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Sep 19, 2019

Social studies essay topics are not simple ideas that a student can just write about in one sitting. The process of choosing an interesting topic can be a difficult task by itself. Writing a paper can become more stressful if a student chooses essay topics that are unfamiliar to them. Students will have to do extensive research and find good authoritative sources for the paper. Unless an individual enjoys the different fields in social studies, starting the research process will be difficult, let alone starting the first few paragraphs.

Definition and Importance

Social studies refer to the study of social sciences and humanities with the purpose of developing good citizens. It is common for individuals to mistake social studies for social sciences. The two terms sound similar, however, they differ in their purpose. Social sciences aim to study society and how it works, while social studies focus more on educating citizens. Social studies include studying the different branches of social sciences and humanities.

Social studies is an important subject as it helps in the education of good citizens. Teaching social studies allows educational institutions to nurture disciplined and law-abiding citizens. The subject teaches students their civic responsibilities and the values they should develop. Social studies also inform students about history, cultures, politics, and even economics. It allows students to appreciate their country and the world we live in. 

How to Write an Essay for Social Studies: Tips

There is a wide variety of social studies topics to choose from – given that it is interdisciplinary and encapsulates many discussions. A paper can be about simple social issues to complex political debates. To have an easier time writing, it is essential to choose topics that students find interesting. Students will be able to effectively express their thoughts on paper if they are writing about a familiar subject. 

While there will be instances that a professor will provide students with specific social studies essay topics, an individual will write a better paper if they choose the subject. This is why most professors prefer to give their students the freedom to choose their social studies essay topics. After choosing a subject, a student can then proceed with researching and writing the paper. To help students begin with their essays, here are some tips on how to write an essay for social studies:

  • Social studies topics should be interesting and relevant. A student should choose a topic that they find interesting. A student’s interest will reflect on an essay and will help captivate the readers. The writing process may also flow smoothly since the student will enjoy writing the paper. The subject should also have relevance to society. The student should address recent societal issues in their paper to make it relevant and impact its readers.

  • Perform extensive research. Essay writing will require an individual to do research and find sources that support their thesis. Students need to look for authoritative sources to make their papers sound factual and authentic. They should consider searching books and trusted websites. Most trusted websites have domains like “.edu,” “.org,” and “.gov.” Searching the web using google scholar is also a good way to find valid sources.

  • Start with a rough draft. Writing an essay will require an individual to organize their thoughts and ideas. This will be difficult if they pair it with the actual writing of the final paper. Starting with a rough draft will allow the student to put every idea on paper without thinking about formats and writing standards. 

  • Get advice from an instructor or professional writer. Students should not be afraid to ask their teachers or professors about their papers. Social studies teachers are knowledgeable about various social studies topics, and most of them are just waiting for students to approach and ask questions. Students should also consider talking to a professional writer and ask their opinion about the paper. They can do this through writing services like CustomeEssayMeister.

Social Studies and Other Disciplines

As stated above, thinking of social studies topics is a challenge by itself. The subject has many disciplines and branches that cover a wide scope of ideas. Students may find it difficult to find the best topics for their papers. To help students, below is a list of prompts that they can use for their papers.


Social studies topics in politics are relevant subjects that an individual can write about in their paper. The subject will include theoretical debates about government ideologies and practices. Politics discusses governing bodies and how they influence the different aspects of the world. Students who find politics interesting should look at the list below:

  1. The current political landscape of the US

  2. The different models of democracy

  3. Authoritarianism vs. totalitarianism

  4. A comparison of electoral systems

  5. A discussion of judicial independence

  6. Boris Johnson vs Theresa May – Brexit deal

  7. US’s two-party system: Republicans and Democrats

  8. Social media’s role in modern political protests

  9. The global rise of authoritarian strongman leaders


Essay topics about migration are important issues that society needs to address. The number of immigrants residing in foreign countries has increased during the last few years. This makes issues on migration good social studies topics as students can relate them to current events. They can also refer to historical migrations and relate them to a current setting. The list below shows some examples of social studies topics about migration.

  1. Effects of the US-Mexico border wall

  2. The great migration of African Americans

  3. Mongol invasions

  4. Australia’s Manus Island detention center

  5. New England’s Great Migration

  6. First world countries on immigration

  7. Foreign domestic workers


Terrorism is a good source of interesting social studies topics. A student who is interested in controversial subjects may enjoy writing a paper on terrorism. They can write about current terrorist acts and how it affects the civilian lives. Below is a list of essay topics on terrorism:

  1. Political and non-political terrorism

  2. Civil disorders

  3. A discussion on terrorist groups

  4. The history of terrorism

  5. Al Qaeda and the  9/11 attacks

  6. The fall of the Islamic State

  7. Global responses to terrorism and counter-terrorism


There are many good social studies topics on gender that students can write about. Gender-related issues have risen over the past years as ideas like feminism and equality become mainstream topics. Below is a list of interesting social studies research topics that students can use for their papers.

  1. Women in politics

  2. The Taliban treatment of women

  3. The impact of feminism on men

  4. A comparison of leadership styles based on gender

  5. Witch hunts in the ancient western world

  6. The representation of women in the Bible

  7. The social roles of men and women

  8. The matriarchal structure of societies and tribes

  9. A comparison of suicide rates between men and women

  10. Gender pay gap

  11. Workplace discrimination based on sex

  12. How does each gender define happiness

War and conflict

War and conflict are relevant topics that students should consider writing about. The two ideas can result in horrible consequences, which students can address in their paper. For students who would like to write about war and conflict, a list of good prompts for a paper is provided below.

  1. Causes and the long-term effects of war

  2. International policy on war

  3. Military actions used in war

  4. Different forms of war

  5. Civil war as an ultimate form of internal state conflict

  6. A discussion about people against vaccination, or widely known as anti-vaxxers

  7. Neutralizing a conflict in its early stage

  8. A discussion on the American Civil War

  9. Climate change denial across the world

  10. The harms of conflict for both the powerful and the powerless

  11. How conflict affects human growth

Law and Justice

Writing about law and justice can be a challenging task. Law essays are one of the most difficult papers to write. However, the subjects are important social studies topics, and students should consider writing about them. Below is a list of essay topics that can help students come up with their thesis.

  1. The nature of justice

  2. A discussion on rehabilitation

  3. A discussion on absolute justice

  4. The portrayal of justice in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment

  5. Age of criminal responsibility in different countries

  6. A study on the strict legislation in Singapore

  7. The NRA and gun law reforms

  8. Legislation against pollution

  9. Philippines’ “War on Drugs: and extra-judicial killings

  10. Legislating laws for self-driving cars

  11. Socially irresponsible corporations

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Sociology focuses on all aspects of human society. A sociology paper can discuss a wide scope of topics from poverty to the impact of social media. Sociology is one of the more scientific social studies topics. This can make writing an essay about the subject more challenging. Below are some interesting essay topics under sociology.

  1. The Caste System in India

  2. The feminist movement and its accomplishments so far

  3. A comparison of youth cultures around the world

  4. Consumerism as a plague of contemporary society

  5. The depiction of disabled individuals in mass media

  6. Depressing impact of social media

  7. Causes of poverty

  8. Social media’s influence on building people’s self-esteem

  9. Child upbringing and parenting differences across social classes


There are more than 4,000 religions in the world. Each has its own ideals and belief system. Individuals who are passionate about their beliefs can have an easy time writing about religion. Below is a list of religious essay topics that are well-suited for academic writing.

  1. Shared elements of mythological identities in various religions

  2. A comparison of Christians and Muslims

  3. The misinterpretation of jihad in Islamic teaching

  4. Buddhism and the values relevant to society

  5. The fading role of religion in contemporary civilization

  6. Religious philosophy in relation to self-sufficiency

  7. Misconception towards religious characteristics and conservatism across cultures


Language can provide good essay topics for expository writing. There are many languages that a student can write about that have rich histories and structures. Writing about the primary device for communication can be a challenging but fascinating experience for a student.

  1. Similar grammar rules across European languages

  2. The spread of English words across languages as a sign of globalization

  3. Erasing linguistic identity in Indigenous communities and their social effects

  4. An analysis of gender-specific languages

  5. The amalgamation of language and culture

  6. Busting the myth – English is a universal language

  7. A comparison of the several English dialects


Economics is concerned with the logistical aspects of a particular system. The system can be from a business, a government, or an individual. Some may find economics as a monotonous subject due to the arithmetics involved. However, the subject allows individuals to understand one of the most important aspects of civilization better. Individuals interested in economics may find the list of topics below helpful.

  1. Global resource depletion and wealth distribution

  2. Labor outsourcing of first world countries

  3. The Global Financial Crisis of 2007 to 2009 – is it really over?

  4. Multinational corporation taxation

  5. How NAFTA impacted Mexican corn producers

  6. The rise of tourism in the age of low-cost airlines


Culture can be an interesting subject to pursue since it has a wide scope that gives individuals more room to work on. Culture is the collection of all the aspects of society, from common knowledge to ethical values. Writing about culture will allow an individual to learn more about society and its continuous development.

  1. The effects of urbanization towards cultural diversity

  2. Cultural appropriation in western societies

  3. The architectural influence of Aztecs

  4. The dominance of culture to another

  5. A discussion on cultural assimilation

  6. The differences between European and other Western customs and traditions

  7. Brazilian carnivals

  8. The preservation of Native Americans and their culture


Anthropology is another science-focused branch of social studies. The subject focuses on the human condition and how people live during the past and the present. Anthropology essay topics approach the human condition culturally and biologically. Writing about the subject can be a good way of understanding past civilizations and how society developed to what it is today.

  1. Burial customs in ancient societies

  2. Cave drawings and their relevance to early communities

  3. Marriage ceremonies and customs in ancient cultures

  4. The impact of language on prehistoric human efficiency

  5. The impact of fire in early human societies

  6.  Earliest-dated human settlements

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