Creative Essay Example: The Vessel of Dreams

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Oct 10, 2019
Creative Essay Example: The Vessel of Dreams

Previously, the formula on how to write a creative essay was discussed. As mentioned, a creative essay is one that depicts a person, thing, place, or event in the author’s life. Despite its nature, your creative essay should remain factual, filled with visual imagery and colorful language. As you begin to grasp how to write a creative essay fully, it’s important to go beyond what has been previously conferred. Although the information given was succinct and packed to the brim with information, seeing an actual creative essay example will still be beneficial to your writing process.  Below is an example of creative essay, given by an anonymous writer. This creative essay example should equip you with the essentials, and right after reading you surely will have known how to write a creative essay. 

Creative Essay Characteristics

The Vessel of Dreams

More often than not, I find myself fantasizing on the act of “breaking free”, as I would like to call it. In the more sensible world, it pertains to the idea of moving away to a foreign land, free from expectations and worries. Perhaps it could be moving away from the small town to the big city of dreams, or a machine that would allow you to cross space and time. How we would get there comes in the form of everything you can possibly imagine, so long as it takes you to where you want to be. “Breaking free” comes in many different forms, all according to the subject being dreamed by the individual. Each idea ranges from rational to borderline eccentric, but in such a harsh world, this kind of dreaming gets us by. 

Many times, when the teacher drones on about formulas and numbers I can’t quite retain, I look out the window and gaze at the sky. It doesn’t matter if it’s pouring, cloudless, or sun kissed. In that space, I wonder how things would play out if a broomstick flies towards the window, or the Weasleys' famous enchanted Ford Anglia came hovering by. All to save me from these dreadful formulas, and then take me to Hogwarts. At times I would gaze longingly at corners; perhaps The Golden Trio, lead by Harry Potter of course, would Apparate there to urge me to join their cause. Oh, to be whisked away into the world of magic and wonder. 

Sometimes, I think of dragons instead. What would it feel like to be a dragon rider like the Targaryens from the history of Game of Thrones , and own three dragons of my own like Daenerys? Perhaps I’d ride on ships instead, like Arya, sailing across Westeros and beyond. Or maybe it would be riding horses, onwards into the battle of Mordor rallying behind the kind who has returned? Shall I journey to Rivendell to be blessed by Elvan charms and magic? Perhaps Samwise Gamgee would invite me for second breakfast, third breakfast, lunch, and then tea. I don’t quite remember what the teacher said, but I scribble on my notebook anyway. 

Jumping from world to world, I ponder on the infinite possibilities. And beyond the realm of magic, I also dream about where to travel to places I’ve never seen. I’d give anything to skip along the meadows on the foot of the Alps, collecting wildflowers growing beneath my toes. I’d walk on rivers just for fun and pick fruits from random trees and bushes for meals. At sunset, I’d come home to a little cottage hidden in behind young trees. When night comes, fireflies would decorate my garden, and I’d watch them flutter from my window.

I could also go and see Paris; I’d wake up in my little apartment, surrounded by a collection of houseplants. In my tiny balcony, I’d drink a cup of coffee I brewed myself, paired by a croissant I brought from a local baker yesterday morning. As I gaze at the Eiffel Tower, I ponder on the tasks due today – a pending article on Vogue’s December issue, a photoshoot with Dior, taking my gorgeous tabby cat Ginger to the vet, and to end the night, a candlelit dinner with my best of friends. As the sun hits my balcony, I smile and head back inside to start my day. I’ve got my lovely little scooter help me get around the City of Lights. 

To carry on a little farther, I picture my dream house right by a cliff overlooking the sea. Not dangerously close, of course. There would be enough land in between, where I’d grow a garden to sustain my life. Carrots and potatoes, squash and eggplants, a tree of oranges and lemons – everything I’d ever consume grown right here by me. In my little house I’d have a space on the porch, with a view of the sea. Here are where my painting materials rest, along with a coffee table for breakfast and coffee. I believe the salty air would keep me well and energized, and I’d be away from the hustle and bustle of my old life. 

But even with my hyperactive mind at work, conjuring up different scenes of how I wish would my life would be, I remain well-aware of my own reality. There are no dragons here, nor broomsticks, charmed cars, and horses to add spice and nice to my life. I don’t think I’m capable of living in Paris, or a space in the Alps, not even that cottage by the sea. Instead, I have an entire world before me, dreams to reach, and places to be, even though they’re not quite what I dream of.  I suppose this world has a magic of its own, even without beautiful Elves and Hogwarts to keep me company. Despite what the world is coming to, I do think I have a purpose here, a purpose to change what needs to be changed. 

The bell rings in the distance. My trance breaks and I’m seated once more in the classroom, feet firmly placed on the white tiled floor, with the blackboard full of formulas I’d need to figure out. As my classmates head out, I stare at the board. This massive jargon of numbers is my adventure – and my purpose of changing the world begins, here, I suppose. In the meantime, the vessel of my dreams (my imagination) remains intact, off to help me cope with life’s many woes.

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