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Every company needs written content to put on its websites, product labels, advertisements, and other marketing materials. This is especially true for online businesses applying their marketing plans . If you are reading this, chances are, you come from a company looking for professional help. You may have been searching online for copywriting services near you and found that finding the best one is challenging. Luckily, you found CustomEssayMeister and are now considering getting help from us.

Copywriting Services You May Need

Marketing plays an important role in a company’s success but promoting your brand will include a variety of activities. Companies are now becoming more active online, leading to an increased demand for online content. There is also offline marketing that involves brochures, magazines, and flyers. This means that you will need help with various materials, from informative articles to attention-seeking cards. If you are unsure which material you need, here is a list of copywriting tasks that we can help you with:

  • Direct response - This is when you create materials and expect immediate responses from consumers. The direct response includes any material that has a call-to-action, such as landing pages, catalogs, and pay-per-click ads.

  • Content marketing - This involves the creation of informative articles to build a brand and persuade individuals to purchase products. Common content marketing materials include blogs, product pages, and social media posts.

  • Creative writing - This can encompass other types but will involve a more creative process. Creative copywriters create unique materials that boost a brand and give it a personality. Materials can range from one-liner slogans to engaging newsletters. If you are looking for the best copywriting services, then finding some that provide creative writers will benefit you greatly.

  • Social media-focused - Social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter have become integral in effective brand building. This led to marketing strategies that focus on growing followers on various platforms. To do this, you will need short-form articles and social media posts.

  • Ads - Creating content for ads can be similar to direct response as they guide consumers to take action. However, ads tend to be short while still being informative. Some examples are flyers, social media ads, and posters.

  • Digital content - This focuses on web page content, such as blogs, Web3.0 writing, and user-guidance scripts. It also requires the use of SEO strategies to make sure that a website appears on the front page of users’ search engines.

  • Marketing-oriented - Marketing-oriented copywriting is one of the most important types that you should be looking for in professional writing services. This involves the creation of content that will guide consumers through the marketing funnel which are awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchase. Effective articles, emails, newsletters, and other materials will guarantee increases in sales and brand awareness.

  • SEO writing - This is similar to digital content creation but encompasses multiple materials and tasks. An SEO writer may focus more on identifying important keywords and applying them to the marketing materials while digital content creation aims to fill a website with articles. If you want to be on the front page of Google, then you will need to hire the best SEO writer online.

  • Technical writing - Technical writers develop materials for specific readers which will involve the use of technical terms and formats. For instance, if you are opening company shares to the public, you will need to hire a technical writer to write your white paper. They also create manuals, website content, PowerPoint presentations, and ebooks.

Why Use CustomEssayMeister Instead of Freelance Services?

Aside from our platform, you may have found an agency and freelancers that offer professional copywriting services. The freelancers may be offering cheap prices while agencies promise quality work. So if you are wondering why you should choose us instead of other platforms, here are some things to consider:

  • Writer availability - We always have a copywriter available whenever you need one. Our large team of experts makes this possible. This is something that agencies and freelancers may not be able to offer you as they have limited resources. Most agencies are only open for eight hours while freelancers may be too busy with other tasks.

  • Quality assurance - Before we deliver the copy materials to you, they will undergo a quality assurance process to ensure that our writer followed your instructions and that the quality is up to our standards. Our quality assurance team will guarantee that your copy is high quality and worthy of a top brand.

  • Customer support - If ever you have an issue with your order, you can ask our customer support for help. They can act as the intermediary between clients and copywriters when resolving issues. This is something you cannot get from a solo freelancer. Meaning that if you have an issue, you are subject to their discretion.

  • Save time  - Since our platform allows you to create an order quickly and choose a copywriter with just one click, you can save time just by using CustomEssayMeister. You do not need to talk to an agency or wait for a freelancer to be available. Just log in to our website, create your order, and wait for our delivery.

  • Consistency - When you create content for a brand, you are also creating a personality for it. This often comes from the language and style that a writer uses. This means that hiring different freelancers to create your social media content can result in a slight variation in style and language. To guarantee consistency in your materials, use our platform to hire the same copywriter for every order.

How We Price Our Services

The long list of professional copywriting services shows the variety of content you can expect a copywriter to create. You can hire someone to come up with a one-line slogan or a 1,000-word informative article for your website. This also means that the price of your order will depend on the type of content you need. Expect to pay more for long-form articles and pay less for brief copies. Other things to consider include:

  1. Preferred delivery time - The earlier you place your order, the cheaper the price.
  2. Complexity of instructions - Higher difficulty, of course, costs higher because of the amount of time needed for research. This is to meet the required level of analysis that matches your academic level.
  3. Number of pages - The cost of each project also depends on the number of pages that you need.
  4. Preferred copywriter - Some of our copywriters are in demand, so we charge a priority fee (which goes straight to your preferred copywriter) only if you want to. You can opt not to pay the fee if you agree to have a different copywriter address your project. However, some students choose to pay this fee to ensure uniformity

Regardless of your order, we aim to offer cheap copywriting services to those in need. We know that most companies who hire outside help are small and have limited resources. To help these businesses, we try to lower our prices as much as we can while also allowing our copywriters to earn. With this, we are helping both content creators and companies grow in the online market.

Copywriting vs Layouting vs Designing

Lastly, it is also important to discuss the difference between “copywriting”, “layouting”, and “designing”. Some companies may have the impression that these tasks are synonymous when they are not. This can lead them to use online services for a particular task, expecting the individual they hired to accomplish a different task. To help you differentiate between these three, below are brief descriptions:

  • Copywriting - This is the act of writing persuasive content to boost brand awareness, sales, and user engagement. It mostly involves the physical act of writing, whether on paper or a computer. This then produces marketing or copy materials, such as articles, blogs, flyers, newsletters, emails, and online posts.

  • Layouting - Layouting focuses on visual designs for copy materials. For instance, an individual is layouting when they are trying to decide the appearance of a website. This involves choosing where to place the title, what colors and fonts to use, and how to make the material pleasing to the viewer. 

  • Designing - Content designing is the process of utilizing market data to design the structure of marketing materials. It is the first step in content creation as it involves research to identify what copywriters have to write and the general layout for materials. However, since trends can rapidly change, designing is constant.

Hire Our Copywriters and Boost Your Brand!

Now that you know exactly what a copywriter does, you know that using one of the best copywriting services online is a must for your brand. Guarantee engagements, inform your target market, and give out effective call-to-action by hiring our copywriters. They can work on any task, from SEO article writing to creative blogs that will capture your audience. Order from us today and give your brand a boost!


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