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Dec 13, 2019

Choosing essay topics is one of the difficult parts of writing about a particular subject. Various fields and studies on the subject make it more difficult to look for a good social science topic. To help students, we have gathered a comprehensive list of the best social sciences research topics. We have sorted the list into respective categories to make it easier for college students to view. For a more holistic understanding, we have also provided a brief guide on how to write an essay about the field of study.

Social Sciences: A Definition

Social science is an interdisciplinary study that encompasses various subjects about the human condition. The European Science Foundation defined social sciences as subjects that explain human beings. These subjects try to answer questions about the human mind, human body, society, government, and other related aspects. Social science essay topics can also be about economies, histories, and human impact on the environment. This scientific field includes subjects like Political Science, History, Sociology, Economics, Linguistics, Law, Psychology, Gender Studies, Geography, Archeology, and Anthropology.

Studying social sciences allow students to develop concepts, dispositions, and skills necessary to become well-informed and engaged citizens. The different branches of the study are mostly related to health, science, and human connection. These subjects help students and other individuals to gain a better understanding of civilization. Social sciences can teach an individual how to approach different people and situations. An individual can also learn a skill that benefits any career path that they may choose.

Specific Social Sciences

As stated above, there are many fields of studies under social sciences. Social science research topics can be about anything that relates to human and human ideas. Choosing good research or essay topics will require the student to pick a particular field. Understanding the different fields will be essential to create a compelling and praise-worthy paper. Below are examples of social sciences that a student may choose to write about.

  • Political Science - This is the study of politics and the different forms of government. Studies in this branch involve examining political ideas, laws, governments, and processes.

  • History -  Studies regarding history has a wide scope. An individual can focus on world history, human history, past cultures, and past ideas. While history essay topics may be dull for many, the right thesis can make the research and writing process interesting.

  • Sociology - This branch focuses on the different aspects of human society, including theories and cultures. Sociology essay topics mostly focus on social classes, religion, education, and group behaviors.

  • Economics - Economics focuses on the logistic aspects of society. Social science research topics related to economics tend to focus on businesses, transactions, and the welfare of a country.

  • Linguistics -  Linguistics aims to study and explore languages. It includes examining the history, structure, and acquisition of a language. Humans have developed multiple languages with their own dialects and variations. This makes linguistics an interesting subject as it explores different cultures and histories.

  • Psychology -  This branch studies the human brain and its behavior. It examines how the brain develops from infancy to adulthood. It also tries to study the different factors that can influence human behavior. Psychology is a medical-related subject that aims to better understand the human mind.

  • Gender Studies - Gender studies attempt to analyze the relationship between genders and society. It aims to explore questions regarding the different experiences of men and women in society.

Writing a Social Studies Essay

Accomplishing an essay about any subject means employing various writing strategies. The use of these writing strategies is crucial since social science research questions require critical thinking. Here are some tips and techniques for college students to consider when writing about a social science topic.:

  • Students should consider three principal steps as they begin writing about social science essay topics. These include selecting a topic, executing the experiment on the topic, and investigating the results. 

  • After studying the steps, keep in mind that students will need to gather evidence to answer the social science research questions. This could come in the form of personal observations, interviews, group experiments, questionnaires, and surveys.

Students should ensure that they use clear and concise writing language. They should also format the paper accordingly, meaning that each section should be easily identifiable. There are many articles on how to format a paper, but keep in mind that the best one will ensure the essay's overall success. 

Best Social Studies Topics

The various branches of social science encompass multiple disciplines. Considering this fact, there is an endless selection of social science essay topics. For college students, this adds to the burden and complexity of a paper. While there are a ton of essay topics to choose from, choosing the best may prove to be difficult. After all, how would students know which one will be the best fit for them? Luckily, we have already gathered and selected some of the best social science research topics. Check out this social science topics list we have curated for college students, all divided into categories:

Political science topics

Politics and other social science issue topics on race and gender are some of the trending subjects of social studies. Politics provide interesting research ideas that intrigue most individuals, from political ideologies like totalitarianism to race-specific issues. There are also conspiracy theories about secret governments and organizations that control the world. These make writing about political science topics fun and interesting. Here are some examples of social science essay topics on politics: 

  • The possibility of the media being biased

  • Polls: how do they work?

  • The workings of fact-checking

  • The issues on race and politics

  • The benefits and woes of the electoral college

  • A comparison of political systems around the world

  • Expose on The New World Order

  • Assessing questions from conspiracy theories

History topics

History may be an entire subject of its own, but it would be wrong to assume that it falls outside the branches of social studies. Human interactions, relations, and ideas established each passing era in history. As such, it only fits that we include history in this social science topics list. For college students who love reading about history, these essay topic examples will prove interesting :

  • Diets and nutrition during WWII

  • A day in the life of a civil war soldier

  • WWII and its impacts on women 

  • Race and confederate symbols in small towns

  • Top inventions that redefined education

  • Birth rates and the importance of midwives

  • Architectural patterns after WWI

  • The Nineteenth Century: Rise of Vanity

  • The truth behind the Vietnam War

  • Benefits of war and country doctors

  • Presidential visits: what are they for?

  • The invention of silverware

  • Mining in history and its effects

  • The discovery of germs and bacteria and their effects on the family household

Sociology topics

Sociology is an obvious branch of social science since it directly studies human society. This branch focuses on all aspects of society, from familial relations to ethical issues. There are plenty of sociology topics that any individual can relate to their personal lives. This gives writers a lot of options to choose from. For college students that are interested in these topics, read through the examples below:

  • Federal v. State Power

  • The regulation of food

  • The availability of opportunities for minority groups

  • Good and bad role models throughout history

  • The unending clash between religion and politics

  • Construction in flood zones

  • Marriage customs around the world

  • Same-Sex Marriage: why it should be made legal

  • Adopting children from poverty

  • Population Control: Is it ethical?

  • Issues on education: Private or Government?

  • The unending war against racism

  • Regional customs in America

  • Misinformation in the Internet Age : How does it affect our perception of truth?

Economics topics

Economics is another branch that is mainly concerned with the analysis and description of production, consumption, and distribution of goods and services. For college students that are avid fans of how these processes affect the local and international environment, then consider the social science essay topics below:

  • An issue on attractiveness: do pretty people earn more?

  • Political parties and job growth

  • The good and bad impacts of globalization

  • A discussion of international treaties

  • The World and IMF: how does it work?

  • International trade agreements and trade protectionism

  • Mexican corn producers and NAFTA’s influence

  • The transition from fossil fuels to alternative energy: how do we manage?

  • The age of low-cost airlines and tourism evolution

  • Is relative economic power a function of the human race?

  • The possibility of resource depletion

  • Multinational corporation taxation 

  • The discussion of worldwide corruption ideas

  • Global warming and its effects on the global economy

  • National debt and Third World Countries

Linguistic social sciences topics

Language is an essential part of our human existence, as it serves as the main ingredient for many social interactions and ideas. Students who are interested to know more about language may find the examples below helpful:

  • Ultra-conserved words(mother) and our common linguistic ancestry

  • Linguistics, human migration, and cultural interaction 

  • Indo-European languages and common origins

  • The similarities in grammar rules across European languages

  • Core vocabularies and human societies

  • English as the global language: impacts and issues

  • Slang terms from digitalization “email”, “smartphone”, “hobby” and effects on globalization

  • Why the erasure of linguistic identity in indigenous communities is harmful

  • Differences Between American Style and British Style: Origins

Psychology topics

Psychology is the study of the mind and behavior, which specifically pertains to our thought processes and how human beings relate to each other. This provides a plethora of topics for social sciences essay writing. Below is a list of examples of psychology topics: 

  • The impacts of traffic in congested countries

  • Apple, iPhones, and our attention spans

  • Surviving on garden food in the contemporary world

  • The use of local currencies in foreign countries

  • Clothing and how it affects a teenager’s self-perception

  • The voting habits of senior citizens

  • The division between liberal and conservative

  • The impact of political messages from religious figures

  • How social media benefits education

  • Technology and fitness: teenage edition

  • Advertisement and self-image

  • Family traditions and superstitions

  • The birth of unusual names

  • Home punishment and its effects on school performance

  • The process of building friendship

  • Compare and contrast: girl sports team vs boy sports team

  • Benefits of snow days and family time

  • Lunchroom setting and mainstream media

  • The effects of bullying 

  • Taking care of your mental health

  • Consumption of movie violence: does it affect behavior?

  • The effects of Facebook on communication

  • Would you change anything about your body?

  • The culture of procrastination and its roots in technology

  • The reasons why children lie to their parents

  • Projection and clothing: Am I judged based on what I wear?

  • Social class and a child’s self-esteem

  • The traps of a cult: how vulnerable are you?

  • Cults, cult leaders, and how it all works

Gender studies

Another interesting subject of social sciences is the study of genders. The world today is seeing a rise in the eradication of the divisive nature of gender. Writing an essay or research about Gender Studies can be an enjoyable task for some individuals. Here are some good examples of Gender Studies topics to consider when writing a paper:

  • The matriarchal structure on society and ethnic groups

  • The possible fall of the patriarchy and its effects

  • Mass media as a powerful tool for championing gender equality in patriarchal societies

  • Women and the workplace: The Rights of Women

  • The evolution of family roles

  • Gender and stress resiliency in the workplace

  • Similarities and differences between male and female

  • Suicide attempts worldwide according to gender

  • Gender and happiness definitions

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