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A curriculum vitae and a resume are documents that you need to create when applying for a job. Writing them can seem simple, you just have to list down your qualifications and experiences on a piece of paper. However, the competition in finding a job has increased since anyone can submit their documents online. This means that an individual from a far-away city can apply for the same position as you who lives a few blocks away from a company.

The wider competitive environment in job-seeking calls for more efforts on an applicant’s side. You will not only need to have good qualifications but you have to make sure that your application file will catch the attention of employers. If you are unsure where to start, getting help from CustomEssayMeister is a good option to take. We can help you create effective and impressive application papers that will separate you from the competition.

Curriculum Vitae vs. Resume

Before you get help, it is best to identify the document you need. While you may have the impression that a curriculum vitae and a resume are similar, this is not the case. The two are different types of papers with specific uses and structures. A format that works on one may not be as effective for the other. There are also the meanings of the terms. Curriculum vitae is Latin for “course of life” while a resume is French for “summary”. One refers to a complete history while the other implies a synopsis. Read the list below to see the comparison between the two.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Field. Generally, you will need a CV when applying for an academic position. If you are looking to get a job as a professor, researcher, instructor, teaching assistant, or scientist, this is the document you need. Students submitting grant proposal letters and similar documents may also need to provide a CV.

  • Content. You will need to include all your academic and work experiences. These include presentations, publications, affiliations, and even relevant part-time jobs. You want to show the whole picture of your career and do so in a simple manner. To ensure that you do not overdo the task, consider getting assistance from ghostwriters.

  • Target Reader. Since this is for academic positions, expect an academic committee to read it. They will review your history and assess if you are the right applicant for the position.

  • Length. While you can choose any format and design for your curriculum vitae , the length will likely be three or more pages long. For individuals with a wide range of experiences, the paper can reach five to seven pages.


  • Field. Most industries, aside from academic institutions, will be expecting this type of document. This can range from bank teller positions to managerial positions.

  • Content . An effective resume is direct to the point. You only need to include experiences that are relevant to your target position. No need to state that you were an assistant barber if you are applying as a bank personnel.

  • Target Reader. Expect HR employees, managers, and other employers to read the document. Since you may submit your file to different companies, make sure that it is comprehensible across various industries.

  • Length. The average length is one to two pages long. You want the paper to be short but full of relevant details since employers will be looking through multiple applications. 

Similarities Between the Two

  • Purpose. Both have the purpose of getting an individual a job position. In some cases, companies may even use the terms synonymously. This is prevalent in countries outside the U.S. They may state that they want you to submit a curriculum vitae but are expecting to receive a document in a resume format. That is why it is best to either consult experts or ask the company directly about the document they need.

  • Readability. Regardless of your resume design or curriculum vitae format, you want to make sure that they are readable. Writing both documents involves the task of making sure that the reader can comprehend your information.

  • Basic Information. While the two have different approaches regarding their content, they both include the applicant’s basic information. This includes name, contact information, and some experiences.

Our Curriculum Vitae Writing Help

There are many ways that we can help in writing your CV. We can help you create it from scratch, give you advice, or proofread your work. To get more information about our service, here are some aspects where you may need help:

  • Content - This is the main body of the document. You want to focus on making sure that the essential information you need is present. If you are unsure what to put in your file, then get professional assistance. We can help write impressive descriptions of your experiences and make sure your paper does not have any grammatical errors. The common information you need includes:

  1. Contact information
  2. Educational background
  3. Experiences
  4. Publications, presentations, etc
  5. Academic awards, grants, and fellowships
  6. Affiliations
  • Proper format - You want an impressive curriculum vitae with a clean and professional format that will get the attention of your employer. Using the correct format and design can help improve your chances of getting your target position. We can help you avoid writing large blocks of text and using informal fonts that can hurt your chances. Other things to consider are:

    • Type of curriculum vitae - There are three general types; functional, chronological, and combination. Get professional assistance to make sure that you are using the right one for your needs.

    • Page breaks, headings, and margins - Proper formatting includes considering the use of page breaks, headings, margins, and other technical aspects. If you are struggling to choose the perfect heading or cannot get page breaks to work the way you want, we can help!

How We Can Help with Resume Writing

Similarly, we can also help in writing your resume. Since you will use this document to apply to different companies and fields, it is best to consider getting professional help to ensure the flexibility of its content. You do not want to have to create a new one when applying to another company. Here are some ways we can help:

  • Using the correct type - In writing your application, you can either use the chronological, skill-based, or combined type. Choosing the right type can help highlight your qualifications and make you a better candidate. Furthermore, you can hire a ghostwriter to improve the quality of the paper.

  • Include the right details - Unlike a CV, this document needs to be short but insightful. You may need to remove certain information or replace them with something more relevant. This can be difficult since you will need to choose which experiences to keep and which to remove. Having a fresh set of eyes to choose for you can be beneficial. You can get this through writing assistance services, such as CustomEssayMeister.

  •  Using keywords - Most applicants submit their documents online. This leads companies to receive hundreds of applications every day. One way to ensure your file's visibility is by using keywords that an employer may search for. Our experts can help find the correct keywords to use for you!

  • Proper formatting - Similar to a CV, an effective resume requires the use of a proper format and design. Observe proper use of page breaks, headings, and margins. Since this document is shorter, formatting issues may be more prominent. Avoid this by hiring professional help.

Is it Safe to Give my Personal Information to Ghostwriters?

While we cannot speak for every writing assistance platform online, our services guarantee that your information is safe. The only parties that will have access to your personal information are our writers, you, and our editors. Any information you give us will solely be to accomplish your order. This ensures that no other parties can use or access your information.

However, if you are hesitant because of security concerns, you can still use our services while not providing your personal information. You can consider giving mock information, such as made-up contact numbers, company names, and affiliations. Once you receive your order, you can then replace the mock information with the real ones. As long as you include real job titles and descriptions, there will be no problem replacing the other information.

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Writing an impressive resume or curriculum vitae is an essential aspect of job-seeking. They are the means for you to show a company that you are qualified for a certain position. Submitting a poorly-written application file can cost you a job while a professionally-written one will make you stand out above the rest. Hire our ghostwriters to help you with writing these documents and improve your chances of landing your dream job. They can write the best personal statement for your resume and make sure that your CV impresses academics!


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