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Sep 5, 2021

Essay writing is an important aspect of academic life. Students will constantly have to write academic documents to pass their subjects and complete their requirements. The task can be a simple narrative paper that a student can finish within an hour. Oftentimes, they will have to write a lengthy expository document that may take more than a day to accomplish. Whichever type of document a student needs, it will require them to have decent writing and analytical skills. This makes a written assignment a stressful and tedious academic task for college students.

Students having problems with academic writing have multiple options to consider. They can constantly practice their writing skills and attempt to improve. They can ask a friend with decent writing skills to write for them. They can look for online writing services and hire professional writers . Alternatively, they can find free essays online that they can use as a template or inspiration for their assignment. This last option can be better for students who want to improve their academic skills and learn more about how to write better essays.

Top Websites to Get Free Essays Online

There are many websites where students can find free essays to read and download. Most of these websites also offer various professional writing services that are perfect for students and professionals. However, since anyone can create a website, individuals need to be aware of the pages that they visit. Some websites may not be secure and downloading free essays from them can be dangerous. To make navigating to secured websites easier, here are some trusted pages that students can visit to find well-written free essays:

  • EssayPro

  • SpeedyPaper

  • PaperHelp

  • EssayMania

  • IvyPanda

  • 123HelpMe

  • FreeEssay

  • StudentShare

Best Services with Free Essay Samples

Students and other individuals can use free essays as references and guidelines for their papers. They can simply visit a website, search for a topic, and then read or download the copy. Some sites may require visitors to create an account before they can read the samples while others only require individuals to click a button to read 100% free essays.  Below is a more detailed look into these top websites that offer free essays.

1. EssayPro

EssayPro offers academic writing services on their websites. They also have a blog page where visitors can find a list of 100% free essays. The page offers samples for persuasive, expository, creative, and high-level academic documents. The samples are about various topics from personal reflections to analytical reviews. They include specific academic styles like MLA, APA , Harvard, Chicago , and IEEE. The website offers 70+ free essays that visitors can read and examine.

2. SpeedyPaper

SpeedyPaper is another writing service that provides samples to page visitors. The site has over 14,000 sample academic documents that students can read. SpeedyPaper samples include topics like advertising, anthropology, employment, environment, law, politics, religion, and more. Students looking for a specific topic will surely find a document that they can use as a reference for their academic assignment.

3. PaperHelp

PaperHelp is an online writing service that offers cheap prices that are perfect for student needs. They have sample free essays, case studies, article reviews, speeches, coursework, infographics, and capstone projects. While the website only offers 37 samples, the quality of the contents is enough for college students to understand how an academic paper should look and sound like. The samples include topics from law, psychology, history, health, and literature. This allows visitors to find specific samples that suit their needs.

4. EssayMania

EssayMania is a database for college papers, free essays, cliff notes, coursework, and reports. The website’s appearance is simplistic and some individuals may find the list of links unappealing to the eyes. However, the large number of samples greatly compensate for the visual aspect of the website. EssayMania currently has 170,000+ free essays that online visitors can read and learn from. This large number of sample documents covers several topics that an individual may need to address. There is also a list of top searched titles that can be useful for finding relevant topics.

5. IvyPanda

IvyPanda is one of the best databases that contains a wide collection of 100% free essays. The website’s appearance is cleaner and more organized than EssayMania. The sample categories include art, business, culture, design, nutrition, economics, education, entertainment, environment, family, health, history, law, linguistics, literature, philosophy, politics, psychology, religion, sciences, sociology, sports, technology, tourism, transportation, and warfare.

IvyPanda has over 75,000+ sample free essays that website visitors can view. Some of the samples highlight sections of a paper such as the introduction, body, and conclusion. These samples are helpful to students that want to learn how to properly format their academic assignments. Additionally, the website also offers writing tools such as title generators, summarizing tools, paraphrasing tools, and thesis statement generators.

6. 123HelpMe

123HelpMe offers a variety of 100% free essays on science, business, social issues, humanities, literature, and more. There are over 400,000 sample papers that visitors can choose from. The website only provides samples for essay-type documents such as argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, narrative, expository, and reflective papers. This means that students will not find research papers, dissertations, reports, and other academic writing on the page. 

The website offers writing tools that check plagiarism and grammar issues. There is also a tool that visitors can use to generate citations for their papers. They can select the citation source and provide relevant information like an author’s name, source title, publisher, and year published. This tool is helpful for students who are having difficulty with their citation formats.

7. FreeEssay

FreeEssay is another one of the best databases that provide website visitors a wide range of free essays. The website has over 500,000 sample papers that students published on the page. These include subjects like business, history, science, communication, law, politics, philosophy, sociology, technology, literature, and more. To read the complete documents, visitors must create an account on the website. Creating the account will also allow individuals to download samples and use them as references in their academic assignments.

8. StudentShare

StudentShare claims that it is the biggest database of English papers. The website offers writing services that include rewriting, editing, and proofreading. Visitors can find free essays by looking up specific topics on the search tab of the website. Individuals can simply enter a keyword like “ technology hazards ” and they will find downloadable samples on the topic. However, visitors must create an account to read and download complete papers. Similar to FreeEssay, signing up on the website is free. StudentShare also has extra tools like a GPA calculator, thesis generator, topic generator, and downloadable writing guides.

Writing Essay with Free Samples

Writing an academic paper is a common task for college students. However, this does not mean that academic task becomes easier for students as they continue submitting their assignments. Each academic writing must be unique and express the ideas of students. This makes writing any paper a tedious task that requires critical thinking and a healthy state of mind. To make academic tasks manageable, students can use free samples that they find online as references.

To use free essays as references, students should look for a sample paper that is related to their topic. For example, a student writing a persuasive paper on public attitude towards abortion should find persuasive free essays about abortion or teen pregnancy. They can then examine the sample and analyze the format and how the author organized the ideas. This trick can make any academic task simpler as students will have a cheat sheet that will provide them with the right instructions.

Students must avoid directly copying a paragraph from the sample paper. This is a form of plagiarism and will provide no benefit to the student. The samples should act as a guideline and not a source of direct content. Directly copying paragraphs will not help improve an individual’s writing and analytical skills. Doing it frequently can lead a student to lack the necessary skills they need in a professional environment.

Questions About Free Essays Online

Where to find free essays?

This article presented various websites where students and other individuals can find free essays. Aside from the pages above, individuals can simply search “free essays” on google and a list of websites will appear that provides sample papers. Some websites to take note of are CustomEssayMeister, EssayShark, and StudyMoose. Alternatively, students can look through blog sites for free essays. Some blog sites offer articles and paper samples that have better quality than regular writing services.

Are free essays good to use?

Free essays are a good source of inspiration and reference. Students can examine sample papers and compare them with their own work. They may be able to find ideas that they missed or errors in specific sections. On these accounts, sample papers are good to use.

However, if a student aims to submit or publish free essays as their own work, this can lead to serious issues. Firstly, publishing a paper that a different author made is a type of plagiarism. In academic environments, the institute will punish the student depending on their regulations. In professional fields, an employee may lose their job and the trust of their clients. For these reasons, free essays are not good to use.

Are free essays legal?

Individuals can download and read samples without the fear of it being illegal. They mainly use these samples as inspiration or reference to their own work. The authors of these papers published them for people to read and examine. The only illegal aspect related to free essays is when an individual publishes it as their own. This action has serious legal consequences which vary depending on the environment that the plagiarism occurred. Additionally, an author can take legal actions against a website that published their paper without their consent.

Academic dishonesty is a serious issue among universities. The rise of online writing assistance has made it more difficult to assess the writing ability of students. Researchers from Northern Arizona University even published three strategies that colleges can use to oversee the written assignment process. The strategies included the use of plagiarism detection tools, documentation of the writing process, and having strict or exclusive instructions for the assignments.

Are free essays high quality?

Most free essays follow proper academic formats and standards. The writers will make sure that the paper is easy to understand and can effectively inform readers about the topic. The websites that offer sample papers will provide good-quality documents. Writing services want to convert readers into clients and they do this by providing well-written sample papers. This is to show clients the quality of work that the writers can offer them. Additionally, most sample papers are topics that are easy to write and understand.

However, some websites that offer thousands of samples may have a few documents that are below academic standards. It can be difficult to filter out good papers from poorly written ones, especially if there is a high volume of documents to assess. 

What is a website that writes essays for you for free?

Writing academic documents is not an easy task. It requires analysis, critical thinking, and decent writing skills to produce good papers. This is why most writing services will charge their clients for any type of writing. Still, students may find free services but the quality of their work may be questionable. The free writing services may use plagiarized content or poorly-written papers with multiple grammatical and typographical errors.

Individuals looking for these types of services should note that the act of writing is a mental task. An online service claiming to provide free well-written academic papers may not know the value of writers. This makes their knowledge about the industry questionable and students should avoid using these types of services.

Can someone write me an essay for free?

Professional writers charge their clients depending on how many words a paper contains. In the writing industry, $10 is cheap for a 300-word paper. This makes it difficult to find writers that will write academic papers without charge. Most writers will not provide free services since writing will consume their energy and time. However, students may find promotions or discounts for writing services that will drive the price down. They can try to look for first-order promos that offer free short academic papers. Still, students should be careful and make sure that the paper they received is plagiarism-free.

What sites write papers for you?

Most of the sites that this article stated also provide writing services. They use the sample papers as marketing tools to showcase the skills and expertise of their writers. Students can then assess if the writers can meet their quality requirements. If so, students can simply navigate the sites and find the links that can lead them to buy order pages. conducted a survey among American students to identify the top choices for writing services. The results concluded that students preferred the following sites:

  • PaperHelp

  • WriteMyEssays

  • Evolution Writers

  • Expert Writing

  • Essay Assist

Who hires websites to write for them?

High school and college students are the common individuals who look for online writing assistance. Most of them have heavy workloads and not enough time to accomplish all their tasks. This leads them to look for help that they can easily find online. Research from the International Journal of Experimental Learning concluded that male business students are more likely to look for online assistance than female students. This was due to their attitude towards the academic tasks The researchers stated that students who understand the difficulty of the assignments tend to look for online assistance.

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Which essay writing website is the best?

Choosing the best writing service provider will depend on the preference of an individual. Some sites are better at writing argumentative papers than others. Others do not offer dissertation writing while some include resume writing. There is also the factor of the quality of writers available on a site. An individual may find good writers from different writing services. This may lead them to use multiple sites and only hire specific writers.

To assess if a writing service is the best for you, an individual should read through client reviews. Writing services allow their clients to rate writers and the overall service. Individuals can use this as a reference to the quality of work that the service provides. They should also check the company’s customer service. This is an important aspect to consider since hiring a writer will include constant communication. An individual may need to contact customer support if they have urgent needs or complaints.

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