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Jun 30, 2019

The most action in an online class takes place in the discussion forum. Students are typically asked to post a discussion post and respond to one or two more classmates’ discussion posts. These discussion posts have to communicate the student’s knowledge and additional insights about the week’s topic in just one page. That is very little space for so many interesting ideas.

The discussion post requires a unique set of writing skills. Unlike typical essays or research papers where students need to expand their paragraphs in order to meet the word count, in a discussion post, the goal is to compress everything you have to say in 1 page. Here is how our experts at CustomEssayMeister write discussion posts:

Tips on writing a discussion post

Know your material

Before you start with your discussion post, make sure that you have read and understood the week’s lessons. Take the time to process the information you have read, as well as how they relate to previous discussions. Reflect on how they apply to real life, to your profession. This step may seem time-consuming, but really, it helps you present an authentic reflection. 

Read the prompt, then read it again.

In connection to the first step, make sure that you read your instructor’s prompt before writing. Read it over and over and make sure you were able to interpret it correctly. This is to ensure that you will address the prompt correctly and do not miss any crucial details, such as word limit and formatting requirements.

A tip to quickly understand the prompt is to look for keywords that indicate actions that need to be done. These could be: reflect, determine a solution, compare ideas, make an argument, and such.

Start with a strong argument

You can think of your discussion post as an elevator pitch version of an argumentative essay. It should be concise and straight to the point. There is no leeway for digressing. The best way to stay focused while writing is to first establish your argument. Write it down on a piece of paper so you do not lose sight of it.

Make sure that your argument is well-written and that it addresses the question or the prompt. You can also try to find a unique perspective about the topic. Dig deeper for deeper connections; for instance, relate your current topic with previous discussions. Bringing something new to the discussion is valuable in an online setting. Once you have established your argument, your entire discussion post should revolve around it. Divide your main argument into two or three sub-arguments that can then serve as your paragraphs. If you are unable to explain your point clearly, a strong argument will be for naught.

Make use of topic sentences

Since discussion posts are short, topic sentences are your best friend. Topic sentences are the most efficient way to introduce what you will say in that paragraph. Make sure to utilize these underappreciated sentences in your discussion posts. 

Your topic sentences should also be well-crafted. It should not be too general nor too specific. It should be able to communicate the main idea that will be discussed by the paragraph. However, be careful not to include too many ideas in the topic sentence. 

Relate it to your experiences

It should not come as a surprise that demonstrating one’s knowledge or understanding of a topic is done by applying it to the real world. Sometimes, especially for post-graduate studies, application to the real world means applying it to your experiences. So, even if the prompt does not explicitly state that you need to apply it to the real world or to your own experiences, take the extra step and do it. This will demonstrate that you are able to make connections and use your knowledge practically.

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