Life versus Choice: Adoption over Abortion

Oct 9, 2019

‘Thou shall not kill’ – a rather strong statement that regardless of what religion one believes in, should be implemented at all costs. No man has the right to end another person’s life, and that should be applied to from the big picture of warfare down to the little life inside a woman’s body. The arguments thrown by both the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life advocates have their own merits, but all this arguing will never end unless we set a common ground to understand the reservations for abortion. I am for the opinion that no one should be killed, and that includes the termination of a pregnancy. If possible, we should support and strengthen our adoption laws surrounding adoption and foster care to pull the focus from abortion and into a more reasonable resolution. 

There is probably one woman out there who is currently considering abortion as a way out of an unwanted pregnancy. In a pro-life’s point-of-view, there will be two humans involved with the procedure, proving to be a disturbing idea as one of them won’t have a say over the matter. However, as much as we are certain that there is someone researching the easiest process for abortion, there will be couples who are praying for a child of their own, talking to a doctor, and hearing the sad news that they won’t be able to conceive. You see, a question to one is an answer to another, which is why adoption should be considered rather than sticking to an archaic belief that terminating a pregnancy is a more practical action. 

Abortion, of course, presents benefits to a woman considering to undergo the procedure. There are existing medical cases where the child is not developing properly, or the development of the embryo is endangering the life of the mother and the child. In such instances, abortion can be favored as opposed to pursuing the pregnancy, and more often than not, this kind of circumstance is experienced by those who really wanted to bear a child, making the idea of being unprepared or that pregnancy is a hiccup not a reasonable excuse for terminating the life of a clueless child. Pregnancy conceived through mere irresponsibility should not be allowed for an abortion, considering the many ways of contraception nowadays. This is where a better process and regulations for child adoption should come in – if in case, the mother is not financially prepared to support regular checkups, vitamins, and other necessities for safe pregnancy, the person who wants to adopt the child should support the medical expenses of the child-bearer. This is not an impossible situation especially if it is ensured that both the child-bearer and the adoptive parent are able to follow a secure and just system. 

If the child is the result of non-consensual intercourse, or rape, the mother should be given all the support she needs including the emotional assistance to make sure that she will be able to cope up with the trauma while the child is safely developing through the full-term pregnancy. However, if the mother is firm with her decision not push through her pregnancy, then it should be respected and she should be presented with viable options that will help her through the process. 

Seeing that there are better alternatives to abortion means the procedure shouldn’t be at all an option in the end. The discussion should be focused more solely on adoption and the improvement of the foster home system. Abortion does not solely affect the mother but also the unborn child. The conversation needs to be steered away from abortion, and to more progressive ideas that will benefit the mother, the child, and couples who want a child but can’t conceive due to medical inhibitions. In conclusion, adoption should be made more convenient and careful. A study must be done to develop better regulations so we can finally rid the world of this subtle murder blanketed in emotional dilemmas.

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