The Future of Police Brutality

May 28, 2019

It is an incredible plot twist, the very existence of police brutality and the fact that it occurs mainly on locations where the minority, sad to say, is prolific. Police brutality covers one too many atrocities including discrimination regardless of factor and abuse of power among others. The irony is disturbing for it is the police, the protector of the public, who is involved in such violence. There is resistance, of that we are certain, but what happens next?

One scenario would be as long as the volume of cases of police brutality increases, the level of resistance will also increase, therefore the correlation between the ruthless use of force, illegal possession of firearms, and the very reality of cases of extrajudicial violence both from the resisting and guilty parties will heighten. As the societal tension heightens, the economic stability soon gets at a compromised status. Another possibility would be just a worsened situation where most people simply just cannot rely on police because they have become the problem, knowing that their position on such a problem is bargained – to fight for the safety of the public, or to protect their authority. Third possibility is a nightmare as this is where the abhorrent practice of brutality is being accepted by the society as a norm, with people just simply veering away from possible encounter with police officers, not just the minority but all of us. This is because there is no more resistance occurring, nor did the people tried to pull off a movement that will turn the situation around. Dismantling this mayhem can go on either side of the spectrum, pure chaos or pure control, and this is exactly why there has to be a movement from the society to cut the crime as it will certainly affect various social and economic functions. The problem is we always push the responsibility to our political leaders to come up with a solution, without realizing that the police is directly under the government – where some think as awful as those who accepts that the use of force is a necessary evil. If this phenomenon persists, the marginalized communities will be evident, the racial profiling will not be subtle, and businesses will not function as usual due to non-accountable deaths. The biggest mistake we are committing is allowing this to happen, and to some extent, ignoring the fact that it is happening. There has to be a heated conversation between leaders and representatives even those at local communities regarding strategies to fight this universal issue. Condoning such an act at the local level is exactly what made this situation grow from bad to frightening, and we should all accept that it is our fault why police brutality continued to flourish, as well as all the other atrocities we are supposed to fight. We are all afraid of war, when in fact, there are a number of wars at present – the war on drugs, war on corruption, and the war for equality, among others. It is going to be messy, the talks. There will be resistance from the authorities trying to justify these actions. But we need to go through those to win.

The law must apply to all, and we have to deal with police brutality through our laws.

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