Racism in Society: Europe and the Nazi Party

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Sep 24, 2019

This discussion is composed of various articles on racism in society particularly racism in Europe practiced by the Nazi Germany against the Jewish, the Poles, Romanis, Homosexuals, and other races outside the German race. Click on each heading to see the essays for free!

A. Aftermath of World War I - Inflammation of the Anti-Jewish Conception

The rise of Nazi Germany ironically sparked one of the darkest periods of humanity. The human brain has astonishing powers, and it took only one mind and unwavering charisma to formulate a well-planned scheme that encouraged many to destroy millions of lives.

1. The Chancellor of Germany and the Solidification of the Nazi Power

The years between 1933 and 1935 are the most crucial time periods in solidifying the influence of the Nazi Part in Germany. People believed that Adolf Hitler was indeed gearing for the strengthening of peace in the country after World War I, only to be caught off-guard when the chancellor rearmed the German military and had it marched to Rhineland accompanied with fighter planes.

2. The Euthanasia Decree

Aktion Tiergartenstrasse 4 (Aktion T4) or the Euthanasia Decree was being implemented way before its legality. The Nazi Party believes that the euthanasia decree is an act of mercy - to put an end to the lives of those who are “sick”. Horrifying and true, this decree was carried out in a way that a life highly depends on a blue dash sign or a red plus sign.

3. Jewish Marxism: The Nazi Party

Adolf Hitler led a coup to overthrow the democratic government in November of 1923. It led to several deaths and the chancellor’s arrest, but instead of gaining a negative feedback against his popularity, it became another crucial stepping stone for him to take over Germany.

B. The Nuremberg Laws and the Escape of Jews

The rise of the Nazi Party was a carefully laid out plan, and the actions against the Jews and other races was not justified overnight. The Nuremberg Laws is the legalization of separating other races from the German blood, the beginning of isolation, forced labor, starvation, and all other kinds of oppression.

1. The German Blood and German Honor

The laws said to “protect the German blood and German honor” was established in Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany. To this day, this is probably the most gruesome racial law ever established in history. This is the law that allowed the Germans to treat the Jewish like parasites in Germany.

2. “Those Days of Being a Jew: The Old, The Young, and The Weak” 

This is a creative piece - a short depiction of three minds inside the Auschwitz camp during the Holocaust era. An open-ended and simple representation of the daily life of the prisoners of the Nazi.

C. The Finale: Final Solution

“The world war is here and the annihilation of the Jews must be the necessary consequence.” - Goebbels; the world got divided between the Allied and Axis powers, and the final solution was to annihilate 11,000,000 Jews.

1. The Holocaust 

We cannot deny this - the Holocaust is the most popular genocide of all time. These are mass shootings, gassing, cremation, starvation, forced labor, and many more.

2. The Enigma, Alan Turing, and Being Gay

In light of racism and sexism, the story of Alan Turing amid this era is highly notable due to the fact that this man, a homosexual, a criminal in the eyes of primitive justice, was a significant name in aiding the end of war put up by Nazi Germany.

D. Liberation and Death Toll

Six million Jews, more or less, killed, and a few more millions of various people displaced, left with nothing but the memory of grief, lost, and horrors of surviving under the hands of the Nazi.

1. The Downfall and Death of Hitler

By 1945, the Nazi Germany has finally taken the road to downfall, and in April 30, 1945, it was reported that Adolf Hitler, along with his wife, committed suicide.

2. Struggles and Trials

The Nazi Party acted out on their own accord like they are above the law, but the law did catch up. Upon Germany’s lost to the Allied forces, one by one, the commandants and the other members of the Nazi party were hunted down to be tried for crimes against humanity.

3. The Other Victims of Nazi Germany 

The lives that the racial laws and racism put into action by the Nazi Germany did not just affect the Jewish communities all over Europe. Among them are the Poles, the Slavs, the Soviets, the Romani, the Homosexuals, the disabled, the young, the weak, and the Blacks.

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The Nazi Timeline (1933-46): Rise and Fall

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