How To Write An Essay About Yourself

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Aug 27, 2018

K nowing how to write an essay about yourself can be a straight-up autobiography or an anecdote related to a certain theme. If you need an autobiography, it is likely that your paper will be written on a formal tone depending on your level--as all essays have varied quality, e.g. High School or College level. If it is an anecdote, of course, feel free to be creative, but be crystal clear. But, it should not be difficult. You are writing about yourself, which means that you know the subject more than anyone else. How to write an essay about yourself


It is relevant to note here that biography is different from an autobiography. Although both are write-ups regarding the life of a person or a memoir , the difference is on who the author is. If you are writing the life of a friend, it is called ‘biography’. On the other hand, when you are writing about yourself, it then becomes ‘autobiography’. As noted, this task should be easy because you know the details of your life more than anyone else – your full name, your birth date and place, your parents, your siblings, and everything else. For a start, you can mention these details as your introduction, but try not to use the cliché: “A wonderful baby was born to Jane Doe and John Doe on a cold evening in San Francisco.” Believe it or not, your teacher read that line a thousand times already. From there, you can work your way around to narrating your story , however, try to insert life lessons applicable to your story. Also, feel free to share advice on certain events that you have experienced. Do not make your autobiography a personal data sheet in essay form as this will discourage your readers to continue reading. Instead, make them think. Make them analyze your story, make them agree or disagree with your advice. Make them want to read more. Hard facts about you are not the best pieces of information you would like to add to this creative piece, save that for professional purposes.


Knowing how to write an essay about yourself does not mean that it has to be an autobiography. An anecdote is a narrative of a real incident, occasionally written in a humorous way, but definitely connected to an important message. So, if you are not required to write an autobiography, an anecdote is a perfect alternative. All you have to do is recall an important piece of knowledge, realization, a life lesson, or anything that had a great impact on you, then narrate the back story of that knowledge in any way you want to. You can use metaphors or any literary device you deem appropriate to your essay to evoke sympathy and rapport with your readers. You do not even have to reveal that it is you who you are writing about until the end of your story. You can also find a memory in which you can relate to a current social issue. Whatever it is, always remember that you are writing your own story. Knowledge of how to write an essay about yourself also gives you a chance to connect with your family, browse through old photographs, and discover the funny and embarrassing things you used to do when you were a kid. On top of that, you get the chance to spend time with them amid your schoolwork. Whatever you write about in whatever way you want, keep in mind that that essay is about you, and written by you. Take it as a little "me time", and nothing could go wrong with that.

Tips On How to Write an Essay About Yourself

  • Manage your time. All written academic papers have deadlines, and so does your essay about yourself. In fact, it may have a stricter deadline. With this in mind, it is best that you begin writing as soon as the task has been assigned. This will mean more time for you to edit and proofread your draft. Remember: having a single draft will not cut it.
  • Get your family involved in the writing process. We do not mean to ask them to write that essay about yourself for you, nor are we asking you to turn them into writing guides. Involve them by recalling stories and memories surrounding your family. Retelling personal experiences is the best way to appeal to your readers. Perhaps you could tell them about the time a family member went through a fatal sickness, or a family tradition. When you work on the essay about yourself, it is crucial that you remain authentic, genuine, and honest. So, if you discover that you have good life stories to share, feel free to write about them!
  • Find your inspiration. If you remain unaware of what your essay should be about, you have all the freedom to take inspiration from someone else. It is completely okay not to have rich and amazing experience to share with your intended audience. The most important thing is to find something that resounds to you. Consider getting inspiration from motivational books for students, magazines, blogs, and even social media.
  • Refrain from using complex words. Do not use words you are unfamiliar with. While Word can fix your grammatical mistakes for you, using words you do not know will shine through, especially since you are writing an  essay about yourself. It is completely okay to consult the thesaurus every once in a while to help make your text richer, but avoid using overly difficult words.
  • Your introduction can make or break your essay. Avoid the use of general phrases. When you write an essay about yourself, do not sound trivial. Use interesting facts to begin your paper, or if possible some data you have researched. Starting your essay with a quote can also help. Remember: your introduction is where you can grab the attention of your reader. Write it wisely.

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