Everything You Need To Know About Sorority Recruitment

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Alex Ponomarenko
Sep 17, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Sorority Recruitment

Many women have been waiting for a chance to get into a sorority since they first heard about it probably in middle or high school, and it can be unnerving for those unprepared. Some may get the chance to be admitted easier if they are a sorority legacy, but others have to work extra hard to prove they are more than worthy of getting in. Sorority alumnae consider their sorority days to be the most memorable part of their college years. It is something they can look back to and bond over with fellow sorority members.

Every year sorority houses look to recruit more university undergraduate women to join them through a process called sorority recruitment – also known as rush. Potential new members (PNMs) will go through rounds of events to see if they will be fit to join the university’s chapter of a national sorority. Each university has a different recruitment process, and this guide will give you a slight glimpse and ideas on what to expect throughout the process. There are four rounds to sorority recruitment. What you wear, say, and do will be closely monitored by the sorority recruiters, so be cautious throughout the whole process. Sororities can be very particular about the character of the women they recruit.

Sorority Recruitment

Round #1 – Open House

There will be a guide called the Rho Gamma, who are sorority members who have disaffiliated with their house to provide unbiased opinions about each house, and they will walk you through this round. Take this time to take in as much information about the houses you want to join. There will be other sorority members to discuss their houses briefly. Be honest with what you share with them and do not overthink your answers when they ask you questions about yourself.

Round #2 – House tour

In this round, you might have already cut some house or they have cut you, meaning you will visit fewer houses and will be able to focus on the house in your specific selection. Sorority members will give you a tour of the house, and it usually lasts up to 40 minutes. They will explain their house with more depth and maybe discuss the chapter’s national and local philanthropies. Assess their house and the members’ camaraderie, see if it’s something you see yourself in.

Round #3 – Skit or philanthropy round

Depending on the school, round three can be the skit or philanthropy round. If it is the skit round, you will speak with sorority members before watching their talented members perform a skit – often embellished with pop culture references. You will be able to gauge the personality of each house in this round, and you will see where you can be most comfortable.

In the philanthropy round, most PNMs are invited back to the house where recruiters will discuss the values the sorority aligns with. Make sure you assess if the philanthropic events of the house are something you are interested in or see yourself doing.  

Round #4 – Preference

This round will be the most serious round of the whole recruitment process. PNMs will speak to one sorority member. You will be able to hear presentations from a sorority senior discussing what the house means to them. After this round, you are expected to choose which sorority you want to join.

What to do before, during, and after sorority recruitments

  1. Outfits are important. Your wardrobe  will be the first point of judgment for recruiters. They will be evaluating you from head-to-toe, so be on your best appearance. It’s advised that you should wear clothes you would wear to a brunch with your friend’s parents, so that means no excessive cleavage, short shorts or skirts, or anything too flashy like big jewelry. Your appearance will weigh in on first impressions, so make sure you also put on a confident smile and a great posture.
  2. Research about the house you are applying for.  It is good to be ahead of it all and not just idly waiting for all the information to drop on you as it goes. Do a quick research about the sorority house, their values, and philanthropy to know if you can see yourself with them. It will also impress the sorority girls if you showcase knowledge about the house you are applying for.
  3. Keep your social media clean. The sorority will be observing your social media accounts to get a glimpse of you and your interests or character. Regardless of whether your accounts are private or not, they will find a way to get even a slight peak. Make sure everything in your social media is in check and there won’t be anything to jeopardize your chances of getting into a sorority. If you can, fill your social media accounts with photos of you extra-curricular activities or volunteer opportunities.
  4. Talk about your interests. Build yourself up to the sorority members you engage with during the recruitment process. Let them know about your interests and hobbies, and keep them intrigued by your skills and abilities. Sell yourself off as unique and someone who they would be lucky to have.
  5. Be yourself.  If you think like you are behaving in a manner that pleases them, but is untrue to your personality then you should dial it down. It can be a bit hazy when you are surrounded by people who seem like they want you to join them. However, it is important to be true to your character and display yourself to them as you are and not what they want you to be. Chances are you will get the right house for you if you just be yourself in the whole process.
  6. Do not talk about drinking, boys, and wild parties. Having a good time at parties is not wrong, but the do's and dont's of sorority date parties are not information that recruiters would share to you outright. Again, sorority houses are very keen on recruiting women for their character; your blackout or the boy you woke up next to is not something they want to know about you.
  7. It’s okay to drop the process. If you think the house is not for you or that you do not want to be in a sorority anymore, then it’s fine to step back and just drop the recruitment process. You'll know immediately that the sorority life is not for you when you're given a full view of what they do. Often it will interfere with your academic life if you lack the capacity to juggle the sorority life with term papers and coursework  you need to finish. The recruitment process is not meant to be final and they do not require you to finish it all the way through. Just let the recruiters know that you changed your mind and they will most likely understand. 
  8. Take time to decide which sorority you like. If you get bids, do not feel pressured to take on the bid immediately. Take your time to decide and assess which house you connect with, and make sure you made an informed decision when you finally choose your sorority.

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