The Best Social Studies Topics

Let us get one thing straight, essays with topics relating to social studies are not the easiest to write. Just merely thinking of a topic is hard. You will find writing is not an easy task if the topic you chose is unfamiliar to you, and consequently you will not have the luxury of seamless writing. Unless social studies is a field you enjoy, starting the research process is difficult, let alone write a paragraph or two.

There is a wide variety of social studies topics to choose from – given that it is interdisciplinary and encapsulates many discussions. It is essential to have an essay topic you are able to express your thoughts easily because of how familiar it is to you and how well-versed you are in it.

In the instance that your professor gave you freedom to choose whatever topic you like under social studies, here are some tips that you should consider when selecting or creating a topic for your essay:

  • The topic should be interesting. The topic you choose should be interesting to you, so that interest will be manifest in an essay that will captivate the reader. Chances are words will flow smoothly because of how much you enjoy writing about it.  This could be your chance to show off your knowledge about your chosen topic – let the reader see how devoted you are to your essay.
  • The topic should be researchable. Do not make it difficult by choosing a topic that is unknown to many and does not have that many sources to cite. There are some topics you will be disappointed to find there are not many essays or studies relating to it. Do not put yourself through that headache, and just drop it then go for the topics that are easy to find in libraries and online. Perform a quick keyword search on Google and see if many articles or studies come out, then start reading about them to acquire a gist of what you will write about.
  • The topic should be recent and relevant. Make sure your topic is up-to-date or relevant to current issues. This will give you the chance to engage with readers and catch their attention. When you choose a recent topic, it will be widely-known and you will be able to form an argument with ease.  

Additionally, in choosing a topic, make sure you consider the preferred discipline you want to focus on. Do not be afraid to ask your teacher or professor about their thoughts. Social studies teachers are knowledgeable about the subject; thus, they might be able to guide you with which discipline you are most suited to take on and write about.  

Social Studies and Other Disciplines

With all of that being said, here are some topics or prompts you can use for your social studies essay:


  1. The current political landscape of the US
  2. The different models of democracy
  3. Authoritarianism vs. totalitarianism
  4. A comparison of electoral systems
  5. A discussion of judicial independence
  6. Boris Johnson vs Theresa May – Brexit deal
  7. US’ two-party system: Republicans and Democrats
  8. Social media’s role in modern political protests
  9. The global rise of strongman authoritarian leaders


  1. The US-Mexico border wall
  2. The great migration of African Americans
  3. Mongol invasions
  4. Australia’s Manus Island detention center
  5. New England’s Great Migration
  6. First world countries on immigration
  7. Foreign domestic workers


  1. Political and non-political terrorism
  2. Civil disorders
  3. A discussion on terrorist groups
  4. The history of terrorism
  5. Al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks
  6. The fall of the Islamic State
  7. Global responses to terrorism and counter-terrorism.


  1. Women in politics
  2. The Taliban treatment of women
  3. The impact of feminism on men
  4. A comparison of leadership styles based on gender
  5. Witch hunts in the ancient western world
  6. The representation of women in the Bible
  7. The social roles of men and women
  8. The matriarchal structure of societies and tribes
  9. A comparison of suicide rates between men and women
  10. Gender pay gap
  11. Workplace discrimination on the basis of sex
  12. How does each gender define happiness

War and conflict

  1. Causes and the long-term effects of war
  2. International policy on war
  3. Military actions used in war
  4. Different forms of war
  5. Civil war as an ultimate form of internal state conflict
  6. A discussion about people against vaccination, or widely known as anti-vaxxers
  7. Neutralizing a conflict in its early stage
  8. A discussion on the American Civil War
  9. Climate change denial across the world
  10. The harms of conflict for both the powerful and the powerless
  11. Human growth during the course of the conflict

Law and Justice

  1. Is justice a reality or a myth?
  2. A discussion on rehabilitation
  3. A discussion on absolute justice
  4. The portrayal of justice in Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  5. Age of criminal responsibility in different countries
  6. A study on the strict legislation in Singapore
  7. The NRA and gun law reforms
  8. Legislation against pollution
  9. Philippines’ War on Drugs and extra-judicial killings
  10. Legislating laws for self-driving cars
  11. Socially irresponsible corporations


  1. Caste system in India
  2. The feminist movement and its accomplishments so far
  3. A comparison of youth cultures around the world
  4. Consumerism as a plague of contemporary society
  5. The depiction on disabled individuals in mass media
  6. Depressing impact of social media
  7. Causes of poverty
  8. Social media’s influence on building people’s self-esteem
  9. Child upbringing and parenting differences across social classes


  1. Shared elements of mythological identities in various religions
  2. A comparison of Christians and Muslims
  3. The misinterpretation of jihad in Islamic teaching
  4. Buddhism and the values relevant to society
  5. The fading role of religion in contemporary civilization
  6. Religious philosophy in relation to self-sufficiency
  7. Misconception towards religious characteristics and conservatism across cultures


  1. Similar grammar rules across European languages
  2. The spread of English words across languages as a sign of globalization
  3. Erasing linguistic identity in Indigenous communities and their social effects
  4. An analysis of gender-specific languages
  5. The amalgamation of language and culture
  6. Busting the myth – English is a universal language
  7. A comparison of the several English dialects


  1. Global resource depletion and wealth distribution
  2. Labor outsourcing of first world countries
  3. The Global Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2009 – is it really over?
  4. Multinational corporation taxation
  5. How NAFTA impacted Mexican corn producers
  6. The rise of tourism in the age of low-cost airlines


  1. The effects of urbanization towards cultural diversity
  2. Cultural appropriation in western societies
  3. The architectural influence of Aztecs
  4. The dominance of culture to another
  5. A discussion on cultural assimilation
  6. The differences between European and other Western customs and traditions
  7. Brazilian carnivals
  8. The preservation of Native Americans and their culture


  1. Burial customs in ancient societies
  2. Cave drawings and its relevance to early communities
  3. Marriage ceremonies and customs in ancient cultures
  4. The impact of language on prehistoric human efficiency
  5. The impact of fire in early human societies
  6.  Earliest-dated human settlements

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