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Dec 30, 2019

Technology has taken an integral role in modern society. It has been the primary cause on the paradigm shift on several fields of study. It continues to start different phenomena that make significant impacts in the society. 

Quick guide in choosing a technology topic for your next research paper

Technology is a broad topic and it can be a bit overwhelming to choose a topic for your technology custom assignment, so to avoid choosing the wrong topic, here are some of the things you must consider before choosing a topic:

Select which field you want to associate technology with.  Technology is present in almost every field of study, may it be science, arts, humanities, etc., so it would be much easier for you to write an essay about technology if you would choose which field you would like to focus.

List down the technology topics you find interesting in the field you’ve chosen.  You can list anything you can think of or you are familiar with. You can also search for new technology topics for your next research paper and select the topics you are most interested in.

Asses yourself, select the topic that you can mostly likely do with the given time frame.  Do not choose a topic that will compel you to do more research that is not possible with the given time frame. You can be a bit ambitious, but you must make sure that you will be able to manage your time and finish the essay before the deadline. New Technology Topics for Your Next Research Paper

List of New Technology Topics for Your Next Research Paper

New technology advancements have happened within the last decade in several fields of study. Below are some of the most interesting new technology topics for the last decade:

New Technology Topics in the Medical Field

Technology has indeed made medicine practice much easier. Patient care has become more efficient, and medical diagnosis and treatments have become faster. Below are some of the new technology topics for your next research paper in medicine:

  1. The advantages of bluetooth-enabled smart inhalers for patients with asthma
  2. The ground-breaking introduction of 3D printing in the medical field
  3. The advancement of health wearables in conjunction with rising chronic diseases
  4. The proposed use of bio-printing and artificial organs in surgeries and transplants
  5. Quantum Dot Eye: The development of implantable devices that include radio-frequency ID to monitor patient’s blood chemistry and store their medical records
  6. The emerging study of using zero gravity to kill cancer cells
  7. Improving the speed of MRI scanning
  8. Better analysis of prostate cancer
  9. Using AI robots to assist in physical therapy
  10. Developing better bionic eye through 3D printing light receptors
  11. The development of DNA origami by bioengineers
  12. Improvements in developing Gamma-Ray Laser
  13. The development of laser ultrasound
  14. Using Liquid Crystal Micro-lenses for 4D imaging
  15. Developing virtual hand simulation for human prosthetics

New Technology Topics in Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Technology has made artworks more accessible to artists and enthusiasts alike. Below are some of technological breakthroughs in arts and entertainment industry:

  1. The use of video games in fostering creative freedom
  2. Stoke creativity
  3. How technology made film adaptations of novels better
  4. Creating digital paintings using digital manipulation
  5. Animating existing artworks
  6. The rising trend of typography and printmaking
  7. 3D drawing using 3D pens
  8. 3D mapping entertainment shows
  9. Using lasers in artworks
  10. The Petting Zoo is one of the favorite digital revolution trends
  11. The development of blockchain for a more efficient media distribution
  12. Live streaming as a digital revolution trend
  13. The continuous development of online gaming and the rise of e-sports
  14. The use of virtual and augmented reality in museums
  15. The use of artificial intelligence for a more efficient content creation

New Technology Topics in Education

There have been many educational breakthroughs during the digital age. Technology has made it easier for both students and scholars to start research the process and explore their respective fields. This has led to several discoveries and inventions. Below are some technology topics related to education:

  1. The development of coding system and algorithm
  2. The use of learning analytics to optimize learning
  3. The use of adaptive learning to guide students through their curriculum
  4. The use of augmented and virtual reality to train students to perform activities related in their fields
  5. The use of artificial intelligence as supporting materials
  6. The use of wireless internet for international interactive learning
  7. The emergence of applications and online websites that offer forums and several learning materials
  8. The emergence of e-books
  9. The use of digital and comprehensive online assessment
  10. The use of blockchain technology in disseminating and acquiring information 

New Technology Topics in Science

Science and technology are like lever and pulley; it is hard to imagine how one can function without the other, which is why there are several things you can talk about when it comes to technology in the field of science. Here are some new technology topics about science and technology:

  1. The use of model simulations to improve monsoon forecasting
  2. Using tokamaks create a star on earth effectively
  3. A ground-breaking milestone: Capturing a photo of the black whole for the first time
  4. A surprising discovery: Creating quantum states in everyday electronic
  5. Using stretchable high efficient solar cells to create robot skin or wearable electronics
  6. Recyclable and self-regenerating batteries using new solid polymer-based electrolyte
  7. Using radionuclides to clean nuclear plant’s wastewater
  8. The invention of infrared-transparent ceramic materials
  9. Improving the communication distance of silicone quantum bits
  10. The development of Tweezer Clocker for a more precise timekeeping

There is so much to talk about when it comes to technology. You just have to choose a good college essay topic you are most interested with so it would not seem like a burden for you to do extensive research when necessary.

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