you to write on. These are usually subject matters that are relevant to the course and are related to one or two learning objectives. Some students prefer this option because it guarantees that the paper’s topic is good and reveals what the professor is expecting. However, this can be quite limiting for some students. The second scenario is when the professor does not assign any for the students. This puts the responsibility of finding a good topic on the student, which can be quite a daunting task for students who do not have much experience writing papers.

Your research topic is a major factor in determining the success of your academic paper. If your focus is too broad, you may not be able to present quality research. Meanwhile, if your focus is too technical for your level, it may become overwhelming to write and you may not be able to present a good quality paper. Papers on technology are notorious for such faults, so you should be careful when selecting a topic about technology for research papers.

Choosing the right topic is the first step toward writing a successful paper. Believe it or not, a “good” topic is not pulled out of thin air. It is developed from a rigorous brainstorming and research process.

What Factors Make a Topic Good?

You may have been encouraged to write a research paper about a subject that interests you. This is a good starting point because you are likely to be familiar with the topic and know where to start your research. However, this is not the only factor for what makes a topic good. What are these factors?

  • It should meet the requirements of your assignment. Research papers may fulfill different purposes. Clarify in your syllabus or with your professor what the purpose of your paper should be and, if you’re unsure, whether your chosen topic meets the said requirements.
  • Interesting and relevant. More than being interesting, your research paper topics should be relevant either to current society or to your class. More often than not, making the focus of your essay relevant is a matter of angle or perspective.
  • It should be somewhat unique or creative.  A lot of technology essay topics have been done over and over again that it’s almost impossible to write a unique angle on it.
  • The scope of the topic.  You should consider your academic level, the time allotted to write your essay, and the length of your paper when selecting what to write about.

These are the factors that you should consider when choosing what to write about in your essay. In the next section, we will discuss these factors in more detail.

What is a good topic?

When choosing your technology topic, ask yourself if it meets these requirements. Remember that the frame or perspective of a research question could turn a potentially boring topic into a good one for a research paper. Here are the characteristics of a good research topic:

  • Meets the requirements of the assignment. During the selection process, you should consider the learning objectives and the intended purpose of the assignment. Are you required to review empirical literature, compare and contrast, or conduct an in-depth analysis? Ask yourself if your focus will allow you to meet these requirements.
  • Interesting.  The focus of your paper should be interesting for you. You should be willing to spend hours reading about this subject matter. If you are passionate about the focus of your essay, then all the better.
  • Relevant. When you are selecting the focus of your paper, you should consider its relevance to the class or course and to the current time. A good thing to consider is whether your focus would add value to current readers’ lives apart from adding to their knowledge.
  • Unique and creative angle. The need to write about a unique subject matter is imperative for postgraduate students writing their thesis or dissertation. For research papers, however, it is not required to look into research gaps. Instead, you need to find an issue or problem that has not been exhausted. You should also consider if you are presenting a new angle or perspective on the matter.
  • Not too broad, not too narrow in scope. The scope of your research paper should be narrow enough for the length of your paper and the professor’s expectations. Gauge if you will be able to discuss everything you need within the prescribed number of pages or if you can substantially fill in the required number of pages with your chosen focus. You don’t want to write on a topic about an extremely technical aspect of genetic engineering, for example, for a 3-page paper for a freshman-level biology class. Be realistic about the scope of your research paper.

Does your technology research topic meet these requirements? Perhaps it only needs a few tweaks to be transformed from ‘meh’ to great. If you’re still unsure, let our  professional writers look into your topic and refine it as necessary.

Checklist for choosing a good essay topic

Much like writing a paper, choosing a good essay topic involves a process. Following this process should help you find good technology related topics for your academic paper efficiently.

  1. Understand the instructions . Do not just dive into researching topics for your research papers. Take the time to read the instructions and truly understand what the assignment is about. You may opt to write down a summary of the requirements so that you don’t lose track of them.
  2. Browsing and brainstorming . Look into your syllabus, your reading materials, as well as publications related to the subject area you are writing about. You may also utilize Google Scholar and Google News to find the most relevant discussions in technology at the moment. Observe what current articles are about and write down the ones you find most interesting. These may also serve as your sources later on, so be sure to  evaluate your sources.
  3. Background research . Once you have selected your potential topics, start reading more about them. Reading more about each focus will help you gauge which ones you can handle best and develop good research questions. Once you know more about these topics, you may decide what you want your paper to focus on.
  4. Narrowing down your focus . After you have settled on your broad topic, it is time to narrow down its focus. A good way to do this is by brainstorming through a word map wherein you write down all concepts or ideas related to your main topic. You can choose your focus from there.
  5. Develop your research question . Using information from your preliminary research, start constructing research questions about the technology topic you chose. Your research question will determine your approach to the subject matter, so remember the requirements of your assignment.
  6. Conduct further research . With your research question constructed, conduct further, more targeted research. This will help you determine if you will be able to address your research question. If you find that the research question is too broad or too difficult, you may tweak it by returning to your word map.

After these six steps, you are done with your topic selection. You may continue with writing the thesis statement or await your professor’s approval. Check out the next steps after topic selection for  writing a research paper.

Technology Research Paper Topics

Here are starter ideas for your paper on technology. You will find a wide range of topics here, from internet research topics to more technical ones like genetic engineering and information technology research topics.

Technology in General

  • The most important technological development in the 21st century
  • How has online education shaped the way children learn?
  • Data privacy implications of Internet censorship
  • The future of Internet of Things
  • Influence of technology on mental health
  • The dangers of social media addiction
  • Impact of social media on politics
  • Why we haven’t shifted to solar energy yet
  • Are bioplastics better for the environment?
  • How bad is climate change at the moment?
  • Children’s use of technology
  • Comparison of bio-diesel cars and electric cars 

Reproductive Technologies

  • The ethics of offspring selection
  • Savior siblings: ethical or unethical?
  • The effectiveness of various reproductive technologies
  • Risks associated with assisted reproductive technology
  • How genetic testing can improve health
  • Fertility preservation techniques
  • Is genetic selection playing god?
  • Should reproduction technologies be regulated?
  • Use of bone marrow to determine fertility
  • Causes and cures for infertility

Health Technologies

  • The impact of telehealth on healthcare delivery
  • The rise of robotic surgery
  • Organic food versus genetically-modified food
  • Applications of augmented reality in medicine
  • Can wearable technologies improve healthcare
  • Vaccine development, testing, and regulation
  • Can electronic prescribing prevent drug misuse?
  • Pros and cons of medical RFID
  • Data privacy and security in telemedicine
  • Challenges in phenotypic screening in drug discovery

Genetic Engineering Technologies

  • Pros and cons of identity chip implants
  • Consequences of GMO for biodiversity
  • Should genetic engineering be used to save endangered species?
  • Micro-packaging as the future of packaging technology
  • Pros and cons of water-soluble packaging
  • CRISPR: Opportunities and limitations for cancer treatment
  • The influence of genetics on sexuality
  • The importance of stem cell research
  • Stem cell therapy for autism: Real or false hope
  • Ethical issues surrounding use of stem cell therapy for autism
  • Regenerating human limbs: will it be a reality in our lifetime?

Computer Science and Robotics

  • Are self-driven cars safe
  • Advantages and disadvantages of smart cities
  • Pros and cons of industrial automation
  • The future of business with IOT
  • How Artificial Intelligence can fight  misinformation in the internet age
  • Pros and cons of using AI for crime forecasting
  • Racism and Artificial Intelligence
  • Are there any implications on the global economy brought about by globalization through technology?
  • Do digital tools truly instigate productivity?
  • Who has the right to information on genetic testing? Should healthcare companies and employers be given access to that information or should they remain confidential?
  • Pros and cons of cloud storage
  • How can computer programmers be able to protect a device, especially with the rise of open-source?
  • Can big data and bioinformatics affect biology?
  • Can virtualization trigger change in entertainment?

War Technology

  • Risks and opportunities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • How AI can change modern warfare
  • Uses of Augmented Reality to military training
  • Evolution of war technology
  • Recent advances in bioweapons and their implications
  • War technology and international relations
  • The roles and limitations of technology in counterinsurgency efforts
  • Technologies that transformed warfare
  • The threat of nuclear weapons in the 21st century

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