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Jul 18, 2019

One of the most profoundly challenging stages in writing a research paper is choosing a great research paper topic. It’s quite astonishing to think that it is one of the most daunting phases in writing a research paper, considering that prerequisite to solving the “great research paper topics” dilemma is knowing how to write proficiently. Why? Because the truth is inescapable – there are so many great research paper topics that pique your interest. In the same manner, you also cannot wait to pour out your impassioned take on so many others. It also does not help that there are also other equally great research paper topics that make you take a second look, but unfortunately, your knowledge about them is rather limited, so you’re forced to abandon your plans. These are the reasons why choosing from an extensive list of great research paper topics is, at least, almost as difficult as writing a research paper itself.

In the event that skills are already a given, we nevertheless decided to spare you the arduous task of compiling great research paper topics, as well as weighing their relevance. So here you go, the best and most interesting research paper topics. Categorized accordingly, they span a vast range of subjects so you won’t ever have to toil in finding those “great research paper topics” elsewhere.

Suppose you have chosen a “great research paper topic,” it still would not hurt to take heed of our advice on what constitutes a great research paper topic, so you can ensure that you really picked the best research paper topic. When you have the time, energy, and the skill, producing an A+ research paper is all but guaranteed.

Qualities of a Great Research Topic

Qualities of a great research paper topic

Every great research paper topic possesses distinct qualities that enable them to stand alone as a separate subject. Yes, you may argue that two topics are appreciably related, but you would not want to betray the credibility of your research paper’s thesis statement by spreading yourself too thin, thus resulting in a meandering and pointless research paper. Thus, the need to focus exclusively on one topic. The following are the primary considerations when selecting the best research paper topics:

It must be something that is interesting to you

Your motivation and appetite in writing shall certainly be at their most fiery when your heart and mind are invested in the topic. You breeze through researching, your brain is overflowing with ideas, you write with relative ease, and you endure that sweet stress – you want to restrain yourself from pouring out too much, otherwise, you’re likely to produce a hundred pages instead of just ten as required. You get the picture. Rule of thumb: you must not confuse a topic that deeply interests you with a topic that is currently ‘hot’ or ‘trending.’ In short, do not be carried away by the general mood induced by a recently popular topic. A great research paper topic is something that you have been interested in for the longest time, something you are deeply passionate about, something that you cannot wait to write a research paper on.

Are there enough resources?

Assuming that you have already picked the best research paper topic to write about and now set to start writing, your enthusiasm will be useless if there isn’t sufficient sources  about the topic. This usually happens to some very specific or esoteric topics, as well as fresh or even recurring topics upon which no credible research has been conducted yet. The “easier” great research paper topics are always those that are backed up by adequate research which can serve as base in writing an authoritative research paper.

Your interest gets intensely stoked by the inclusion of the topic in the list, only to find out that there are not enough resources available. Disappointing, isn’t it? Yes, but It’s alright. That is understandable. But you have to take to heart that crafting a full-length research paper on a topic that lacks relevant research is extraordinarily difficult. Let your first strike be a lesson. Before deciding on a topic, conduct preliminary research and gauge if the information are enough to support your proposed thesis.

Does it fit your teacher’s requirements?

Restrain yourself from being swayed by lists and lists of great research paper topics online. Before you let your passion overwhelm you, think first. Is the chosen great research paper topic in line with your teacher’s requirements? If your teacher’s designated research paper topic is Hallyu or Korean Wave, it would not be a good idea to elect to write about the Korean War, but if you could find the flexibility to logically attribute the Korean Wave to the Korean War more than half a century ago, then you’re in good shape.

If, for instance, you are deeply absorbed by topics about the Olympic Games but your teacher requires your research paper topic to be about 20th century history, then it’s perfectly logical to focus on a topic that overlaps on both categories, like the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin, right in the heart of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany , or the US boycott of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow, or the Soviet-bloc boycott of the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Regardless, do not begin writing just yet. Always approach your teacher for approval of what you view as the best research paper topic. If your teacher disapproves of your topic proposal and your reasoning behind it, then you must carry on with another topic that is closer to the requirements. If your teacher gives you the nod, then you may begin.

Great Research Topics

Without further ado, here are the great research paper topics you may choose from, categorized for your convenience:

Great Research Paper Topics:


The eternal boon to humanity. Simply put, art imitates life. It could be the other way around, arguably. Still, for as long as man possesses perception, art will survive and thrive. Here are some fitting, not to mention great research paper topics:

  • Analyze the impact of Pablo Picasso has on the world of art
  • The difference between 1990s rap and 2010s rap
  • Is the media’s portrayal of minorities unfair and unreflective of the true state of racial relations?
  • Did the age of political correctness and feminism reduce sexism in music and film?
  • What are the differences between the Italian Renaissance and the Northern Renaissance?
  • What is the cultural zeitgeist of the 2010s?
  • What are the secrets of the financially successful film franchises of the 21st century?

Current events

This category should include many more than these. But by virtue of relevance, the list of great research paper topics on current events should always include these:

  • Will the Chinese government finally acknowledge the atrocities of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989?
  • From Seneca Falls to #MeToo: feminism in the last two centuries
  • Is Donald Trump’s presidency giving Americans a bad name?
  • How has US-South Korea relations been in the last 10 years?
  • Who is to take credit for the decline in unemployment rate in the United States?
  • Illegal immigration to the United States in the face of the refugee crisis: relax or tighten?
  • Rise of the Right Wing: why is nationalism gaining steam all over the world?
  • The future of Taiwan: Is China scared of war with Taiwan?
  • Why #BlackLivesMatter matters
  • Pledge of Allegiance: is it still an issue?
  • Irreligion in the United States
  • Will China overtake the United States in military might?
  • Obamacare: how has it benefited Americans?
  • US-Russia relations: are we in another Cold War?


The scope of this list is not confined to the United States alone. These great research paper topics appertain to the education systems of many other countries:

  • What are Finland’s secrets to having the best education system in the world?
  • Do middle-class students generally perform better academically than their working class counterparts?
  • The case against school uniforms: are uniforms totalitarian?
  • Do students who receive free school meals score higher on tests compared to when they are without free school meals?
  • Should same-sex schools be abolished?
  • Are students hooked on mobile gaming more likely to fail academically?
  • No Child Left Behind: is it still working?
  • Do children who attended preschool perform better academically later than those who didn’t?
  • Best country in the world (not): why is the United States lagging in terms of education quality?
  • The effect of physical education classes on students: should they be mandatory?
  • College loan spell in the US: what should the next administration do?
  • Should states be in charge of what food should be served in school cafeterias?
  • Sex education in schools: what is the most effective approach?
  • Bullying: should schools be firmer in meting disciplinary action to bullies?
  • Are public school teachers underpaid?
  • Should LGBT teachers be forced to disclose their gender to their students?


While relevant issues run aplenty, these great research paper topics deal with issues that are at the forefront of discussion in various platforms, present from daily discussions all the way to academic discourses.

  • World leader in gun-related deaths: should the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States be repealed?
  • Why is divorce still illegal in the Philippines?
  • Is affirmative action still observed in US workplaces?
  • Euthanasia: all sides of the issue
  • Should stem-cell research be discontinued in favor of the Christian objection?
  • Should prostitution be legalized in all Western countries?
  • Is the Time’s Up Movement not living up to its pledge?
  • Abortion: is Roe vs. Wade under attack?
  • Animal rights: where do we draw the line?


To say that the world powers are politically divided is sheer understatement. Hence, the most contentious issues necessitate these great research paper topics:

  • Should juvenile offenders aged 15-17 be charged and tried as adults?
  • A million Middle Eastern refugees in Germany: is this atonement for the Nazi crimes of World War II?
  • 9/11: has the United States government relaxed airport security policy of late?
  • Immigration: compare and contrast the immigration policies of the United States and Canada
  • Marijuana: should the US federal government legalize recreational use?
  • Post-Trump: Do Republicans stand a chance at winning the 2020 presidency?
  • Prisons in Sweden and Norway: what can the UK and the US learn?
  • Censorship: should governments teach citizens to discern fake news?
  • Right wing: what paved the way to the rise of chauvinism?
  • Is separation of church and state poorly observed in the United States?


Rife with issues long relevant, trending, and affecting humans every day, this category is worthy of being labelled as best research paper topics on the field.

  • Ketogenic diet: what are the disadvantages?
  • Paleo vs Keto: which one fits the 21st century office worker?
  • Universal healthcare: what the United States should learn from Scandinavian nations?
  • Is sex education enough to prevent teenage pregnancy?
  • Has the Catholic Church relaxed its stance against contraceptives in view of the HIV/AIDS epidemic?
  • Subclinical depression treatment
  • How should the opioid crisis in the US be dealt with?
  • Fast food and obesity: how strong is the correlation?
  • Mental health and suicide: are hotlines enough help?
  • Explore the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa
  • Exercise for longevity: light or heavy?
  • Anti-vaxxers: what should be done with them?
  • Is stress deadly?
  • Is Alzheimer’s disease hereditary?
  • Marijuana: should medicinal use of marijuana legalized in all progressive secular nations?
  • How to have motivation to exercise regularly
  • Dementia: how to slow down symptoms
  • Is alcoholism a disease and can it be cured?
  • Should Alcoholics Anonymous break free from their Christian leanings?


A timeless category and one that cannot have enough great research paper topics. Your choice depends on your level of interest, of course:

  • The banality of evil: what can Adolf Eichmann’s actions teach us?
  • Israelis and Palestinians: when will the conflict stop?
  • Was institutional racism present in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?
  • Leon Trotsky: what would have been had he led the Soviet Union?
  • Are the legacies of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson forever tainted because they were slave owners?
  • Could the Civil War have been prevented?
  • History of feminism: how did Seneca Falls shape feminism as we know it today?
  • Should Adolf Hitler have been stopped at Munich?
  • How did the Industrial Revolution impact the conduct of war?
  • What if the 1917 Russian Revolution had failed?
  • Did the 1979 Islamic Revolution impede Iran’s progress?
  • Roots of the Rwandan genocide
  • Sino-Japanese Wars
  • US-Soviet relations in the 21st century
  • Is Vladimir Putin’s aggression indicative of his desire to bring back the glory days of the Soviet Union?
  • How has Japan evolved from 1945 onward?
  • Militarism and World War I: Was there no other way except war?


There has been a dramatic increase in the population of non-believers, most especially in the Western world, thus necessitating the need to write about these great research paper topics:

  • Impact of Martin Luther’s Ninety-five Theses
  • The future of the Catholic Church in the face of the sexual abuse scandal
  • Is secularism key to lasting peace?
  • Is the literal interpretation of the Quran the root cause of Islamism?
  • Are Christian fundamentalists the American Taliban?
  • The coexistence of Hindus and Muslims in India
  • Have people learned from the Jonestown tragedy?
  • Buddhism in Asia: how does it influence male youths?
  • Is deism still relevant today?
  • Is religion no longer the opium of the people?
  • Is indoctrination of children child abuse?
  • The impact of Christopher Hitchens’ God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything


A field covering all aspects of human life, these are the best research paper topics in view of the most relevant issues.

  • Climate change: how has the earth’s temperature risen the past decade?
  • Tsunami: what does the future hold for the Indian Ocean countries?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of fracking
  • Flint water crisis: who’s to blame?
  • Deforestation plague in Southeast Asia: how can it stop?
  • Decreasing lion population in Africa: should the rapidly increasing African human population be blamed?
  • Coral reefs amidst global warming
  • Paris Agreement: how will US withdrawal impact the treaty?
  • Is Antarctica suffering because of climate change?
  • Is ecotourism positively affecting the environment? If yes, in what ways?
  • Should evolutionary biology be taught in schools?
  • Carl Sagan – how did he contribute to scientific thinking?
  • Is there a need to re-educate flat-earthers?


Essentially a branch of science, technology deserves an entirely different category due to its ever-expanding breadth.  These great research paper topics are borne of the pressing issues confronting 21 st century civilization:

  • Are social media-absorbed teens more prone to depression and anxiety?
  • Net neutrality: is it fair to the general population?
  • Is there a need to replace traditional notebooks with tablets and smartphones?
  • Information Age vs. Industrial Revolution
  • Self-driving vehicles: are they in the foreseeable future?
  • Nuclear holocaust: how close are we to one?
  • When is the best age for a child to begin using a smartphone?
  • Have mobile games contributed to diminished reading in teens?

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