Effective Ways on How to Avoid Essay Writing Service Scam

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Aug 24, 2019

Fraud is pervasive enough to have penetrated virtually all aspects of society. The internet has given way to many opportunities and benefits, but like many other breakthroughs in technology, it also created a new avenue for scammers. Every click of every advertisement, even on news websites, is fraught with potential fraud. The most well-known breeding ground of fraud is the online selling industry, including the essay writing services industry. Due to necessity, many students who are in need of academic help turn to various essay writing services. However, there are numerous websites that may seem legitimate, but are only meant to derive online traffic or for financial gain. CustomEssayMeister is in the same industry, and as much as these scams inconvenience many students, it also poses an inconvenience to us, as we have been offering various academic writing services for more than a decade now. 

In an effort to help our clients worldwide, here are a few tips in determining whether or not an essay writing service website is a scam:

1. Check out the free essays or posts of the essay writing website

Most writing service scams can be detected by simply reading their blog posts or featured articles. Sometimes, these sites simply take an article from another website and use it as their own, or in some cases, the text will have serious errors in grammar. If the website does not have good written content, then it is only right to look for another writing services site. Legitimate or not, it would be illogical to trust a company whose own website’s free articles are of low quality. However, a few typographical errors can somehow be a good sign – maybe, a little misplaced letter here and there – because this is indicative of the presence of people who are responsible for content. Then again, mind the quality of the work. Spare a few minutes to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How is the grammar?

If you are looking at a legitimate essay writing service, their articles should be well-written. Is the verb plural for plural nouns? You know the drill.

  • Is the analysis competitive?

Regardless of the topic of the material, does it give you a new perspective? Does it freshen your memory? Does it sound right? Allot a few minutes to research about the claims in their material to determine its accuracy. After all, if you wish to find a legitimate essay writing service, you might as well settle for the best essay writing service.

  • Is there a concrete purpose?

Essay writing services publish many academic essays in their websites to establish credibility. Check out a few essays in random, preferably, one from a few years back and a recent one. Are the essays going around in circles or are they directed in one direction? Are they informative, or are they just for the sake of having content?

  • Can you read the posts?

Some sites offer free essays, but for the most part, they have to have many good essays that can be read by clients. However, their essays are unavailable, then walk away. There is a high chance that you will have to pay first before seeing their “quality papers”, but if there are curated posts, go back to question number 1.

2. Try communicating with the operators

When in doubt, ask. Most essay writing services websites have a link to allow you to communicate with someone regarding your queries , and yes, even those that qualify as essay writing service scams. Now, these “operators” can be robots, taking keywords from your message then most likely will send you a canned message and a few links within the website in an attempt to address your inquiry. In some cases, the operators can be actual people, and this is a good thing. However, there are some essay writing services who are trained to make a sale, instead of answering your question. Some questions are addressed, yes, however, if within the quick communication they already gave you tons and tons of offers and discounts, just thank them and find another service. Also, be careful to note if they are asking for your personal information outright. Chances are they will spam your email and call you numerous times, and that can be annoying. Now if the essay company's operator genuinely cares for you, he or she will ask you if you would like to have a call for more efficient communication, and when you agree, that should be the only time that they will ask for your contact number. Legitimate essay writing services do not require the client to disclose their full names, and will only ask for your email address once you have placed an order because – where will they send the paper, right? Just remember this: essay writing scams bombard you with questions about your personal information, while legitimate sites will greatly appreciate it if you bombard them with your questions.

3. Look for a website that can address your query at any time of the day.

Once you found a website that fits the optimal characteristics from the first two questions, you can now check if they are accessible anytime, because this should be one of your priorities. Think ahead – suppose you receive the paper and you see something that needs revision, who will you contact? What if it is almost the deadline, who will you ask? What if you need to clarify something in your instructions, who will you call? Accessibility should not be a privilege, it is a basic need of clients. Know that essay writing services hire writers from everywhere in the world, and most of them are freelancers. That is why company operators must be available at all times, so all issues both from you and your writer can be addressed immediately. Do not trust a website that allows you to communicate directly to a writer using your own means, because chances are your personal information shall be compromised.

How to avoid online essay writing service scam - avoid essay scam today

4. Stay away from websites that do not have a payment mediator.

If you decided to order and are immediately directed to payment page that is not powered by known online payment companies such as PayPal or the service directly linked to your bank, please back away. These forms must be encrypted, and if it looks like a Google form or Survey Monkey form to you, find another company.

Unscrupulous essay companies do not exert any effort in upholding the security of their clients. This is because they are simply your hard-earned money. When you entrust your essay to fraudulent essay companies, you are not only endangering your grade, but you are also compromising your personal safety due to the prevalence of identity theft. Most cases of identity theft can be traced to lack of sound judgment in trusting dubious online merchants. 

5. Stay away from websites that are promising you a high grade.

Aside from the fact that universities have various grading systems, you should really stay away from these essay writing websites that do not admit that their writers committed mistake. CustomEssayMeister guarantees up to five rounds of free revision within your initial instructions, and if we cannot give you the right essay, we will find you a new writer or return your money plus future discounts to make up for the inconvenience. Our writers are professionals in many fields, and what we promise you is that we will find the most suitable writer for your topic, and we will meet your instructions to a T. Rest assured that we are aiming to give you the best paper, but we will need you to be in constant communication with us or your writer via our client lounge, so we can all be on the same page.

6. Watch out for the prices.

Check out various websites to have an idea of the price range. If one website is too cheap to be true, although a legitimate company, chances are you might get an essay that is just worth the price. Legitimate essay companies that offer very cheap essays have the tendency to produce essays of equally cheap quality.

7. Check out the writer reviews.

Now, do not get flustered by these figures. Every writer has their own strengths and weaknesses. This is why we need you to provide us clear instructions, so we can find the a trusted writer who can address your topic better than anyone. CustomEssayMeister keeps track of client reviews from 2007, during the formative years of the company because it is solid proof that we have been here and we are here to stay. However, over the years, we have successfully categorized our writers, and hence, we have a different set of writers for each subject matter, say Literature or Nursing and Healthcare.

8. Look for the terms and conditions of the service.

Essay writing scams are easy to spot if you pay attention. Most of the telltale signs are found right on the homepage of the essay writing website scam. Promises that are too good to be true may obscure your quest in finding a legitimate writing service firm, and this is why you need to read the terms and conditions of the site. It should be there, with full description of the company – where it is based (the complete address), the registration number of the company, and other affiliate companies.

CustomEssayMeister has been in the industry since 2006 and from thereon we have accumulated a significant volume of loyal clients who have been with us for more than a decade now. Trust is the kind of treasure that we can never compromise, which is why over the years, we continue to research more about the needs of our clients, and find solutions to augment those needs. We are a continuously growing company, adapting to the changes brought about by the modern technology. We too are affected by essay writing service scams all over the internet, and we wish to prevent students from getting scammed. If you have any questions about our services, or there is something amiss in our FAQs or terms of service, please communicate with us. We would love to answer all your questions.

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