Things You Need For Your First Year in College

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Jan 2, 2020
Things You Need For Your First Year in College

There is no time like the present to start preparing for your freshman year . Regardless of whether high school graduation is months, weeks, or days away, there needs to be a window of opportunity within a sufficient amount of time for you to make sure you have all the things you need for your first year in college. It can be overwhelming when you go shopping for college essentials. You will feel as if everything you see at the shopping center is something you need for college, but upon arrival, you realize it’s not something you need at all.

To save you the trouble and money, here are some tips to help you decide if you truly need that thing you are opting to buy for college:

  • Is it a necessity?  When you pick up something in the store which you think you need for college - really think about it first. Sometimes we often overlook the necessity of the thing and value it more because of how aesthetically pleasing it will look around you or displayed inside your dorm room. Look at the price right away and see if it’s value for money, then make a wise and firm decision over whether or not it is one of the things you need for your first year in college. Once you have given it some thought, it will be easier to distinguish a thing if it’s a need or simply a want. 

  • Will it provide long-term benefits?  Think forward and look at the item in question with future lenses. If it’s a thing that can still be beneficial in your sophomore, junior, or even senior year, then it’s most definitely one of the things you need for your first year in college. As you continuously progress with your pursuit of academic success, it’s necessary to have at least one familiar thing with you every year. Something you can count on and will help you with day-to-day tasks. 

  • Will it make your college life easier? You will encounter a lot of physical and mental tasks in your first few months in college, and it won’t get easier as time pass, but you will eventually get used to them as you progress. If you find things that can make your college life easier and will help you organize a clean system then it among the things you need for your first year in college. 

When you go shopping for your college essentials, make sure you have a clear mind and you have already set your mind to what you need and what you will buy. It’s easy to be swayed into another direction, far from where you are supposed to be, especially if you see plasterboard signs saying “SALE!” with beautiful colors displayed on store windows. In the possible situation that you are someone who has tendencies to impulse buy, then have friends or parents guide you throughout your college essentials shopping to make sure you buy only the things you need for your first year in college. Let them direct you to where you need to be instead of where you want to wander off to look at pretty things. 

But what are the things you need for your first year in college? In this list, we will enumerate the fundamental things you need that are all necessities, will have long-term benefits, and will make your college life easier. This is our list of things you need for your first year in college to help you with your college essentials shopping:

Things You Need for Your First Year in College

  1. Laptop. 

    A laptop is a necessity for every student and is at the top of the list of things you need for your first year in college. It will save you the trouble of frequent library visits to use their computers. A laptop will significantly make college student’s life easier because of the many features it possesses. Ultimately, every student in college already has their own laptop because it’s the most obvious necessity to hold for research, writing essays , and other assignments. A laptop’s portability makes it accessible everywhere in or outside the campus, meaning you can choose wherever you want to work on your papers. Having this kind of accessibility to work whenever or wherever you want makes a laptop at the top of the list of things you need for your first year in college.
  2. Sneakers

    If you want to survive your first year in college, you need a pair or two of comfortable shoes. A pair that won’t wear you out after three to four back and forth from one classroom to another. When you are new to a big college campus, be ready to get lost at least once or twice a month. You will have to roam around the campus until you finally have it memorized like the back of your hand. By doing so, you will do a lot of walking and/or running, so it’s best to invest in a good pair for sneakers. Physical exhaustion is not a joke as it can greatly affect your performance as a student, so make sure you add a pair of comfortable sneaks into your list of things you need for your first year in college. 
  3. Pens, notebooks, and planner

    You are not an official college student without school supplies filling your backpack to the brim. Your list of college essentials shouldn’t be without pens, notebooks, and planners since they compose the basic necessities in college. You will need at least three pens at your disposal because of how small they are it’s easy to get them lost, so if you have two extras in your back you don’t have to worry about going a day without a pen, which is a tragedy. Notebooks and planner will help you organize your class notes and schedule. These essentials will help you track your academic progress and will keep you on top of everything. All of these make up the important components of things you need for your first year in college. 
  4. Backpack

    I think it’s obvious by now that you need to invest in a sturdy backpack because of all the things you need to bring every day to class. Aside from your notebooks, laptop, and pens, you will need to squeeze in some books and other backpack essentials into it as well. It will depend on how your day will go about, sometimes you will have to pack light while on crucial days you will need to pack everything in your arsenal to ensure you are well-prepared. On those days, a backpack that can carry heavy objects is important to have. It doesn’t have to be pretty as long as it doesn’t fail you while walking around campus and the strap couldn’t hold the contents of your backpack anymore. A backpack can be your best friend if you choose wisely, and it is among the most important things you need for your first year in college. 
  5. Water bottle

    Avoid buying too much water in plastic containers by having your own water bottle instead. Always keep yourself hydrated. Water is helpful to keep yourself healthy and your mind flowing with creative ideas. Invest in a water bottle that will keep your water warm or cold - whichever you prefer. There are water refilling stations almost everywhere around the campus, so instead of buying one after another in the cafeteria, just carry a water bottle inside your backpack and refill it when it’s empty. By doing so, you will be giving the world a huge favor by saving the environment and your money. A water bottle is among the important things you need for your first year in college if you highly prioritize your health and hydration.
  6. Power bank

    There are days where you will be outside going to different classes, discussions, and meetings with classmates for a whole day, and this means it’s very likely that you will drain your social battery and also your phone battery. But, unlike your social battery, your phone battery won’t last a day because of heavy usage, so you will need a power bank to replenish it quickly. Like a laptop, your phone will handle a lot of multi-tasking because of college apps you need to use from time to time. You will use your phone for quick note-taking, taking pictures, sending messages and emails to friends, colleagues, or professors, or to simply keep you entertained as you wait for your next class. Your phone will help you get by almost every day of your life and people nowadays can’t live without peeking through their phone at least twice in a day, and it’s not anyone’s fault at all. It has just become indispensable and easier to live with a phone on hand because of the many benefits it provides. With that said, having a power bank to charge your phone whenever it’s running low makes the product among the vital things you need for your first year in college. 

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