Stranger Things 3: What We Know So Far

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Jun 21, 2019

Fans went berserk as Netflix dropped the final trailer for Stranger Things 3 , reaching half a million views in just over three hours upon release. The internet is overflowing with countless reactions, all of which scream one thing: we need Stranger Things NOW ! Bad news is, we all have to keep waiting patiently for the 4th of July . Good news? It is only just two weeks away now, so buckle up and hang tight. Much of the discussions surrounding Stranger Things 3 have been fueled by fan theories and speculations. The newly released trailer just confirmed what we’ve been fearing, though, along with what the rest of the season has in store for us. Here are what we know so far about our upcoming trip back to little town of Hawkins, Indiana:

Mind Flayer Is Here

" You let us in. Now you have to let us stay. We're going to end you. We're going to end your friends. We're going to end everyone ." The trailer centers around those lines, which viewers can only assume to be the Mind Flayer speaking. Now, whoever gave the Mind Flayer the ability to speak is anyone’s guess, but people are convinced now that it is Billy after possession (We will get into detail later). Eleven is then seen trying to understand why  it is still terrorizing Hawkins, as she has given her all last season to close the portal. Will has the answer, though, quite adamant about the fact that they locked the Mind Flayer in their world instead of keeping him out. In any case, the trailer just confirmed that Stranger Things 3 indeed features the ominous Mind Flayer, strengthened by new tricks up his shadowy sleeves. More so, it is angry and out for blood.

Puppet Host Billy

The trailer says it all – what we know so far is that Billy could very well be the next victim, but it seems as if his role is a couple of shades darker. We finally know that the Mind Flayer’s next target is Billy, but fans press that he will serve more than a just a vessel – he will become a puppet. The Mind Flayer certainly learned from its mistakes from the past, as now it has set out to find a stronger host, one that could actually help its plans succeed. This is further strengthened by the trailer, where a scene is shown in what seems to be an abandoned barn, and Billy has Heather the Missing Lifeguard by his feet. Could he be offering her as a sacrifice? Stranger Things 3 just keeps getting darker, huh?

Billy meeting the Mind Flayer.

The Will Byers Curse

What we know so far is that Will Byers has always been the unfortunate one – he is the very first victim of the Upside Down, and then later possessed by the Mind Flayer. All of these experiences and close calls with everything from the Upside Down certainly earn him a hearty “Bingo!” by now. The curse just won’t end, as it would seem, because the Stranger Things 3 trailer shows a lot of Will – he feels the presence of the Mind Flayer, as if connected to him. What could this mean? We will find out soon enough.

Will feeling the presence of the Mind Flayer.

We Ship Jopper

Well, there you have it. What we know so far is that Joyce and Hopper have been trying hard to suppress their feelings for each other since Season 1, and with Stranger Things 3, it can finally happen. The trailer shows the couple in the carnival fair, perhaps on a date. That will be quickly be interrupted by a Russian spy, though but fear not – they actually get to hold hands. As the only two main adult characters in the series, this just has to happen. 

Joyce and Hopper holding hands

The End of the World

Part of Eleven’s powers is to travel through time and space, and that’s part of the list of things we know so far. The trailer, however, shows Eleven travelling beyond what we usually see. This time, it is like she has jumped into the future. Everything is red, and the Mind Flayer is dominating the world. It is the end of the world as we know it, and Stranger Things 3 will be about figuring out a way to stop that from happening. 

Eleven in the Upside Down.

We’ll Do It Together

Time to debunk the falling out theories! Our favorite gang is back, and despite all the drama surrounding their teenage lives, their friendship is as strong as ever. Mike is back with his pep talks, and they are all rallying behind Eleven for the next big battle. We have the adults on the team, as Joyce and Hopper continue to fight the Mind Flayer with the gang. Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan are in the circle, too, and it looks as if they are going to be fighting head on with the blobbed-fang-and-legs of a monster one-on-one. The trailer seems to imply that the key to their triumph is to do the fighting together – and it is true. Central to Stranger Things 3, along with the previous seasons, is the alliances and friendship. That is not going away anytime soon!

The Soviet Lab 

The theories behind the Starcourt Mall have plagued countless of websites, and parts of the trailer seem to be confirming it. What we know so far is that the Starcourt Mall is integral to the story, which was already confirmed when they released those episode titles. The Soviet Union’s lab, underneath, though, is a different story. People remain wary of the theory, but the trailer features Dustin with Steve, still in his sailor uniform, discovering a tube of luminescent green liquid. Away from the gang again, Dustin looks as if he is on a different mission. He and Steve probably went under Starcourt, and there they discovered the Soviets’ lab. That makes a lot of sense to me, and hey, it is already Stranger Things 3 – with all the unusual things happening, this is not far off!

Dustin and Steve

Starcourt Madness

Much of the trailer revolves around our heroes stuck in Starcourt Mall – the main battlefield. If you pay close attention, there are cars inside  the mall upturned, glass shards all over the floor, and neon lights going on and off. This is what the coveted Starcourt Mall of Dreams will come to, and although it is already part of what we know so far, seeing it that detailed for the first time made fans squirm and shiver. The most intense part, though, is our heroes trying desperately to avoid Stranger Things 3’s main monster. Hiding beneath tables and cars, they won’t dare make a sound, much less make any movement. The scene cuts to Dustin screaming “Code Red” through Mike’s walkie-talkie, which pertains only to the worst of things.  What could it be besides the monster already hunting them down? 

The battle of Starcourt.

Despite the trailer seemingly dropping so much plot point hints on Stranger Things 3, what we know so far does not suffice – heck, it barely even scratches the surface. Knowing this series, we are in for a ride – a rough one. For the mean time, though, try to get help from writers that can help you save your grades!

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