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Oct 2, 2019

The objective of a persuasive speech is to convince and, of course, influence the audience to shift to your side. How you deliver an effective persuasive speech relies on many aspects, including how you appeal to the audience through your passion and knowledge on the topic being discussed. That said, the topic you choose for your persuasive speech contributes a lot to the efficiency of your entire speech. There is little sense to your entire speech if you do not believe in yourself and the topic you are discussing. Choosing the best topic for your persuasive speech is a personal matter. The relevance of the topic matters, and it should be manageable for your and the audience’s academic level.

Delivering a speech to an audience is nerve-wracking enough, but persuading them to agree with your notion is an entirely different level. When you deliver your persuasive speech, you want to be as effective as possible. You have to leave your audience with ideas they can think through and want to explore further. How you manage to do that can be achieved – take note of the following tricks below.

  • Appear and sound confident.  The confidence you exude in front of the audience is instrumental. An audience will listen to a speaker that is sure about themselves and the topic they are discussing. Your confidence will help you persuade the audience to believe and consider your stand. Ideally, you should be able to convert them from listeners to supporters by the speech’s end.
  • Make eye contact.  Foster connection with your audience by making eye contact with them. This will encourage them to believe that you are trustworthy. It is also common courtesy to look at the people you talk to, so making eye contact is substantial. However, if you struggle with this, then a trick you can do is looking at their forehead or the middle of their eyebrows – it creates the impression that you are actually looking at their eyes from a distance.
  • Be strong and concise. The audience will likely lose interest if you beat around the bush too much. Be direct with your topic and lay down the information clearly. If your aim is to persuade your audience then you do not want to leave room for misinterpretations.

If you do not find it hard to be a confident speaker then all you have to do is choose the best persuasive speech topic, and write it according to your knowledge and the corresponding research. There are many best speech topics you can choose from. Explore your options and research the different persuasive speech topics online. Moreover, the best persuasive speech topic depends entirely on you. The topic you choose should be something you are comfortable speaking about and you have sufficient knowledge on.

Here are some best persuasive speech topics you can use to help you begin writing and practicing:

The best persuasive speech topics for students

  1. Should school uniforms be mandatory in public schools?
  2. Is physical education a required subject in high school?
  3. Should intolerance towards bullying be stricter in schools?
  4. Should offensive language be removed from classic literature?
  5. Are physical book copies better than e-books?
  6. Should transgender people have their own comfort room?
  7. Should the US Government build a wall in the US-Mexico Border?
  8. Graffiti is a form of art
  9. Anyone can be president of the US
  10. The Harry Potter series should be a stepping stone to a child’s reading interest
  11. Should adoptive parents be entitled to maternity/paternity leave?
  12. Are young adult and children novels considered Literature?
  13. Violent video games encourage players to become violent

The best persuasive speech topics about health

  1. Should lying about your HIV status with someone you are sexually active with be illegal?
  2. Should voluntary assisted dying be legal?
  3. Should healthy people be mandated to donate blood regularly?
  4. Should high schools and colleges provide free condoms to students?
  5. Should there be no tax for contraceptives and feminine care products?
  6. Should the government add tax to products harmful to a person’s health?
  7. Should abortion be decriminalized and legalized worldwide?
  8. Should hospitals be permitted to deny service to anyone who cannot afford it?
  9. Should sex education be taught at an early age?
  10. Should healthcare providers be paid more?
  11. Obesity is a disease

The best persuasive speech topics about politics and governments

  1. Should the government devote more on health and infrastructures than on war and police enforcement.
  2. Is the death penalty an effective way to prevent crime?
  3. Should the government impose stricter gun laws?
  4. Should religion have a say on the laws of the country?
  5. Are students allowed to participate in protests?
  6. Should rich people pay higher taxes?
  7. Should the age of criminal liability be younger than 16?
  8. Should the government pay for individual health care?
  9. Should the government pay ransom to terrorist groups in exchange to free hostages?
  10. Is Brexit preparing for a no-deal Brexit from the EU?
  11. Should marijuana be legalized medically and recreationally?
  12. Should the second amendment be revisited?
  13. Should pornography be illegal?
  14. The punishment to rape is death penalty
  15. Is communism the answer to a successful government?
  16. Vigilante killings is an effective way to deter the increase of crime rates

The best persuasive speech topics about education

  1. Should boys and girls be taught in separate schools and classrooms?
  2. Is foreign language essential to a student’s learning?
  3. Should students be allowed to use phones in school?
  4. Should students be allowed to skip class because of stress?
  5. Should teachers receive a bonus if their students score well on tests?
  6. Is the foreign exchange student program an effective way to teach multiculturalism in schools?
  7. Homeschooling your child is better than letting them attend public or private schools
  8. Should students be allowed to leave school premises during lunch breaks?
  9. Should religion be taught in schools?
  10. Music and art classes are relevant in education

The best persuasive speech topics about science, the environment, and innovation

  1. Is human cloning ethical?
  2. Should fracking be legal?
  3. Pluto is not a dwarf planet
  4. Should single-use plastic bags be banned?
  5. Should the US join the Paris Treaty Agreement again?
  6. Should first world countries switch to renewable energy?
  7. Should NASA continue research about life on Mars?
  8. Should big companies stop animal testing?
  9. Should libraries be replaced with access to e-books?
  10. Should the government impose laws about parents choosing their child’s gender?
  11. Climate change is still reversible
  12. Should self-driving cars be allowed on the streets?
  13. Should removing tusks and horns on animals in Africa be illegal?

The best persuasive speech topics about sports

  1. Should student athletes be paid?
  2. Should drug tests be mandatory in all athletes?
  3. Should female and male athletes be paid the same amount?
  4. Should violent sports be policed and regulated?
  5. Should swimming be a mandatory class in high school?
  6. Should companies have sports day as a leisure outing activity?
  7. Cheerleading is a legitimate sport
  8. Should there be a case when an athlete is allowed to use steroids?
  9. Should e-sports be considered a sport?
  10. Should students be allowed to play dodge ball?

The best persuasive speech topics about religion and ethics

  1. Should churches be exempted from paying taxes?
  2. Is the Church of Scientology a legitimate religion?
  3. Should women be allowed to be religious leaders?
  4. Should a certain religious prayer be mandated in public schools?
  5. Should priests be allowed to get married?
  6. Should religious institutions be allowed to refuse service for same-sex couples?
  7. Should white supremacist groups be allowed to indoctrinate their beliefs?
  8. Social media contributes to mental health problems among teenagers
  9. Should religion be enough to treat depression and anxiety?
  10. Should guns be allowed in schools and campuses?
  11. Prisoners should be allowed to vote
  12. Should kneeling during the national anthem be banned?

The best persuasive speech topics about economics

  1. Should interns be paid for their work?
  2. Is Brexit going to damage or support the UK’s economy?
  3. Should tips in restaurants for waiters be mandatory?
  4. Is the US-China trade war hurting the global economy?
  5. The long-term effects of the Global Financial Crisis are still apparent
  6. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  7. Should there be paid incentives for those who cycle or walk to work?
  8. Foreign aid is neocolonialism under the guise of good will
  9. Is poverty staple in the economy?
  10. The cashless economy is the future
  11. Online shopping is better than retail shopping (or vice versa)
  12. Airbnb and home-sharing are good for a tourist country’s economy
  13. Christmas is a capitalist holiday
  14. Is there another looming recession in the global economy?
  15. President Donald Trump made America great again.

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