How to Write a Creative Essay

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Aug 28, 2018

If you were asked whether you know how to write a creative essay , you would immediately think about a specific format: 

Introduction > Thesis statement > Body 1 > Body 2 > Conclusion

This kind of format has been deeply planted in your head, and as much as it is correct, it does not always apply to every kind of essay, especially a creative essay. Writing a creative essay involves one essential element – creativity.

What is a creative essay?

A creative essay illustrates a particular event, person, thing, or place in the author’s life. Despite it being called “creative,” understand that it is not fictitious. A creative essay is most commonly part of a larger work of creative nonfiction such as a memoir  or autobiography. Categorized under creative nonfiction, it is filled with visual imagery, must be written in colorful language, and in first person - from the point of view of the author. The author aims to enable the reader to have a glimpse of a particular event, place, person, or thing from his eyes.

How to Write a Creative Essay

How to write a creative essay?

  • Think about your topic. You have to feel strong about it and it should be something that you can still vividly recall. This can be anything from why you love dogs or your favorite teacher , or even why you think you would be a great boxer in a few years. If you are fully aware of the topic you want to write about, choose your stance and hold on to it. Remember that although you are writing a creative essay, you still have to have an aim. 
  • Outline.  While there is no need to follow the conventional essay writing approach, you still need an outline. Prepare all the needed information and plan at what points they will appear in the essay. This is vital to the flow of your story because it dictates the mood and emotion of the essay.
  • Consider the manner in which you will present your essay. Using a literary device is one guaranteed way of maintaining hold on the reader’s attention. For instance, if you plan to write a narrative about your fifth-grade Boy Scout camping adventure, you may use military metaphor, so as to make the reader imagine how you saw yourself and your “comrades” at the time. It also reminds your reader of your age at the time, and thus, your perspective. Or, if you wish to write about a family member of whom you were very scared of when you were little, you may use euphemisms. In both cases, you are able to make the reader effectively imagine what and how you felt at the time, with a reminder of how you perceived things then. The way you describe the experience is key. The entire essay must reflect how the person, event, place, or thing still moves you until now. 
  • Think about your reader. The introduction should be catchy and should hook the reader quickly. Write in a manner that will make him want to get to the next sentence as soon as possible while keeping him gripped. Writing a creative essay enables you to focus more on the subject by using a situation that makes it possible for you to present your point of view without being too obvious. Again, remember, your mission is to make the reader place himself in your shoes and experience how you saw the story unfold. You are the author and subject. As much as possible, write with accuracy and honesty.

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