How to Write a Problem Solution Essay: Step-by-Step Instructions

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Alex Ponomarenko
Aug 26, 2021

There are many problems that people and society face. Issues in schools, cities, governments, and even personal problems are concerns that people leave unsolved. The problems are often too big for one individual to solve. Sometimes, the issue is so niched that only certain groups are aware of it, making it a non-priority. Despite the size and complexity of a problem, at least one person thinks of a solution. They will have the motivation to write a detailed proposal that addresses a specific issue. The person can write a letter to a business or government office proposing their ideas. The proposal can be in the form of a standard letter or a problem solution essay.

A problem solution essay will be a better document to submit than a standard letter. This document will allow a person to articulate and better explain their ideas in solving a problem. This type of essay is somehow similar to an argument paper but is more focused on solving a problem. This article will help individuals who have solution ideas that they would like to put on paper. The article will try to teach how to write a problem solution essay and give some unique tips on writing the paper. Here are the step-by-step instructions for writing a problem solution essay.

1. Choose a Problem Solution Topic

A problem solution essay is a document that explains a problem and offers one or more solutions. The essay should be able to convince readers that people need to address a problem. To start writing the problem solution essay, a person must first decide on the topic. If an individual is already facing a problem, then they already have a topic to write about. However, teachers often ask their students to write this type of essay. This will require a student to come up with a topic for their paper. Coming up with a topic is the most important part since it will affect the contents of an essay.

For students who are having a hard time thinking of a problem solving essay topic, they can try to recognize a complication that is present around them. They should look for problems that their schools, clubs, friend groups, and community face. They can write about an issue regarding the health effects of smoking . They can look at problems that the community is already solving. Take, for example, stray dogs running around a community area that disrupts traffic and litter the streets with their feces. The community may try to hide their garbage cans to make the dogs leave and find a different neighborhood. This method may not be working so a student can take this opportunity to propose new solutions.

Students can also look online for a problem solution essay sample to get an idea of what kind of problems others are writing about. Searching for problem solution essay topics is also a good way of coming up with a topic. Many websites offer topics for academic and research papers. With different topics from different fields, students will have no difficulty looking for ideas.

2. Find a Solution

Once an individual has chosen a topic for their problem solving essay, the next step is finding a solution. It is important to think of the solutions to an issue before starting to write the paper. The solutions will affect the paper’s format and outline. To create a good fix for an issue, the fix should be feasible. This means that the solution’s budget should not be too high and not require excessive manpower. A government office or institution will more likely accept a resolution that does not require a lot of investment. Research similar issues and find out how other people solved them. Look for solution examples, statistics, personal accounts, and visual aids that can help in coming up with a feasible solution.

3. Ways to Solve Problems

There are many ways of solving a problem. A problem solution essay can suggest adding or taking something away to fix an issue. For example, adding dog food dispensers in a specific area can limit the dogs’ activity in that area. Calling animal rescuers to take the dogs away can also be a more convenient solution. Adding and enforcing new rules are also good ways to fix an issue. Charging people a fine for feeding stray dogs outside a specific area can help solve an issue. Regulating curfew hours so that teenagers would avoid going out at night can help create a more secure neighborhood. 

Another way to fix an issue is by educating people. Community leaders can provide pamphlets that give information about how feeding stray dogs harm the community. Communities with drug-related issues can teach their locals about the  causes and effects of drug addiction . For an issue that involves two parties, the best way to solve it is to work out a compromise. This is done through meetings and mutual agreements. 

4. Writing Your Essay

After finding ways of solving issues, an individual can then proceed with writing the problem solution essay. A well-written problem solving essay is a document that proposes a feasible fix that the community or persons involved can implement easily. The document should make readers aware of the issue and provide them with an overview of the situation. They should know why the issue needs fixing and what fix is the writer proposing. Individuals can look for a problem solution essay format and examples to help them get an idea of how to write the document. At the end of the essay, the writer should have convinced the readers that their proposal is acceptable and the community should act upon it.

5. Make a Creative Introduction

The first part of the problem solving essay is the introduction. Here, the writer should state the issue and tell the readers why they should solve it. The goal of an introduction is to tell the reader about the situation. It should also make them realize the importance of solving the issue. The introduction is also where the writer should state their thesis statement. For this type of document, the thesis statement is the resolution to the problem. However, there are circumstances where a writer should not state their thesis in the introduction. This happens when the thesis statement only makes sense after the writer discusses the issue and the whole situation.

A writer should try to grab the readers’ attention and persuade them into reading the whole paper. To do this, writers can create creative introductions that will pick the readers’ interests. Some ideas for introductions are:

  • Tell readers about a humorous or traumatic personal experience that the issue caused. This will make sure that the readers will be engaged in the paper.

  • Create a fictional situation that the issue can cause if people left it unsolved. This will make the readers imagine the effects of the issue and how it can affect them.

  • Get sample situations from tv shows or movies that are related to the issue. This works best if the audience is in the younger demographics. It is easy to grab their attention with information that they are interested in.

  • Use statistics and other factual evidence to build a strong case against the issue. The writer can even quote speeches or writings that are related to the issue.

  • Paint a mental image in the readers’ minds using an articulate description of the issue and its effects.

Individuals should avoid starting with phrases like “Since ancient times” or “In the beginning” since these are cliche lines that people have used in every type of written and spoken documents. Make the first sentence of the introduction unique and relatable to the reader. A writer can achieve this by using some of the creative introduction ideas above when they are writing their problem solving essay.

6. Write the Body and Outline Your Thesis Statement

After writing the introduction, the writer can then proceed to the body of the document. This part of the document will discuss the issue and explain the solutions. The first few paragraphs of the body should explain the resolution and how it can solve the issue. The writer should write the paper in a way that anyone can understand and avoid using jargon. This will help broaden the paper’s reach, which can increase the number of individuals that will support the resolution.

A good problem solving essay format to follow is where one paragraph goes into detail about one solution. This means the writer can dedicate one paragraph to each solution. This will organize the paper and make it easy for people to read and understand. If the writer only has a single fix for the issue, they can use an example situation that can help readers visualize the process of solving the issue. The writer should use evidence, statistics, and other facts to help their argument.

The body should also include information about the tools, equipment, and manpower that the resolution requires. It should discuss who will fix the issue, where the budget will come from, how long the operation will last, and who the operation will affect. Some fix may require roads to be inaccessible, the paper should discuss why this is necessary and if possible, provide an alternative route for the affected people. The body should provide the whole plan that needs to undertake. The writer should also include rebuttals to common and possible responses to their paper. Readers will have questions and comments regarding the solution and addressing them in the document will help the writer’s argument.

7. Formulate the Conclusion

After citing all the solutions, examples, statistics, logistics, and plans in the body, it is now time to close the problem solving essay with a conclusion. The conclusion will be a one or two-paragraph long summarization of the paper. The writer should provide an overview of the situation after the community accepts and acts upon the solution. They should restate their thesis statement in the conclusion to remind the readers about the focus of the problem solving essay. The writer should also state what the community needs to do and expound on the urgency of the resolution. To best close the paper, the writer should a call to action at the end of the last paragraph. They should tell the readers to act and help solve the underlying problem.

Writing Tips

Tip 1: Do research

To be able to construct a well-written problem solving essay, the writer should do extensive research about the topic. Not only do they need to search online for related and similar issues, but they may also need to talk to locals if their paper is about a complication in a community. Their research will help support their thesis statement and provide factual evidence for their arguments. Their research can also help them find existing solutions to the issue which are not working. They can use the information to better design their thesis and make it more feasible.

Tip 2: Get your readers’ sympathy

When writing a problem solution essay, one of the writer’s goals is to get the support of the reader. They should make the reader care about the issue and feel that people should immediately act upon the resolution. A writer can get their audiences’ sympathy by using writing tones that can convince and sound appealing to the readers. They can make the reader feel more involved in the issue by using words like “we”, “us”, and “you”. 

Tip 3: Proofread the paper

Every document needs to undergo proofreading . It is an essential part of any type of writing. It is especially important in documents like a problem solution essay since the writer wants to win over the reader’s favor. The essay should be void of grammatical and typographical mistakes to make it sound professional and believable. The audience of this type of document can vary, from high school students to business managers. Writers should be aware of this and make sure that the contents of their papers are high quality.

Bonus tip: Convince your audience

An effective problem solving essay will convince its audience that the issue needs immediate fixing. Therefore, the essay should persuade the readers to agree with their arguments. To do this, the writer should know who their target audience is and their stances regarding the issue. For the writer to be able to write a compelling essay, they should write with their target demographics in mind. If the writer is writing about an issue about changing school policies, they should try to construct a document that will appeal to teachers and other faculty members.

The writer should also be aware of the beliefs and values of their audience. They should be aware of how these factors will affect the reader’s perspective about the topic. They should then make sure that the contents of their paper do not attack the reader’s ideologies. The worse thing a writer can do is turn their audience against the paper. They should instead use the reader’s values to help win their support. A person writing about homelessness issues can use Christian values to motivate pious individuals into taking action.

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Differences Between Problem Solution Essays and Argument Papers

A problem solution essay and an argument essay both try to convince and gain the support of their readers. The topic of both documents is always an unresolved complication. Argument papers discuss an issue and give arguments that lead to a resolution statement. However, this type of document does not go into detail on how to act upon the resolution. An argument paper will only try to convince the readers to believe in their thesis statement.

A problem solution essay, besides discussing the issue, will provide a complete action plan. This document is a proposal and provides detailed information, such as logistics and budget for the operation. The body of this document focuses on explaining those details while in an argument paper, the body will only provide evidence that supports the thesis statement. People can view argument papers as a pre-requisite for a problem solution essay.

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